Esham - Whoa Lyrics

[Esham Talking]
Got my boys back up in here,
We had to time warp back in time,

Whoa,Whoa,Whoa,Whooooa,[x2] (In the 50's)

[Verse One:]
Know, I lay me down to sleep,
I pray to the lord that my bird wont creep,
And if she do, Before I wake,
Please let her have more bread to break,
Like a house on a lake,
For goodness sake,
Her name is Little Debbie, and I love her cake,
Make's no diffrence to me,
A key to a "G", still adding up money,
Lovely, keep ya water on bubbly,
What would you do If you was me,
Probally, G of or key-off,
And sniff it all up,
Until you blow your fucking head off,

Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream, Dream, Baby [x4]

[Verse Two:]
I thought I saw a pussy-cat,
I didnt, It was a dirty rat,
In fact, it was a snake, bitch kiss it,
Spitting venom, always dissing, missing,
the whole point of whatimsayin',
Because your bling,
Dream, Dream, Dream,
When I rode by on bleem,
You see me clean,
Looking at me like a fiend,
It was obseen,
With a beauty of the week out of JET magazine,

[Chrous] fade away!!!!!

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Esham Whoa Comments
  1. Konahrik

    This just goes to show Esham's versatility as an emcee, one of the greats for sure

  2. Vincenzo DiPaolo

    Fuckin' sweet!

  3. Timothy Petrose

    Eshams been doing music like this before it was ever thought of. Most are just carbon copies of his style.

  4. Alma Edith Ayala

    fuck yell old school

  5. Felony503Flats

    Whats then name of the song he sampled?

  6. samantha anderson

    One of the best songs!

  7. Jimmy NeoHaufer

    Stop dreaming an make it come to reality #Tru

  8. Eskimo Brother

    I remember the first time I heard this song. Sable was in playboy!

  9. MrOutPsycho

    great fuckin song

  10. BuuCity

    @MrMcmullen420 lol