Escape The Fate - Picture Perfect Lyrics

You lived your life like you were on fire
But how can I dance when your soul just lifted me higher and higher and higher?

Paint bleeds, ink runs, image of your love
Your memory, our history
(Why did you have to go?)

I'd give up my eyes to see you one last time
And I'd give all my fingertips to touch you
And I could paint you picture perfect even if I were blinded
But you have to die for me to see how to live

(For me to see how, for me to see how oh
For me to see how, for me to see how to live)

I lived my life hiding in shadows but now I can see
'Cause your soul is lifting me higher and higher and higher

Paint bleeds, I can't breathe, need you here with me
Close my eyes I can feel you close
(Why did you have to go?)

I'd give up my eyes to see you one last time
And I'd give all my fingertips to touch you
And I could paint you picture perfect even if I were blinded
But you have to die for me to see how to live

Angels fall
It's not your fault
Time goes on without you
Goodbye old friend
We'll meet again
Life goes on without you

(Why did you have to go?)

I'd give up my eyes to see you one last time
And I'd give all my fingertips to touch you
And I could paint you picture perfect even if I were blinded
But you have to die for me to see how to live

(For me to see how, for me to see how oh
For me to see how, for me to see how to live)

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Escape The Fate Picture Perfect Comments
  1. BM TH

    My fav music 2020 💔

  2. Autumn Nelson

    why did you have to go
    now I'm blind by depression
    I can not breath
    I can't not sleep
    I can't eat
    I can't see how to live
    there no one left to save me
    but I wont give up this time
    I'm sorry but I have to go
    because there is nothing left
    we bleed and we grind
    I might have to give up my life
    just to see how to live
    time will go on without me
    good bye my love
    even angels have to go
    not worry it's not your fault
    we will met agin
    the light lifts me higher and higher
    Now I'm blind
    by my past
    and my heart may be broken
    I still have a chance to live agin
    why did you have to go

    I'm trying to make my own song every like will get me to post it out into the public eye

  3. Patrick William

    I remember jamming this in summer 2013. Fuck time flies by too fast!!!

  4. xXx SLABBO xXx GT

    Yes people, you can buy teeth with money.

  5. Diana Teodora

    I'm still listening in 2020🤧

  6. Artur Melo

    Algum EMO q ainda escuta isso??

  7. emmanuel Bucio

    I just lost my dog yesterday.. R.I.P. Vader..

  8. Zachary Fischer

    This song is so underrated just like the band they should be so much bigger then this

  9. jakesigno

    I love Escape The Fate for reasons like this, they are so diverse. They have songs such as Ungrateful and This War Is Ours and on the other hand this song and something (the song)🤘🤘🤘

  10. Viper Strike Studios

    This song could be the song that plays right after the music video for "ungrateful"

  11. Tamara Louise

    I wanted to play this at my grandmother's funeral (the words were incredibly accurate to how she lived her life and how her death affected me)

    Unfortunately I was denied such a request. So my friends rocked up to the funeral with this song screeching out of their car windows.

    Thankyou for creating such a beautiful song

  12. Rimra Kadafi


  13. mrs D vapes 2 bfmv

    never a disappointment from this band very well put together escape the fate

  14. Daniel Telford-O'Donnell

    Played this at my son's funeral in 2015, he was 8 months old.

  15. Fariz

    Perfect song for "Your lie in April"

  16. Chris Farmer

    Miss you Jordan it's been a month since you left this world

  17. Maynara Ávila


  18. ROUBEX

    No es esta tampoco

  19. craig creeks

    angels fall its not your fault

  20. Mo Ren

    I miss you Dustin. Fly high my brother. 😭😭😭💔💔💔

  21. The Demonic Horseman

    Good song, but I’m not a fan of the singer's ears.

  22. alex sixx

    I saw a guy who almost looks like the lead singer at my cousin vanessas wedding

  23. I Am Batman l / Artist

    I i,m am still listing this song re mined of MCR sons its Helena did same way

  24. Colby fincvam


  25. Ansar Emchy

    Is the best song forever

  26. kaylin hill

    anyone getting helena vibes from mcr??

  27. Zero One

    Still got goosebumps listening to this 💕

  28. XxXxBloodyxRoseSpawnXxxX X

    Still here. Ireland 2019

  29. マリフォン


  30. street primo19

    I'm still listening in 2019 💔😪😪

    Jason Park

    same here

    Antonella Idk

    here i am, almost 2020

    Autumn Nelson

    2020 here

    Autumn Nelson

    I'm still here in 2020 as a teenager

  31. Bala & Nero

    This is so cool 👍😍

  32. MacGyver Ding

    We don't care what year you are watching.

  33. Mao Hero

    I've been watching their videos for quite sometime now and I see Slash playing the drum,thought Slash was actually a guitarist sad why do you have to this.. ;(

  34. Jeepers Creepers

    Still miss Monte&Mike in this band

  35. jacob manning

    Who is listing to this in 2019 2021

  36. dmc 550

    The song reminds me of my Nan. She died 2 months after this song came out and it broke my heart when I first listened to it. Why did you have to go? 💔

  37. sol

    2019? PH

  38. Chanira Miranda

    2019 anyone?

  39. Jeremiah Alvarado

    This reminds me of a friend who means very dear to me. Who was going through a tough time. Who didn't want me to see what she was going through. What i wouldn't do to see my sweet Lauren again someday💙😭💔 #imisshereveryday

  40. Pierce_This_Girl 188

    Oh my god, I still remember when this song came out and I first listened to it. The memories😍🖤

  41. Lunatula

    I had to put my cat to rest, I know it's not the same thing but still think of her when I hear this song..

  42. Io E

    my boyfriend died and i'd definitely give up my eyes to see him one last time

  43. Alexandria Sterling

    Today this song woke me up with to the bells at the start with a very strong heartache thinking of my loved ones that passed away love you brother grandpas and cousin you'll always be in my heart and mind. Miss you very much. 😭

  44. Ireine

    Even if i were blinded

  45. Eric

    Today on garbage people make garbage music

  46. Lillian melton!!!!!!

  47. Nully Takash

    Sofro toda vez que vejo

  48. Nully Takash

    Sofro toda vez que vejo

  49. Alexus

    Song breaks my heart every time

  50. InfernusACE

    This song fits Portgas D Ace perfectly.

  51. Classic Me

    2019 anyone?

  52. sierra springer

    I miss you Grandma, I know you are in a better place now

  53. ibom akhmad

    2019 anyone?

  54. Heartatracklover 123

    This reminds me of my aunt... I miss you Gena... 😭

  55. Tayler aqua

    I love these guys still my favorite band of all time, they're music will always be realateble on any level Craig completed the band when he joined and ever sense escape the fate has been and still is my go-to band for any occasion they have had a major impact on my life and I've bought all there CDs they are amazing

  56. KazuyaHimegami

    This song is so good <3 I've been listening to it so much these past few months. I love Escape the Fate

  57. battlefield reapers Official

    This is what played through my head when my girl killed her self cause this was our song😭😭😭😭

  58. Hardyaguila

    2019 lml

  59. Halo Rose

    To watch the innocent die in one person can cause others to live again, Watching an innocent struggle causes more death then life. Means there attempting to keep themselves truely innocent while going threw hell on earth. While other watch an start dying off. Innocent can only live watching others die at times, so they know the mistake others made an where not to, its called learning esp when its new grounds or territory there walking on.

  60. EXo ticz

    If i die
    This is the song i want 😭

  61. I gede nuwirtawan

    it's nice song make me remember my chemical romance _helena

  62. kukil Sarmah

    Who is listening in July 2019? Love from India 🇮🇳

    kukil Sarmah

    @RampageCupcakes Sad to hear that. May ur father's soul rest in peace 🕯️

    Pramit Karmakar

    Metalhead from India

    Rennrd Grant

    October 2019 🤘🏽

    Gelumdestroyer 93

    Pls don't shit in the streets

  63. Halo Rose

    There common sense written all over this!

  64. Jayshade X

    Why does this remind me of Helena from MCR?

  65. xXx SLABBO xXx GT

    Wonder what those teeth cost?

  66. Becca Boo

    Listening in 2019....this song got me through some hard times 💯 🔥🔥🔥💕💕

  67. Halo Rose

    Born dead not stupid! Code blue!

  68. Jesus

    Hope the neighbors like this one.

  69. Diana

    anyone who grew up listening to this song is a bad bitch now

  70. Colby fincvam

    tiffany=|×׶recharnggggggggggggggggggggge';calltag 2 ; raisondiddit as raisonnot reasondiddy fye

  71. Marleigh Agner

    2019 👌

  72. ryan Orris

    Evertime I hear this song I think about the problems me and my girlfriend are having atm

  73. gio sykes

    Still 2019 solid.

  74. Christopher Calhoun

    Honestly didn’t even know etf was still playing music, haven’t listened to any of their music since the first album they released after they dropped Ronnie and picked up Craig. Mostly because I am not much of a fan of Craig’s vocals, didn’t even like blessthefall until they lost Craig and nicked up bo. I don’t even know why. He can sing I’m not knocking his talent at all just my opinion.

  75. That one sad Honda

    Man shit just got real

  76. Ueles Alves


  77. Alex Macintyre

    Still here at 2019!!!!

  78. Süße_Valen _

    This is one of the saddest songs I ever heard

  79. Opened Bible

    I wouldn't be able to function if my passenger died and I lived

  80. Courtney Lee

    I cannot stop crying Everytime I hear this song.

  81. Shad3rEVO

    I would like to dedicate this song to my Grandpa Bill who just died about an hour ago...
    I love you grandpa, "why did you have to go?"

  82. blaZe a

    Life goes on without you dear friend....

  83. LJ Deyampert

    This video really messed me up. Super emotional song, and the video just.. Woo..

  84. Hanzo

    2019 and I'm still jamming to this.

  85. Kevin Apachito

    Band looks like Motley Crue 💯🤘

  86. frederick paul pecaña

    2019 anyone?

  87. Bart丶Anonymous


  88. Vance Black

    Miss my fiancee man..

  89. Alex Beer nongz

    I love you Escape the fate my Band hail forever 😊

  90. matrix Mathew

    Who is listening to this in 2019

  91. Yato

    Monte money (*) still love you in this band

  92. dawnmarie

    no there not theses guys are the best and if I can I would go to every concert

  93. Star Bim

    Kinda like My Chemical Romance’s Helena