Esham - You Betta Ask Somebody Lyrics

Detroit City!
This is for all them big money makin niggaz in detroit.
I know ya' ridin high boy, i know ya' ridin high.
I might skate through my city 500 dry, just gotta fresh fade from the barber shop.
Gonna pick up my nigga we gonna hit the strip, got the 3-5-7 just incase we trip.
Might get a lil' drunk might smoke some weed, and fuck with some hoes thats all we need.
I'ma' real ass nigga that neva' fake, if you feel like me nigga pump yo' break.
See i made this shit fo' them niggaz who roll, like Tony Montana out control.
From the D-E-R-T-R-O-I-T can't no nigga out there fuck wit' me.
I'm gettin (mailed?) fuck a jail cell, post bail, Esham gettin paid who you gonna tell.
Wit' cho' punk ass! I blast! Any muthafucka runnin' up in the ski mask.
Never out done only out doin', titty bar bitches is the hoes i'm screwin'.
Why? cause all my niggaz did they addicted ta' sellin Yayo and yellin' hey hoe.
If you don't know i think you better go axe somebody bout' a real nigga hoe YO!

Bitch! you betta axe somebody! (bitch you betta' axe somebody)
Cause i don't just talk! (i don't just talk baby, thats right)

I don't just talk when it comes to makin' my (snouts?)
Cause i wuz slangin' rocks way before all them rappers.
On The coner sellin dimes, FUCK the ryhmes young nigga came up through them hard times.
I'ma' seven mile ride, beers glidin big bluntin' ain't no picture in if ya' frame.
The fall of the best friends Robbey and I, now niggaz in my city like do or die.
All i do is smoke weed and fuck these hoes, have em' waitin by the phone hopin they get chose.
All you punk ass niggas be player hatin'.
Cause i'm makin this money strait regulatin'.
And you be ill legit all counterfeit.
Ain't about no buisnes you all about bullshit.
Get yo' shit together, stop ridin' on the next niggaz dick and lovin these tricks.
It all started as a toddler, .45 bullet swallower to the foot step follower.
Slang' an oz. niggaz wanna' know me bitches wanna know my bidness cause ya' nosey.
I'm thinkin how can i come up on the 8 feet, i never let the money get chance to get away from me.
Street polaticin', hood rat dick stickin, Call me Cernal Sanders cause i got the fried chicken.
Ill life wicked ways make me real trife, i bring the thought up it's all about "Reel Life"

Bitch! you betta axe somebody! (bitch you betta' axe somebody)
Cause i don't just talk! (i don't just talk baby, thats right)

[Female Voice:] You better ask somebody, if you talk.

[repeat 4x]

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Esham You Betta Ask Somebody Comments
  1. Lotto parker

    Detroit classic!!

  2. King Beamen

    If he put a album out like Dead Flowers again I'm buying twice!! 2019

  3. Catie Strutt

    Love it

  4. Maurice Carter

    My boy sims from Detroit put me on this in 2018 and i fell in love with this immediately can't believe we didn't bump this in Chicago in the early 90's

  5. Nino Dean

    Much love to Esham. I'm from Battle Creek,MI. We used to bang this shit like we was from the D. Lol.. Dirty Glove Love

  6. Floyd Solo

    U can’t be from flint Detroit or Saginaw and not rock wit esham

  7. JGPJr


  8. Slim Foodie

    🔥🔥🔥 Eshams best album hands down.

    DME710 Game Clips

    IDK I think closed casket is up there but I feel ya this shit been slappin

  9. Noah Venzon

    Esham 2020

  10. Larry Riles


  11. SNAPZ

    Love Esham

  12. Jay Riggs

    I dont just talk baby

  13. Lord Infamous

    The mothafuckin time!

  14. Johnny Mayhem

    What's the name of this sample??

    Derrick Mallory

    Johnny Mayhem The Time & Prince "The Walk" 1982

  15. Christopher Williams


  16. Old Skool

    Small sample of MJ. Love it!

    Leroy Maxwell II

    Wrong!! Morris Day and The Time

    Old Skool

    Leroy Maxwell II You are correct regarding the music part of it. I was referring to the chorus lyrics and should have been more specific when I made the comment.

  17. Always Friday

    I'll blast any M.Fker. runnin up in a ski mask...

  18. Wicked 420

    That's what's good finally a good song on subscriptions list much Love to this dog right here

  19. Allno Masour


    Floyd Roberts

    Allno Masour What?

  20. John James

    my two favorite rappers in rotation pac and esham then and now

    Don Soprano

    John James 100

  21. John Hankins

    grew up on this. D E T R O I T