Esham - I Don't Owe U Shit Lyrics

Yeah, this goes out to all them niggaz who bit my shit in '93, and still think I owe em sumthin, check it out ya'll

Eat a dick up, eat a dick up, eat a dick up
Eat a dick up, eat a dick up, eat a dick up
Eat a dick up motherfuckers
(I gotta let these niggaz know)
(maybe their just jealous from the dollars I'm makin)

I dont owe no nigga nothin but some feel like you so
Left yo ass alone like Robin Carusso
I can freak the styles like I motherfuckin want to
And if you wanna kill yourself, why dont you?
Thirteen ways now it's all in the news
Life after death which one do you choose
Of coarse, I feel no remorse for a sucka
And if you wanna die you's just a dead mothafucka
So pucka up and kiss my ass for me
My shot gun said blast for me
Blasphemy is what I'm speakin
Freakin my technique and wreckin the set
With a tech you get wet, upset
I shit, wreck the whole skit
Just like Bobbit cuttin off dicks in the mix
Fuck them tricks like in them flix
I burn that ass like a Bic
'cause I dont owe you shit


I dont owe you no nothin like I said once befoe and
Niggaz like yourself best to act like you know and
Oh man, I fucked your ho and
Left some semen in demon like the O'man
Yo man dont, even try that shit
With the Unholy black devil niggaz cant get with
I fuck up shit just like this 'cause
This is for the suicidalist's
Dont miss if I bust a cap at your cranium
Russian Roulette who let me explain it um
Death aint nothin but life without the Bible
Oh dont let me go and get my fuckin rifle
I'll go get my 12gauge and bust one
Slug in your head in god you trust son
I dont like the reverand when I state
Dont even pass the collection plate
'cause I dont owe you shit


I dont owe you, but I know you
So you think, you can get inside my head like a shrink
But I'm down with the crew called N-A-T-A-S
And we burn up shit like David Coresh
Neva the less dont stress me, test me, or press me
Or the cops will have to come and arrest me
For kickin up dust, if I must I bust
In the nine four more niggaz I cant trust
So when you see me betta realize and recognize
That I cant be chastized
Open your eyes sucka, and see me just for what I am
A bad ass nigga who jams, god damn, BAM
Niggaz betta scram
I'm shootin up the joint like Yosemitte Sam
I am, not your regular nigga I will
Whip out the steel if you feel 'cause I dont owe you shit

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Esham I Don't Owe U Shit Comments
  1. Desh Leroy

    Eat a dick

  2. ThugNinja91

    Slept on

  3. jacob whorley

    Everybody i know should no this.I dont owe you shit


    reel wicked shit

  5. Santi Ramirez


  6. Santi Ramirez


  7. john duffy

    Rlp word up.

  8. Tommy Scott

    fuck this shit

    Handsome Jack

    do what the song says and eat a dick up