Esham - Closed Casket Lyrics

"What about death when it's done come and gone?"

Now I lay me down to sleep before I go to bed
Redrum was the word that a nigga said
I'm dead, and once my mind bled all day
Better watch the word when the wicked man say
Simple and plain, I feel no pain
Rotten body in the ground wit' my maggot brain
The fallen angel fell all this wickedness for Heaven
I still, so now I go to Hell at seven
I can't wait to meet the Grim Reaper, creature, feature
Esham the UnHoly, Satan was my teacher
And find the preacher, I'm gonna kill him when I catch him
Put your body in the coffin and stretch'em, closed casket

[Talking] And I dont wanna die with my eyes closed-(closed casket)
I said I dont wanna die with my eyes closed-(closed cakset)

I don't really wanna feel no pain, I'm ill
I'd rather be dead, still
Lay me down, let my body rot from the buckshot to my knot
And Hell is gettin' hot, watch the hammer cock (boom!)
Now I lay me down to sleep
Watch the head of the Head hunter once I creep
Shit's deep, six feet deep infact
Bloody body in the coffin layin' on my back
Matter of fact, it's time to meet the Maker, the Undertaker
Sold my soul, as the story a told
Once again, it seems that I cannot win
And when I die, i'm goin' to Hell again, in a closed casket


It seems I'm just headed for Hell, I hear screams, they call my name
Symptoms of insanity, the voices, they're all the same
I'm dead, and nobody feels my pain
One bullet, one gun, one person to blame
No shame, I take aim at my head
Cock the hammer back and out soar a piece of lead
It was said, that i'm gonna die anyway
Atleast six feet deep I got some place to stay
Wit' the maggots, bury me alive and hush
Now I'm thinkin' 'bout ashes, dust to dust
If I must, say one thing
I bet they won't say they seeing me like the King
Elvis, closed casket


"I've come to conclusion, look brothers, sisters,
I want an answer, there's a... the overworld, and the underworld,
which world are you a part of?"

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Esham Closed Casket Comments

    The wicked shit will never die 666

  2. teddy May

    Keep it dark 🤘🤘

  3. teddy May

    Classic Detroit here

  4. J Wums

    My maggot brain

  5. Jeremy Creamer


  6. Dj Unknown

    One of the hardest songs ever recorded

  7. Jeremy Creamer


  8. Calvin Kleinkiller

    Eminem, you suck.

  9. Leviticus Jones

    natas Satan Satan natas natas satan

  10. Leviticus Jones

    sold my soul as the story is told...



  12. cordaro prue

    dat wicked aahhhahaaah fucked up in da casket

  13. cordaro prue

    hhaaha ha joints up bitch get plastid

  14. Spice 720

    if you don't like it fine fuck off but don't talk shit your wasting your time

  15. treythadude

    I hear screams they call my name😏

  16. DocGuin Wayne

    I would say he is a complete idiot but I think he will get more complete as he sinks lower in the IQ pool.

  17. Lord Zer0

    simple & plain, I feel no pain
    rotten body in the ground, with my maggot brain
    the fallen angel fell, father forgive me for Heaven
    i fell, so now i go to hell at Seven

  18. Jim Johns

    The lyrics are wrong, ya would think after 7 years ya would have worked out the actual lyrics and corrected that shit

  19. zeitxgeist

    I would like a Necro x Esham x Brotha Lynch collab. It will never happen though :<

    Zigedi Zach

    zeitxgeist necro and brotha couldn't even sit next to E!

    Jimmy Johnson

    That would be sick as fuck

    Daemian Fernandez

    Fuck yeah! Some of my top mcs.

  20. Living Ghost

    Dude, I fucking hate rap but this right here is the shit! Illest track I've heard in years.

  21. Ej Hilt

    Oldschool esham gata love it.

  22. Ricky Ray

    xenotebook ...Don't forget about Three Six Mafia

  23. Jake Matthews

    i killed a family of 5 when i heard this

    Stay Blunted

    @***** and fed them to the childrenn

    Valerian Salad

    @Rachel u have a good taste in music

  24. xenotebook

    I thought esham was tech n9ne for the longest. But hes pretty good and I can see why icp likes him too. Him,icp,and cypress hill are the best rappers in my opinion


    xenotebook icp is shit compared to Twiztid. Lol and Ice cube smashed b real back when they were beefing in West side connection . So I have no idea what your talking about

  25. young old guy

    sick. thanks man. ill check em out

  26. Nathaniel Reinholtz

    *sigh* where to begin, okay. *little *faggot *christian. And next, why diss on his religion instead of him, I'm a christian to and I love esham. So as much as I appreciate your input, fuck the fuck off.

  27. Tony Nunez


  28. young old guy

    What are some more good songs like this? horror core stuff.

  29. Dark Matter Theory

    Anyone remember esham once ran with the clowns .. Has a hatchet man on one hand and the sv on the other... And really shit tons of people listen to both because either or its so much better than radio play cry baby stripper love bull shit

    joe smith

    Kid Rock did tooo your point???

  30. XngelAMV

    Horrorcore dude. Acid rap is the same thing. It's like you saying it's not pitch black, it's "dark" lol. Same fucking things, you fuck-shit-nigga.

    This is shit music. And in the Horrorcore genre this faggot is weak as fuck. You listen to more ICP than me, cause I only heard half of one song and I was done with them. They're not even a rap group, not even music.

    But you know a lot about them, cause u still listen to them

  31. XngelAMV

    He sucks


    XngelAMV we all do actually

  32. maxdett90

    All you stupid fucks in the comment shut the fuck up and get out.

  33. Berserker Bradley

    The wicked shit will never die!

  34. SouthernCaliPrepper

    Esham all day!

  35. XngelAMV

    This sucks. Shit isn't dark isn't all

  36. juniorstillcripin

    man real talk this song on that gay shit killing ur self going to hell fuk all that cuzz

  37. OnyxFearX_X

    sry nerco is better sry esham

  38. YInzNationSport

    esham shits on icp

    Kane Kochera

    He was their influence. I'm a juggalo who loves esham. Because he spit that wicked shit. You can't compare different styles of the wicked shit

  39. Russ Adams

    Dumbass Esham the guy who made this song, refers to this music as heavy metal/blues.. your acting like only black people do hip hop.. duck off kiddo your an abomination..

  40. bree twinks

    Im not a dumb fuck. you are. many people call black people ignorant and dumb just because of this kind of music, its sick. black people shouldnt be hated on because of the people creating idiotic music.

  41. Russ Adams

    ``This Music`` Your referring to has been around for 30+years.. Also Hip Hop isn't a black music its a music for all races dumfuck...

  42. bree twinks

    this music give black people a bad reputation. it's stupid as fuck.

    tony Jenkins

    bree twinks bitch fuck u, just cuz he original and don't fit the stereo type fuckin mold of what u think black people r supposed to be

  43. John Joseph

    i dont wanna die with my eyes closed

  44. Jacqlynn Patricia

    idiots who whoop whoop on an esham video.

  45. Thomas Jeferson

    woop wooop wikid shit fo lfe


    @masonfold7 wtf is yur problem? eminem is a live legend (no head) he been thru mad shit,if yu listen to all his music from soul intent,bassmint,infinite, till now,how he has a different flow on every album,nd yu can see he practice nd shows commitment to the game, dnt cut on eminem juss cuss sum cock sucker bragging bout him or w.e,just enjoy this song man, fuck all the retarded comments,

  47. Burnin Blaze

    Esham spits the true WICKED SHIT

  48. Critical ImAge

    @Danaomiree an you think i'm the idiot in here? you're the one who felt they had to share their trash talk with me... we call those kinds of idiots trolls, have a nice day

  49. Critical ImAge

    @Danaomiree i know all about satanism (it's a belief that you are your own god, ie the world is yours, and life is what you make out of it).. i have friends who have read the satanic bible. but i wasn't talking about that kind of satanism, i was referring to the kind she was referring to (how every christian sees satanism- as in worship of the devil, not rebellion) and i was simply proving a point that she came up with a much more horrific image then this song which she called "satanic"

  50. Critical ImAge

    @TheKellyKelrikShow "Babies gnawing thru the womb to be birthed...killing it's host?" that's a pretty satanic image you came up with there.. you sure esham is the satanist in here?

  51. snow man

    @remsensor I wanna try that now man.

  52. Christopher Chronister Jr

    Hell yeah the homie wasa down with the clown

  53. Mary Sullivan

    @TheKellyKelrikShow Bitch, you speaking in tongues?

  54. J-Dub

    Nevermind this shit, this nigga scare me...

  55. remsensor TM

    @TheKellyKelrikShow Did you huff raid as a teen or were you always this fucking stupid?

  56. raizr

    @bumfights3 Fuck them, dude. I'm not a big fan of Esham but this satanic shit's my favorite.

  57. Burnin Blaze

    I love the wicked shit that's why Esham is my fav Horrocore rapper! MMFWCL

  58. Kris G The Wicked Juggalo

    Ay nice still love this jam. Anyone know what the cypress hill sample is.

  59. Traductus5972

    i think the difference between Acid Rap and Horrorcore is Horrorcore sucks and Acid Rap kicks ass

  60. Jonathan Reyes

    thiss foo iz sick witt it... acid rap's GET WITT IT! fuck all them scared lil cased up lamez BOOM!

  61. nowimhigh


    HAIL SATAN!!!!!

  62. LenDog

    nigga i kno dis aint juggalo shit, so whoever da fuck is callin dis juggalo shit, your a dumbass

  63. Kelly Kelrik

    Satanic>>>>>(C)rap...what next?....Babies gnawing thru the womb to be birthed...killing it's host?...................My god's better than yourgod my god;s better than yours, my god eat s Kennelration God Food,my gods better than your's!............and that aint aaaallllll****

  64. jamesrocks4eva

    Hah...all is well then

  65. jamesrocks4eva

    Oh sorry
    I would know but i'm not a regular listener....FOOL

  66. jamesrocks4eva

    666? since when has rap been satanist?

  67. Americanheathen

    Due done listened to way too much ICP.

  68. Chase Gold

    another lost soul

  69. Kyle M

    This is my SHIT!

  70. LenDog

    i know it did that to a few of my songs i added on here