Esham - Ah Ha Lyrics

felatio baby
it feels so good yo
twelve gauge
road rage
watch me dive right off the stage
into the sea of life
where you will never age
body hemorage
street labodomy
cut the ratio
female felacio
with my nine and still
i wanna fuck you like an animal
straight out the bush of the jungle
early mungles
till the moon never fumbles
sticky glue gets crumbled
we wanna rumble
all these girls and these boys
lets make some noise
out here you only got 1 choice
every minute ever hour end of hour all hour
thats to enjoy
thrustin through the galixy i only move foreward singin
ah-ha ah-ha singin ah-ha ah-ha singin ah-ha ah-ha ah-ha
reguardless of viagra still the hardest rap artist microwave road rage
toys in the darkness let me spark this let me start this
rave back to your cave unless you be livin in the home of the brave
s n m bring your mamma and her friends s n m bring all horny friends
imma part of this just like you
imma a diciple of natis with work to do
ill bide you guide you hard to slip inside you
back but i know what you want someone to hide you
bump jump get it crump gang bangas love to dump
down with work so watch my universal slummmpp.
uh uh uh... singing ah-ha ah-ha....

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Esham Ah Ha Comments
  1. Peter Taboni

    16 people didn't get fellatioooooo.


    Real ones know how under rated this album was.Esham is a rap genius

  3. Kingy smiles

    Very talented

  4. Anthony Vigil

    she replied "Ah Ha"

  5. marcus Ulrich

    This song sucks


    marcus Ulrich you suck

    Frankie Self

    You suck balls kid 😂😜😜

    Jamie Mcgarry

    I *love* Esham, in no small part because of his willingness to step out of the "comfort zone" and experiment with new sounds. But this is by far the **worst** fucking song on this album.

  6. Luke Alioto

    it only gets bigger and better

  7. Jeff Harrell

    All hail the king of the wicked shit!

  8. EvilDave83

    This song could've blown up so hard if he had the support. People completely overlook this album, but it was just so fucking dope.

    Jeff Harrell

    @EvilDave83 That's because the general public is made of cretins who enjoy vile horse shit like that blonde bitch who plays the guitar!


    @Jeff Harrell agreed my friend. It's fucking despicable.

    Enthusiastic Guy

    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thought Mail Dominance kicked ass

    Vincenzo DiPaolo

    This album def kicks ass!

  9. Pistol Pete


  10. Jam Deg

    watch me dive right off the stage into the sea of life where you will never age.

  11. mikedoesseo

    Thrust into the galaxy I only move forward sayin A Ha

  12. Pots MthaFckah



    Wicket dance music, FTW!

  14. imrightyourwrong24

    thank you i have been looking all over for like almost 8 to 7 years for this

  15. Corpsie

    Fellatio! Ah ha

  16. YFLOInternational

    Let's do a poll here: Hannibal Lecter ... or Esham ... for Top Level Insane Genius?

  17. Love Conquers All

    I would listen to more rap if they all sounded like this.

  18. mudfacemike24

    RLP some of da best shit here

  19. clutchmc22

    @OmegaXavier420 I first heard rolling balls back in 99 it blew my fucking mind

    Outta control Media

    clutchmc22 standard track at every rave after party in the D.

  20. MrNiceGuy1422000

    Is there one word to describe Esham? Awesome.

  21. Matthew Niekamp

    Does anybody know the song Esham samples for this track? I have been looking for it for about a year now.

  22. uneekalex

    This is the shit!! I DJ at bars and wait towards the end of the night when people are all fucked up and throw this track on! You should see people get buck to this!!

  23. SenzuriChampion

    bring all your horny friends

  24. cherrybomb

    Best song ever!!