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[Lady signing]
Au Revoir!,[man sing] Why is it so hard to say good bye
[Lady] Bye, Bye

Why oh why is it so hard to say goodbye my lord
Oh tell me is it a stairway to heaven I can't afford?
Racin' in this race you might have a crash collision
While your babies find their way to make their own decisions
Ain't nobody tell me nothin' 'bout hustlin' strugglin' and gamblin'
And runnin' through the maze in Detroit while they're scribble scramblin'

[chours x1.2]

Now one, you thought I was gone
Thought I was lost in the storm
But uh, I can never seem let go of this game
Gotta keep rollin' on
Gotta keep holdin' on, to my handles
Stay strong, through the scandles
You can neva do, what you plan to do, when niggas try to undahand you
Why oh why is it so hard to say peace, to my pain
I got the soul of the beast, in my veins
I guess I'll never change
All these games people play, I pay no mind
No evidence, no crime
Can't let go, of this wicked rhyme

Why oh why is it hard to say goodbye?
Who do doves cry?
Why must I stay high?
In my world, niggas get wet, like jerry curls
Mothers cry
Funeral processions ride by
Formaldehyde keeps my mind, in the sky
I believe, I believe I can fly,
But uh, why is it so hard to say goodbye?

[song fades]

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