Esham - King Of Hearts Lyrics

This is how it's goin down
Mechanic MO-Town
So sleazy it ain't easy
Being cheesy
Use to be my boo-boo
Now ya just dodo
Milky brown like a yoo-hoo
Once upon a time did a crime in America
With the 17 shot glock Austria
Plus crush burn a hole in my knee fashion
Blaze it peddle to the metal mash it
Now 7 in my elli helly
Picked up another bitch straight to the tele
Bitch did me right soft like a pele
Plus hush crush sticky green of the smelly
Straight bombin on niggas like an Israeli
Rarely playin this game while I fairly
Merrily merrily life is but a dream
In my night here my boat row down the bloody stream
Infer-red beams follow me wherever I go
At night close my eyes 20 bodies to grow
Triple snakes got me wishin I was home
This is the East Side hellhole
That’s where I represent
Bloody money got my life on funny shit
Niggas go crazy like Martin
I'm out my mind in this bitch on the day
For the dog lookin at me foamin at the mouth with rabies
I got a message for the thugs
Gettin pug
Get your grave dug
Get your bloody body drug
All title this
Suicidal is
With the chrome and my fist
I don't miss
It's the E to the S to the H-A-M
And I heard you tellin somebody you was hatin him
But the simple fact is you can't relate to them
Niggas cash come quicker than an A-T-M
Way too grim
Bitch get smacked with the tech 9
When I holla out real life plus respect mine
Crime is life, and life is crime
But what will life be without a real life rhyme
Niggas Ahead Time And Space
Can't be erased
Or replaced
With more shit that face dead body after dead body
Case after case
Still keep the tulle tucked down in my waist
For the radio disc jock I might pop
17 weeks till ya might fall off the chart
Cause I truly gots no hearts

King of hearts
King of hearts

[Violin playing]

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Esham King Of Hearts Comments
  1. Steeler Pete


  2. Michael Montero

    20 years old and still DOPE.
    Seriously though, I can't believe this album is almost old enough to buy a beer. Holy shit!

  3. Aaron Marx

    this was my shit too the day. this unholy molly booger flikkker here done made this for hip hop in 3019. the whole Cd dont doldooamerica and go digital RLP ON MY BACC SINCE 18. 37 NOW AND STILL MY FAVORITE PIECE. THANK YOU. E10000

  4. Chris Romero

    In other words, we dont fuck with none believing mothers.... God is my saviour. . High uh....yea.... bring it vato....ww loco....

  5. Josh Barks

    Detroit’s finest!!! ESHAM!!!!!

  6. White Spawnz Michael Fasbender White Spawnz

    Thats a dope freestyle. Thats all he does

    Bob Strong

    Esham don't freestyle.

    White Spawnz Michael Fasbender White Spawnz

    Sounds like it

    White Spawnz Michael Fasbender White Spawnz

    Maybe half written. I remember the way he tore up Macomb county. Made a mill just off that county. Esham histeria.

  7. Dottie Dottie

    2018... Most underrated. This shit straight fire

  8. Matthew Neal

    Best esham album

  9. Jon Quist

    Get plugged, getcha grave dug getcha bloody body drug

  10. ConantgardenVet Somebody

    If you still here you was there #313 #48205living

  11. WEAPON-X


  12. Richard Rocket Walinske

    Grew with his shit. 7 mile. Deep in it. 6 ft . deep. ..pit of shit.

  13. Joseph Jimsnez

    don't ask me,let it be,go far,reboot off the black star,got you plugged like a looters, give you my money case switch off from those dirty beggers

  14. Dottie Dottie

    straight fire/

  15. Michigan Wolverine in Austin

    most slept on rapper of all time

    SideTrack TV

    Truth man.. I just saw him on Friday in Minneapolis very small show... not many people know this legend...

  16. EmCee Big Blizzy Blake

    I Love This

  17. Furious Dad from Texas

    this is fucking sick

  18. mad hatter

    Had this shit on my myspace back in mother fucking 06.

    Dottie Dottie

    mad hatter i miss myspace

  19. leo trip10

    i rem back in highschool i was pumped af when this came out

  20. scott dean

    yea Jade Scott and Esham made great tracks on this album


    Been fucking with esham since 93


    i was born 92 bro impressive fete

  22. switchovercrook

    Ahhhhh... scratchin a wicked itch

  23. Choppnmuphukkn Heddzzov

    Feelz like I'm I-94 ridin, passin French Rd blazin a fat one every time I hear this shit.  Prolly movin back to tha D within the next 5 yearz to be closer to family and friends.  Tha D ain't nuttin nice, but when I hear songz like this this it feelz gud to be from Detroit.---Shoutz out to the east side yo!

    Ferguson Fourn

    Choppnmuphukkn Heddzzov Wakethedead. Godblessthedead.

  24. 1dredhouse

    Mg5 fool boom *

  25. Scott B

    one of his best

  26. 1dredhouse

    Ayy good

  27. drunk

    good shit

  28. drunk

    nice shit

  29. California north

    wooooooo damn this brings me back ,i'm from northern cali but damn esham is dope ass fuck ,independent rap is the best underground style

    Mike Hernandez

    California north bro been bumpin him since boomin words

    Cayetano Ayala

    California north fuck yell im from. Saginaw mi

  30. drfranklee

    I always liked this song but the beat always reminded me of the theme song to Darkwing Duck!

  31. tangoyankeelimaechoroger Last

    cuz a trigger gots no hearts......when the gods are angry..

  32. Jeff Herrington


  33. Kyle M

    I agree.

  34. Kyle M

    The beat is sick and Esham is the shit!

  35. ch pu

    2 dislikes? Mustve been so trashed they stumbled their thumb over a lil. seriously


    Top 5 ever shit here!! He's flowing like a mf!!

  37. MrNiceGuy1422001

    An Esham masterpiece.

  38. vincent racca

    what would life be wit out a reel life rhyme

  39. imahonkey419

    Ronald Regan love's this song

  40. chubbie23bh

    Fuck that piece of shit slim shady (eminem)
    Hes a asswhole

  41. The Untold Story of Hip Hop in Denver

    up there with my list of favorite rap tracks. that beat is impeccable. that harp, that fucking harp.....
    i used to get fucking lifted to this. x, pounds, and boomers...

  42. Lucifer Reagan

    whoever disliked this should kill themselves. reel talk

  43. The Warlock

    lol i will if you find some good taste

  44. The Warlock

    lmaoooo you clearly dont know shit about hip hop dmt was his best album in a looooong time

  45. Kyle M

    @NSPHOENIX66602 Same here. He has so many good beats, and is immaculate with them.

  46. Kyle M

    @TheContrerasMusic Yup, that's why his group was called N.iggas A.head O.f T.ime A.nd S.pace, or NATAS. This beat is definitely ahead of it's time.

  47. mo thuggz

    @TheContrerasMusic when the gods are angry (thunderstorms) all heaven il burn

  48. TheBC313

    Love this track, his flow is so smooth

  49. jaydub4200

    this my jam from back in the day,,,,love my king of hearts tat

  50. Markus Beck

    fuck da fakerz fuck u fake people