Esham - Night Vision Lyrics

[Esham Talking]
Deadly shadows, so uh
You afraid of the dark?
Deadly shadows, in the dark in the dark
In the dark
Shadows, shadows,
Gotta watch yaself out here boy

I be the icon, auto-bomb named Esham
Another victim wanna get some
Who's your idle suicidal receital never take my title
Cuz what I know, crows never see like a shadow
In a battle, my head move like a snake and my tail rattle
All those with beef get mutalated like dead cattle
Finally hearing true confessions and murder lessons
I keep the Smith n Wesson for the tratior steady stressin
Life's a bitch n when I spit internet watch the glitch
I'm deadly as the virus that you don't wanna get
Wicked shit is all I hear
New year I move clear
Buried alive in a pinebox is my deepest fear
Solar systems should be hidden
Like green leaves n green trees
Don't make me walk the waters across the seven seas
The serpent and the rainbow
The cocaine flow
The forbidden fruit telling you not to bite or i'll sheen

[Chorus x4, repeats I'll sheen 3 times]
Wicked entities with ya
Don't let the sun hit ya
In ya head you might picture
How the shadows gonna get ya

When doves fly thugs cry
So you can't deny
When tears fall from your eyes
Up your soul to the sky
The fallen angel u-n-h-o-l-y
Hell I be hellavul hellifeid
Cuz Detroit be suicide
In the darkness
Straight out the abiss
Spark the cannabis
No mercy for the weakmind not understanding this
Hardcore, or your'e gonna die
Cuz I got the body armor I declare war for
the punk mutherfuckers
Biting every lyric
Full clips of hollow tips to release your holy spirt
Your unoriginal, artafical
Flavor tampering
If ya style was strach n sniff it would smell like dirty pampers
Cuz you got clap
You heard a round of applause
Deadly shadows in the back when you break rap laws

[Chorus x4, repeats when you break rap laws x3]

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Esham Night Vision Comments
  1. Timothy Alan

    Hungry Ants

  2. MrNiceGuy1422000

    Deadly shadows......

  3. John Joseph


  4. mo thuggz


  5. multidimensionalman

    i Be the IcoN autobahn Named esham " - 1 of the best first verses ever created!

  6. The Warlock

    indescribably fresh!

  7. Yuri

    This tracK needs to be in a 21C spy movie... most definitely.

  8. deadflyondawall