Esham - The Rev Lyrics

I'm not taking enough medicine,
I know I'm sick in the mother fucking head
These niggers think I'm nice,
You don't know me very well do you?
Check this shit out
As I take a dose of this medicine
Now watch me sin
Take a sniff of this boy, I'm the real McCoy
Real nutty, just like Almond Joy
Screamin' I want that nigger dead and when you dead I'ma enjoy
Haunting and taunting the microphone
Reconstruct your brain and fuck up your chromosomes
On my own since a toddler
45 bullets swallower
Footprints burn in the sand
Cause all my shit be kickin'
Just like Japan, chop off your hands
Ya fall off you're done
Who's number one with the bloody bullets
From the gun, that shot the rapper down
No more will he see the sun
The U-N-H-O-L-Y, while the revolution, has begun
And it will not be televised, bitch ass nigga
666, bloody mic in my hand
Rolex ain't worth no fucking 30 grand
Half y'all niggas can't stand on your own two feet
You ain't nothin' but a worm who needs to be 6 feet deep
When I'm in Cleveland I be in the projects I be smokin' wet
Seein' all types of shit things that my mind won't never forget
And I am, sacrilegious
And still block indigious
My voodoo's just as true as Andy Palmer
But I warned ya
The day will come when niggas will fill this prophecy
And if they ever do you might go crazy from what you see
Make you wanna be blind
Some say I see too much
But I see straight through your mind
You brain's so close I can touch it
And the revolution, will not be televised for your punk ass
You don't even know, you're stupid
I shot a hole in my television set
On the presidents announcement
Cause little do he know,
Aliens is plottin' on the government
But the suicidal sick,
Mother fucker still livin'
Murder ride driven
The dead has arisen
The neighborhood's the prisons,
Is anybody listenin'?
Or is niggas just blowin' bubbles sittin' around whistlin'?
Hello, bitch, is anybody in there?
And women don't know they can change this shit
But they so busy tryin' to shake their tits
Money, in god we trust, lust and bustful
But still don't trust no force
Beware of the pale white force
Knock your punk ass off course
Of course, the revolution will not be televised
For no punk ass nigga
Yo, yo I said,
The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised,
It will not be televised

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Esham The Rev Comments
  1. God Status

    The revolution will not be televised for no bitch ass nigga. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Right!!!!

  2. 2614uofm

    Bitch ass Nigga!

  3. Fargone1

    Good Song!!!!