Esham - Tony Montana Lyrics

You're all a bunch of fucking assholes
You know why?
Cause you don't got the guts to be what you want to be
Stanley...he doesn't have that problem
He always tells the truth
That's what it's all about?
That's what we work so hard for Fabolous?
So they can point their fucking fingers
and call me the fucking bad guy?

So say goodnight to the bad guy, come on
It's the last time you're gonna hear a bad guy ?
You better make way, it's a bad guy coming through

Whoever said to us
Now maybe you can buy yourself
one of them first class tickets to the Resurrection

You need people like me
So you can point your fucking fingers
And say, "That's the bad guy."
So, what they make you?

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Esham Tony Montana Comments
  1. Jason Raser

    Help us Trump. We have lead pipes and asbestoes everywhere in Jackson. Hirst is doing their best.

  2. DesRosiers

    67000 views ha , I’ve listen to this song that many times myself since 1996 for real 🔥👑

  3. Matthew Tyler


  4. Mother420 DuRty7


  5. chuck howard

    Used to bump this shit. Saw him at clutch cargos

  6. keepondjw

    i once was lost but now I'm found

  7. A_drenaline

    Boy yo ass ah get wet like a Jheri curl!

  8. Angelica Morris

    fuck a fast food job working micky ds

  9. Choppnmuphukkn Heddzzov

    "Ain't no palm tree'z, no movie starz...just big time ballerz and fancy cars."  Yep...Detroit shiiit BIIIATCH!

  10. trufe4

    @123Psychopathickilla Sounds like a Juggalo Neighborhood! and you might be the only fucking person retarded enough to say that u wish u grew up in a fucked up city like detroit where people are starvin and would kill you to get out the hood. fuckin clown.


    what your saying don't make sense

  11. Joe Rogaine

    Dead Flowerz: 1996
    Hatchet Warrior: 2003


    Smooth- Swing It To Tha Left Side: 1995

    Esham did it best tho

  12. Son of Samhain

    i know do you really have nothing better to do than reply to random comments

  13. Yoo Mama

    what? dumbass, this song came first.1996

  14. Son of Samhain

    oh shit i just realized thats the hollowpoint beat but esham jacked that bitch first

  15. Joe Thomas

    esham looks like ice cube

  16. tangoyankeelimaechoroger Last

    its like this i might hit yo ass with a knifed fist backed by a spiked bat or shotgun ask me again why i got a hot one..

  17. bigmikeondabeat1

    love this song

  18. j- sin

    @123Psychopathickilla not sure why you mentioned juggalo on here this is not a juggalo group, but good luck with that. i like twiztid so i aint hatin just wonder why you brought it up. saw the same thing on a dayton family youtube.

  19. Kris G The Wicked Juggalo

    Dayum nice dope ill wicked shit. Now this is what i miss from esham. Not this drug shit type music. He doing now.

  20. GLifE GsOnLy

    The beat album to come out the Detroit Ever

  21. 123Psychopathickilla

    @spindoctorr being a Juggalo, I wish I woulda grew up in Detroit instead of fucked up Tacoma,WA where there's nothing but bassheads, crackheads Drug Dealers, street racers, and hobos in my neighborhood...

    Trey Morley

    123Psychopathickilla Detroit ain’t no better 😂😂😂

    TCB *


  22. brainwash9xoutta10

    dead flowerz iz 1 of the all time top albumz

  23. Kyle M

    @PapaShango619 Damn straight!

  24. PapaShango619

    Hmmm Esham vs Lil Wayne....... ah its not even a battle Esham wins

  25. Артём Водоватов

    Man I miss dealing. That shit was pulling in money like crazy. The fast lifestyle was nice, hittin the club all the time and chillin on the block passin sacks out al day long no matter where you go

  26. djjuan84

    Dead Flowers was the best besides Bruce wayne 1987

  27. Im2pimpin

    does anybody know what song is sampled?

  28. BigOlSasquatch

    Esham is SUCK !! F*ckin love it ..........1 of my other favorites is ( work that p*ssy Fast, work that p*ssy slow ) ;)

  29. cheapskatedamack/ cheapskate da mack

    aint no palm trees no movie stars

  30. Sinner1ner

    i grew up listnn to this song and all da gud esham songs,,,i really dont dig the juggalo thang much but i have luv for them...

  31. bill bixmy

    See i fuck with this city boi cause he fuck with us Flint town Bitchess

  32. PapaShango619

    Yea ABK took the beat from this song. i think I like this more but Hollowpoint was not a bad rap song

  33. Nick George

    the beat is tha same as hollowpoint

  34. chucky50187

    sounds like the beat from hallowpoint from abk

  35. kurt james

    i love esham on that hustle shit he knows whats good

  36. djjuan84

    best album esham did definately a classic

  37. Ruth Les Skiller

    yeah right fuk that shitt abk aint got nuthin on esham he iz the GODFATHER plus E did thizz b-4 ABK homie! i just seen esham like tree days ago he came here to my town for 420!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mastamind neva showed tho : (

  38. Nick U

    Well, this song was written several years before ABK's first album.

  39. redwolf091

    yea.i like ABK song better,but Esham's the shit too

  40. Que Bezzy

    I bang this shit in the trap fo like a month str8...for more detroit music click my name and check us out

  41. knileb96

    this is the shit.