Escape The Fate - Prepare Your Weapon Lyrics


I know I suffer
From guilt of past romances
Now that it's over
All fade to blackness
I built these fences
I hold myself in darkness
Prepare the weapon
This battle ends when I give in

I lose my head
I lose my mind
(I lose my mind)
Time passes by
Fall out of sight
And I can't look back

I'm losing my fight
Blinded by this light
The truth is gone, gone, gone
Caged in my mind
I am trapped inside
Like a martyr I'm gone, gone, gone

The silence kills me
My inner guilt is striking
It's so addicting
Just like the guilt inside me
I'm feeling anger
My hopes gone through the sky
I can no longer
His word cuts me down to size

I lose my head
I lose my mind
(I lose my mind)
Time passes by
Fall out of sight
And I can't look back

I'm losing my fight
Blinded by this light
The truth is gone, gone, gone
Caged in my mind
I am trapped inside
Like a martyr I'm gone, gone,
Gone, gone, gone

I'm losing my fight
Blinded by this light
The truth is gone, gone, gone

I'm alright
Said my goodbyes
The past is gone, gone, gone

I'm alright
I'm alright, I'm alright, I'm alright, I'm alright

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Escape The Fate Prepare Your Weapon Comments
  1. migu3lcbn

    This should have been G3

  2. cb Al

    2022 ???

  3. Luan Gabriel

    new song???? i love it!


    this was nine years ago

  4. Nick Walker

    2010 and still has (NEW SONG) on it.

  5. Connor Glass

    Almost ten years ago❤️

  6. parm leven


  7. dylan parrott

    My fav song from this album next to masscare have more "darker" tone than the other horror inspired songs

  8. Emily Kruse

    I had forgotten about how amazing this track is. Probably my favourite! I think it's their best album. I hope they tour this one in the future! I can't go to This War Is Ours because I'm pregnant, gutted. Someone tell them they need to tour this.

  9. Rose Reaper

    I have heard better from them

  10. Moodown


  11. Brigitta Pályi

    I miss the old Escape The Fate 🤘 2018🤘

  12. AarcratosS


  13. To Easy924

    2018 anyone?

  14. Christian F. Realphe


  15. Aidil Stoff

    2018, This song still turn me on! Yeah!

  16. Bartek Potepski

    Klaudia poleciła to słucham. 😏❤

  17. Alex Fitz

    they've done better

  18. Robyn Mcsharry

    I love this song, relatable in some ways.

    Robyn Mcsharry

    I was nine years old when this was released.

  19. DeXx The R.I.P per

    Prepare your anus

  20. Vampire Princess

    Is the blond person a girl....

    Junior Stone

    No, the blond person is a dude lmao. His name is Monte Money and he used to be the lead guitarist for the band.

    Escape The Hector

    Vampire Princess she sure is



    Felipe Sousa

    Is funny see that Monte used to look like a girl but now he's really jacked hahahaha

    Snowbell Gallicchio

    @Felipe Sousa right

  21. Vampire Princess

    Who is the lead singer is it craig or someone else

    Lautaro Luna

    Craig is the only singer

    Steven Ray

    Craig sing's Tj Backup scream and sings.

    Vincent Colussi

    The real lead singer was Ronnie Radke before all of this. But that's a story for another time. Inb4 Ronnie madness.

    The Geopolitical Forecaster

    MisfitxSteven TJ wasn’t in the band for another 2 years -_-

  22. Sonny Wildman

    6 years ago?! sweet nostalgia..

    Tom Renti

    my god it's gonna be 8. this is crazy

  23. Shawn Spurlock

    He's such a good fit for this band.I love this band so much.

  24. Elian Jaku

    2015! I miss 2010...

  25. SerjShower

    I can see how this song is somewhat inspired by Chiron by All That Remains

  26. TheNeji92

    I Losing my fight

  27. todd danner

    I'm not a big fan of this band, but I would say this is my favorite song by them. 1:26-1:46 and the guitar solo at 3:25 onwards is good.



  29. Ryan Jensen

    But to change the name would mean they would have to get well known again, as where ETF is already a well known name, so of course they're going to keep ETF, rather than work up the popularity of a new band name/band, and they're doing pretty damn good to!

  30. Brad D'Roza

    you took the words out of my mouth :P well more rather keyboard but still :P

  31. Dahmer Armstrong

    1:25, "I'm losing Malphite.."

  32. Cass731

    you said that perfectly

  33. Mobi Tenobius

    I think Ronnie fitted their old style to a T, but without a doubt, Craig suits their new style perfectly.

  34. AlldeLucas

    i don't think hes better, i mean, i think that Ronnie is a best singer, in the other hand, i love Craigs voice and his songs are as sick as Ronnie's ones.

  35. Kyle Kirby

    Well craig does hard-core with ETF in BTF he did metal-core craig sucks at rock/ hard-core he should only be metal-core...

  36. Josh Lemus

    and me i cant ever find anyone who agrees i dont think that ronnies punk-metalcore style vocals was doing it...craig ftw

  37. G0dOfWar

    Prepare your anus...

  38. Brett Landry

    I know im probably going to get thubs down for this but ronnie started ETF Now the bassist and guitarist are gone, so the only orignal people left in the band is the drummer.. I think ETF needs to change there name immeidiatly, because In reality ETF is NOT ETF ANYMORE at all. Side note: this song is kinda sick.

    The Geopolitical Forecaster

    If you don’t even know the name of anyone in the band why are you complaining about them

    Teresa Hoffman


  39. roy The Lightning

    mehh i like both :D

  40. Ruben de Jong

    FUCK YOU, escape the fate is awsome

    zachary johnson

    Escape the fate with Craig is horrible
    Escape the fate with Ronnie radke fucking rules

  41. antoine klein

    Prepare your Anus !!

  42. lillapipet

    Fuck escape the fate

  43. Alex Vause

    IDK about him,but I like ETF for Monte,it doesn't really bother me who's singing whether it be Radke or Mabbit,IDC for much singing in general

  44. Trenton Hainer

    True, but craig was soooooo good in blessthefall

  45. Skyler G

    well i stated it as an opinion, where you stated your OPINION as a fact.. i know they've both changed a lot but like i said i like escape the fate better with Craig mabbot than Ronnie, but i think Ronnie fits falling in reverse and sounds more sick with them... so stop stating your opinions as facts because they clearly aren't since you're the first reply I've gotten disagreeing with me.

  46. danikap4o

    what??? did you just seriosuly say that? etf were better with ronnie and ronnie was way better in etf than he is in FIR both bands changed their style too much and are nothing like before... seems you're not so much a post-hardcore fan, but more of a metal/gothic type guy to say this right?

  47. Anddii ii

    True shit!

  48. Skyler G

    also for all the craig mabbit haters out there, without him there would be no The Word Alive,cuz he started that shit.. and even if hes not a better vocalist he is irrefutably a better person than ronnie is. just sayin

    J Gatsby

    Skyler G dude, Craig makes ronnie sound like wet dog shit

  49. Skyler G

    then why do you follow escape the fate atall?

  50. S3v3nFA

    Craig fucking rocks
    just sayin

  51. dynamitemonster360


  52. autumn vanity

    ronnie is amazing in falling in reverse. i think he fits better there. craig is perfect in escape the fate! i love them both!<3(:

  53. Caleb Carter

    i liked "this war is ours" better :c they lost the crazy ass guitar

  54. Jessica Rosas

    exelente rola (Y) :D

  55. Zozo Faery

    the scream at the beggining was Max's

  56. er8002

    they both suck

  57. dynamitemonster360

    do u know when its gonna be released?

  58. Allstar564

    no. poop on you for saying that

  59. Giliver

    They still would have been better if Ronnie was with them:/ but unfortunetly that Wud never happen!

  60. ashley alaniz

    cant wait for their new album <3 <3

  61. Christian Carter

    thats exactly what i think bro (:

  62. randy johnson

    why did you kick my cuzen out of the band u know max.\

  63. Thy Holy Circle

    I dont think so... I like the 2 Bands but Ronnie has something in his voice, that is still better than Craig.

  64. rondeezy011

    ETF is ETf, and people need to realize Ronnie and the rest of ETF all moved on from this. The bickering is meaningless! You want to get technical Ronnie did this to himself for being a druggie. Stop glorifying him. He's paid for what he's done, and he's moved on, so should all of you. Enjoy ETF, and music for what it is, it's AWEOMENESS!

  65. Karla Valeria Mendez Gonzales

    fuck yeaa.!!

  66. Takell Graham


  67. hui.

    Failling in Reverse. HA, Im sorry, I had to. HAHA they fail in reverse.:3

  68. Dreginy Let's Plays

    Asking Alexandria is generic too :)

  69. Night Hawk

    eh i dont think so. I cant think of many bands that sound like them. I think shitty bands like Asking Alexandria are what you'd call generic. I respect your opinion though.

  70. Dreginy Let's Plays

    Generic is like the same as everyone else. Falling in Reverse doesn't really have their own sound, they're just another crappy generic scene post-hardcore band.

  71. Night Hawk

    what does generic meann?

  72. RockPelt321

    finally someone loves them all like i do :) you my friend, are awesome

  73. OhPrease

    finaly someone who has the same opinion as me lol your awesome :D

  74. Punk Morse

    max's scream at the begining.. mmm

  75. Dreginy Let's Plays

    I personally do like Craig in Escape the Fate. Anyone who says you're not a "real fan" of ETF just for liking a Craig over Ronnie is very immature.
    Anyway, Falling n Reverse is far too generic for my tastes though, I couldn't get into a single one of their songs :/

  76. Skyler G

    I know that everyones probably gonna hate me and say im not a "real fan" but personally i like escape the fate better with craig mabbot than ronnie, but i think ronnie fits falling in reverse and sounds more sick with them than ETF.
    anyone else think so or just me... ?

  77. Brandon Lowell

    Best out of them all i think

  78. NexisFilms


  79. Yato Cosplay

    i lose my mind ^^ lol xD

  80. TysonIsKetchy


  81. Demonology16

    I know how theyre spelled lol i just fucked up, i type to fast sometimes so i do it alot :P but thank u for clarifying

  82. Samuel L Jackson

    @xkatiebell Because they're grown, mature adults and the internet is full of mostly cynical, whiny douchebag

  83. Dreginy Let's Plays

    @skilletREDfan Forgot***

  84. Demonology16

    @skilletREDfan I already listen to them too lol

  85. Dreginy Let's Plays

    @Demonology16 *cough* you for The Word Alive *cough*

  86. Joel Hernandez-Romero


  87. Sevi G.

    <3 <3 <3 <3

  88. TysonIsKetchy

    @crazay99 i felt the heaviest was with ronnie it didnt have to have the guitars in it it could be so slow, but just his voice singing it felt raw dark and romantic

  89. TysonIsKetchy

    BEST ETF SONG since ronnie

  90. joeynyc321

    @crazay99 There self titled came after This War is Ours... and TWIO was a way better album

  91. Duncan Metcalfe

    I hope the next record is just as heavy or even heavier than the self-titled... This War Is Ours was kinda disappointing

  92. Bridgette Ghiloni

    @xkatiebell omg ! i know exactly what you mean ! fuckin A some people i swear haha

  93. aullaralaluna

    This song is the new ERA of Escape the Fate, Hope never again after the realease of this video song, somebody of us mention Ronnie Radkie who is a good singer, but I think is lost alone without support of this great band

  94. ramond baten

    Ronnie even said to patch up their differences as their new years resolution for 2012 people maybe you all should too

  95. oeufs717

    stfu, just stfu.

  96. Gustavo Balthar

    ETF is good doesn`t matter who is singing craig is good ronnies is good...but i don`t understand why so much hate for craig. a true etf fan keeps listening to the band but if you like ronnie more stop listening to etf and go for falling in reverse

  97. iTz Adzii

    Craig is badass.

  98. Jack Edge

    whut???? whut the fuuuu happened to max's hair D: looks like this kreppy girl that stairs at me on the bus to college. -__- drop the rock mops and get yo scremo hair back