Eskimo Joe - London Bombs Lyrics

Drag me by the ankles
To the bottom of the ocean
There I'll stay forever
Until you come back from England

The London Bombs

I stayed up forever
Tried to call your number
But you were lost forever
In the early days of winter

The London Bombs

Dirty little town on the Thames is calling you away

I stay up forever
Try to find the answer
In the sun I wait for you

The London Bombs

Dirty little town on the Thames is calling you away

The London Bombs

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Eskimo Joe London Bombs Comments
  1. Ankshus

    I want new music from these guys. great writers.

  2. kateemma22

    Finally seeing them live. This song always makes me cry so wish me luck lol

  3. Hash Sumithraarachchi

    A dramione fanfiction brought me here. A brillaint song!

  4. Daniel Matheson

    Eskimo Joe awesome band from WA :)

  5. Terry FPS

    I wouldnt call joes music fagporn.. but if thats what your into fair enough i guess

  6. Ajay Kutty

    Johnny Wilkinson brought me here.

  7. Melkboi

    From 1:14 to 1:30 is just amazing

  8. Ninjachicken1337

    da london bowms

  9. Maeri-Jo Davey

    I love this song and this band but, while being Australian myself, I just want them to learn how to pronounce Thames properly. It's not pronounced "TAMES" but rather "TEMMS"


    well, "themes" is literally "themes", so Thames _should_ be "thames" just like themes but with an a instead of e... not "tames" or "temms", but until the Brits change the spelling our pronunciation is just fine. They're English anyway, it's their language (it only took Australians 32 years to bastardize The Queen's Good English enough to officially form Australian-English), if they wanted it pronounced Temms they bloody could've/should've spelled it Temms! simple as that really ;)

  10. Michael Barnhart

    The opening 13 seconds always give me a chill. :-)


    +Michael Barnhart Same, sounds like (Nickelback - Far Away) for the intro

  11. katharine vann

    Folks who don't like this,don't like music!


    +katharine vann or just don't like breathy eunuchs who can't bring diversity into their chorus...

  12. Nicholas Hartland

    saw these guys live down in busselton the other week awesome just awesome :)

  13. superbick superBick

    first heard these cats on that live aid thing.   gf  and I were very jimmy hendricksed and all was great.  the joe blew us away

  14. marilyn liddell

    who does this piano piece?

    Jon LeSouef

    I believe it's Kav Temperly, but, I could be wrong 


    pretty cool eh, quite haunting though but bang on the money. i also like their piano in Black Fingernails, Red Wine

  15. Erica Mac

    One of our most underestimated brilliant Aussie bands.  Lost count how many time I've seen them live - just AWESOME!!!

    Greg Perriman

    Who's underestimated them? they dominated the Australian music charts years ago these guys were huge

  16. Michael Em


  17. Johanna Herrera

    This is beautiful... ♥

  18. Matt H

    They need to do a Boston bombs version of this song.

    Pink Lightning Gacha and Gaming

    this song was done about i think the lead singers girlfriend who was away in london at the time the bombings happened there though i believe she wasn't caught in them

  19. fordy929

    Short and sweet, so nice :3 haha

  20. MrSalmonela7

    con el buen tema que es, no se como puede tener tan pocas visitas.

  21. Hamzah O' Connor

    Bitch please!!! im 6/5

  22. Larz Giff

    "in the sun I wait for you"


    69,000 Views is bullshit these guys deserve much more than they have, lets hope they come back, I really miss the music worth listening to!

  24. superbick superBick

    to me this song is beyond

  25. superbick superBick

    My girl and I were very high on paper..when we watched some live aid thing years ago....this was a song that these cats played along with missy i get chills these boys are great



  27. Lionhearted

    @breakdancelive100 bitch please 6/5

  28. Lionhearted

    @GeorgiiiJ87 haha ikr :)

  29. Lionhearted

    @GeorgiiiJ87 ikr :)

  30. GeorgiiiJ87

    @pieguyelmoftw Awwh :p ahaha it's so good, isn't it :)

  31. Lionhearted

    @GeorgiiiJ87 that made me cry

  32. obscurico

    Brilliant song! I know it must be about the 2005 bombings, but whenever I hear it I think about 1940 London Blitz. Brings tears to my eyes every time.

  33. MrFezzmareshall

    beautifull song!!!!!!

  34. aymeric63000

    I love this song ....

  35. Danus

    @NtS5555 Wow this piece is so easy like everything nowadays you can jsut listen to it and play it

  36. Cromulant Comments

    @Freebird21x no one would dare go against someone calling himself fagporn

  37. i.m.prove

    finally, i found this song............

  38. Troy Nguyen

    Lol am i the only one who noticed the uploaders name is fagporn

  39. M Wilson

    This song is the awe to the some.

  40. Dallas Sutton

    arr i really like this song, bt i wana learn this piece for piano :(

  41. Heath Lang

    These guys are AWESOME, they sent us an instrumental version of this song which we played at my wedding for the bridal march, I have seen them live 4 times and they just get better & better!

    Cherie Ottaway

    I've been looking for an instrumental copy forever!!

  42. VelocitysMovies

    i figured it out myself, cbf posting now, but will reply later, stay posted lol

  43. CBoneSImWolf

    i find that odd too...all the good songs don't for some reason...LET'S CHANGE THAT!!

  44. Aiko Dreier

    I didnt know god makes music now aswell!

  45. VelocitysMovies

    this is the only song i have ever found that doesnt have a music sheet on the net

  46. DuckCow2

    this is the most deoressing song i kno

  47. Aiko Dreier

    it feels like someone grab my heart out of my chest and squeezes it.
    This song is unbelievable

  48. Scruffyballs


    Im with you bro, about the same overhere... it feels like my soul is sucked in a vacuum :(

  49. Jaime Brandao

    Cos Life isn't meant the way it was to be....

  50. AK49Gunner

    Awesome song.

  51. merrybike


  52. MyJim1111

    is this about the train tunnel bombs were the terrorists i mean illuminati bombed when it was a training exorcise on the same day at the same tunnel our governments need assassination

  53. Rami Alsudani

    I found out that my gf cheated on me 4 days ago ;( so i had to dumped her and now shes with that guy that even was my friend

  54. Jake Slaytor

    @ninjatuuuuna ITUNES!!!!

  55. PS3productionz

    I really like this song but I can't find it on iTunes, any suggestions?


  56. bezae

    @1337NoobLord totally agree!

  57. Rory Hand

    This introduction is absolute first class. Best from any other song I've ever heard.

  58. Joe Nicholson

    This song really speaks to me I think It's just fantastic! The lyrics, the Piano and then the introduction of other sounds too. It's just amazing!. Keep up the good work, Eskimo Joe :D

  59. Michael Lovegrove

    want to see them live again

  60. simon potas


  61. Will Harrison

    its not itunes or spotify which really sucks i lv eskimo Joe :)

  62. Lewis Gordon

    this song is very sad, but also very,very good i will rate 5/5 for the song