Esham - Reload Lyrics

Reload, explode, I'm a crack ya fuckin' code
Killer instinct mode so I always stay calico
In the battlezone I hold the phatter chrome
I'm tellin' every MC in the galaxy
That it's on, but I gots love for all the ones who's got love
Packed back, we got slugs,I got slugs for thugs back
For the dope deal
And a motherfuckin' a piece a crack
Fuck a ronin twissin diamonds if you don't know the time
Fuck all of that
Nigga matter fact ball is whack
If you don't know what to do to stack and takes your cash
If you don't know the game cause you's a biatch

Reload, reload, reload, reload

Reloadin' ain't no thang, it's all gon' spin
I'm time in the wind, I don't make friends
Motherfucker what you thought? Red rum is my talk
Wicket shit is what I spit, patin to acid
The fallen angel means I strangle and bang ya
Take ya hat off
Esham's out cold like Adolf
Hitler, slit ya, boy I'm out ta get cha
Ya never shoulda fucked with me
Eternally, imperpituity
I'm out to end your exsistence
I last forever
I will endure whatever, where ever
And reload
I'm perpitatin' while you perptratin' I go on forever
Misload more pebbles you can speak 5 words for thee
Farrel forevermore, forever and a day
Forever and ever in all ages
The nebula is segular
On a cellular, on a regular
Last syllabyl of recorded time
Till death till doomsday Esham
I'm death, Mr. Fortuneteller watch me television peete my capella
Get fucked and get your groove back like Stella
And you ain't even gotta go to Jamaica

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Esham Reload Comments
  1. esham blazer

    Badass album

  2. Vincenzo DiPaolo

    Fuck a dope deal, and a Mothafuckin' piece of crack!

  3. EvilDave83

    Mail Dominance gets a lot of hate in the Esham circles. It's my second favorite behind Bruce Wayne. Still, Mail Dominance was one if the most innovative, and original records to come out of underground hip hop. People said "he's selling out" but the way I saw it, he just made an album of experimental shit that was dope as hell. This song in particular. Had he stayed on this path, I think he would've found at least some mainstream success. This album was just so sick but, he went back to the NATAS style we've all grown to love through the 90's. I wish he'd come out with some more of this type of shit.

    Bo fosho

    Idc too much for gotham city . i like dead flowerz tho . Mail D is shit other rappers Cant do . Pure Sugar cane . its tht 100% pure dope/acid rap tht Nobody does or can do like E . styles/beats from every which way .

  4. TheBC313

    This song would help me make a comeback in the last mile of a marathon

  5. Jean Parmesan

    WOW...words cant describe how dope

  6. Demon Eyes Kyo

    This has got to be the best beat I've ever heard in my life. Esham's dope ho!