Esham - Lightyearsaway Lyrics

Light years away, you can't glitch with this
So I can't resist to put you in a twist
You hurtin' this, I just ain't understandin'
Plannin' capers like a villain, you know I'm underhanded
Hand in your resignation you ain't representin'
Get a lyrical impeachment like your man Bill Clinton
If you know like I know, and you flow to get dough
We used to be toe to toe
Now we stay cracked like cee-lo
Oh no, you think you sound like the old Motown?
But I'm from New Detroit we make the world go round boy

[Chorus (Uncredited Girls):]

We make the World spin around,
Talkin' bout Motown,
We make the girls scream out loud,
Tell me how it's goin' down,
We cruise around and around,
We cruise around and around

We got the fastest cars and the prettiest women
If you catch me underwater boy I won't be swimmin'
If you got a fat bush, girl it's just for trimmin'
Black girls with blonde hair like Lil' Kim'n
I be the E-S-H-A-M and, corners I'm bendin'
No need for pretendin', Charlie Batch I'm winnin'
Detroit Lions and Tigers, Geoffrey Fieger, my style's Kevorkian
Sting you like a scorpion with this lyrical torturin'
A seven in my Elly rider, who you tellin'
I come from o-z sellin' straight bailin'and real life yellin'
And time warp til' nowadays

[Crowd claps to fade]

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Esham Lightyearsaway Comments
  1. Ryan Kottler

    We make the world spin around and around

  2. joe brophy

    The hottest cars from the planet come from Motown

  3. Zack Loc

    never gets old

  4. Noneya Bisnasz

    Maaan who else can do that shit to the fuckin Happy Days theme?  Certified classic.

  5. Joe Rouble

    Esham is Fucking fresh

  6. redbattlefront

    My styles kevorkian, sting ya like a scorpion with this lyrical torturin