Escape The Fate - Liars And Monsters Lyrics

How did this happen to me
I guess, I'm to blame
I'm laying faced down on the pavement and I'm full of pain
I just refuse to see
My mind is Anarchy
Anticipating and debating what is left for me
(Me, me, me)

I am a Liar
I am no model figure
I am a Monster
And I am ashamed
Call me the Devil
My name's what you prefer
I come on shameless
But I am ashamed
I am ashamed

I look for help
Can't find it anywhere
My own reflection is the one sight that I cannot bear
Look to the sky and find
Even the heavens cry
Anticipating and debating what is left to life
(Life, life, life)

I am a Liar
I am no model figure
I am a Monster
And I am ashamed
Call me the Devil
My name's what you prefer
I come on shameless
But I am ashamed
I am ashamed

(I am...)

I am a liar
I am no model figure
I am a monster
And I am ashamed
Call me the Devil
My name's what you prefer
I come on shameless
(I am ashamed!)

I am a liar
I am no model figure
I am a monster
And I am ashamed
Call me the Devil
My name's what you prefer
I come on shameless

But I am ashamed
I am ashamed!

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Escape The Fate Liars And Monsters Comments
  1. I. R.




  2. william webb

    I cannot shave my ass, but I am ashamed

  3. Innocent Sweetie

    This song really fits Kokichi Ouma from Danganronpa 3!!

  4. _The Yaoi Lover_

    This song is good

  5. Brennan Miles

    I think the proper lyrics are "I am not ashamed" after the original bridge.

  6. Levy Ackerman

    Still loving it💕always and forever 😌

  7. Lynn Fernandes

    Shameless El Cheapo.

  8. Draco Jensei

    Nice 2017

  9. jon morrow

    the fuck are you having me listen to, SUPER

  10. Zaen67Metalfull

    That intro reminds me of Deftones - My Own Summer

  11. Katherine Müller

    I found about this through an Ereri fan fiction

  12. AnaJungkookBts

    this music describes me alot same as bad blood

  13. MiketheCopticCalendar

    song fits me so well

  14. matteo

    ''Call me the devil ..but Im ashamed''

  15. Ruffly Nuttstainable

    I used to listen to this alll the damn time in 7th grade 😭 THE MEMORIESS.

  16. I'm On An Island Of Books

    ok who else thinks this is a nico song or like a dark!percy song

  17. Dev Ram

    I relate to this more than i want to.

    Vitaliy Flyak

    Dave R same


    I think we all do

  18. Harry The Ripper

    Joseph: I am no model figure..

    Says the man with a little boy attached to his arm. Don't tell him you're a monster. He might get scared and run to Anthony.

    Joseph: ...i am a monster though

    I give up on you

  19. RockOnRatchet95

    I am the only one who thinks that the melody of the first verse kinda sounds like the verses of Here To Stay by Korn?
    That was the first thing I thought of when I heard this.

  20. Odotawa Issaku

    I am so fucking glad Youtube suggested this song to me. This is one of my new faovrites for sure!

  21. Joshua Lozano

    i found this song from a John cena amv

    Farrah Claire Barry

    seriously??? what amv lol

  22. Shawn Spurlock


  23. monkii junk

    To me it seems like yet another cry for help... man.... I hope they change

    MonkeyBusiness 87

    +monkii junk Have you heard Hate Me yet? Very experimental musically for them. The lyrics are honest, some hate them and some love them. Honesty is what counts, though. This is a bonus track off the self-titled album so they have changed since this.

    If you like Hate Me then great! But if not then hopefully you gave it honest try with an open mind instead of the classic "I don't like the first few seconds so that means the rest of the songs will be like this" that gets used way too much these days.

    Have a wonderful day/night!

  24. Band Lyrics

    What did you use to make this

  25. Julian Arcala

    Craig first album with ETF was good, but this song and the rest of his album are just crap.

    MonkeyBusiness 87

    +Julian Arcala I disagree. Each album has had a different feel and shown the band maturing musically (not so much Ungrateful, but it was still a great album). 

    They have even said that TWIO was written too fast and they wish they would have taken the time to really flesh out certain ideas to make the album even better. It's a great album but in my opinion Craig's material with them after TWIO surpasses it musically.

    But at the end of the day we all have different tastes and opinions so let's just continue to rock out.

  26. MrAmen Lordi

    This music sounds good because of John 5

  27. Sonanelly

    Anywhere, anytime I can listen this music ! ♥

  28. Severina Majcica

    Found out for Escape the fate through Soul Eater AMV Gorgeous Nightmare, not feeling bad about it at all:D

    Dennis Glaser

    +Severina Majcica Soul Eater Fans for life

    UtahRaptor Scout

    Severina Majcica yeeeeoooo im not the only one? XD

    Z Z

    Severina Majcica Doesn't matter how you found them, as long as you listen! You can't not love these dudes

    Junko Enoshima

    Severina Majcica I found Escape The Fait through a danganronpa mep

    Frostee Fyre

    Woah same lol!

  29. Ruben Vega


  30. Katt AD

    cool lyrics.

  31. Yamino やみのOkami おかみ

    He doesn't say I am ashamed, he says I have no shame.

    Severina Majcica

    I respect others opinion, and in one point of view you're right, he looks like he doesn't care about others opinions, but it's the ''D'' that's obvious in ''ashamed''

    Yamino やみのOkami おかみ

    Many things that mean one ting in one language mean something else in another, In this case it means black in Japanese.


    Okami おかみ Yamino やみの so he says I come on shameless but I have no shame


    Sounds retarded doesn’t it

    micheal hoffstater

    Actually, in the song he never really states that he internally feels what he is doing is right(currently), but rather stating past actions and current sentiments of the aftermath of his previous behaviors. Let me put it this way: It would be pathetically redundant if the debated lyric is "but I have no shame", after stating he appears unashamed.
    On a side note, a speculation on my part would say that the 'protagonist' of this song may continue his duplicitous behaviors out of habit or not really feeling he can be salvaged anymore without outside intervention, but this feels more like his internal conflict fully dawned on him only recently.

  32. Pagan Fey

    i like the music just not his voice its girly XP

    Gamzee The Clown

    shut the fuck up this song is awesome!

    Aizen Sosuke

    @Pagan Fey Go check Justin Bieber out ^^

    Pagan Fey

    Hell nah

    \m/ Heretic Emo!!! \m/

    Panic At The Disco sucks xD

    Get Scared Fan

    arnold666heartagram agreed

  33. shirania james

    this song is who I am

  34. jhanice lumasoc


    Mary Kelleher

    what's illuminati? (sorry, i'm lame and don't know xD)

    Mary Kelleher

    @***** thanx

  35. jhanice lumasoc



    @jhanice lumasoc
    hello fucking retarded :)

  36. Stoned Umaruto

    I am a new convert to Escape the Fate Just bought Ungrateful these guys Fuckin ROCK! (Headbanging to music) 

    clay minami

    They have a very hectic past, but they're pretty on top of it now.
    Welcome to the family.

    Donnie VhanDarkö

    Personally, I think they were better when Ronnie was with them, but they're okay. You should check out Falling In Reverse, though, that's Ronnie's new band, you might like them.

    clay minami

    @Donavan Martinez I also preferred Ronnie. But they're by no means bad now.

  37. Mymy Vlogs

    this song sounds like me lol

    Chloe Delaina

    @miana smith Guess so. Lol.


    no it sounds like me

    Mymy Vlogs


    I love shane dawson


    _The Yaoi Lover_

    @I love shane dawson lol

  38. Kittycat

    I love these guys so much! Great song!


    Your absolutly right. Everyone is a monster. The question is. Are you gonna die a monster. Or a hero? Personally im at the point where i can go either way cuz I don't care anymore. I just wanna see blood.

  40. Gamzee Makara

    you dont understand the meaning, or you dont understand why the song is called liars and monsters?
    iv got an answer to both...

  41. Craig Gardner

    It sounds like Breaking Benjamin with the guitar :)

  42. Milos Đorđević


  43. kelley hinkle

    love this song :)

  44. Dahlia Is Bleeding


  45. Aurantiaca

    nice explanation

  46. SilentSuperman

    Notice after he says all of that, he says "I am ashamed"

  47. KittuKin

    what did they say? ;n;

  48. anyhelpbob

    Sorry about jumping in but you are entirely wrong. This song Has no supportive content of the Christian devil in any form. In fact it is negative towards such things. This is seen by the fact that the lyrics are stating shame at perceived wrongs he himself has committed and is using the "Devil" as a form of insult stating that you have the right to look at him and refer to him as this horrible being for what he has done. If he is a Puppet of Your Devil than Lucifer Needs a better supplier.

  49. hellokittyxsuicide

    @MegaBookWormGirl I know I have sinned but that is because of this world, you can believe what you want but truth is the truth and this band are not lord lovers maybe blasphemy but are puppets of the one they use to call Lucifer.

  50. hellokittyxsuicide

    @MegaBookWormGirl I do not affiliate myself with religion first of all little girl, i am just a believer in god. I am not judging no one only stating the truth which this band are worshippers and puppets of satan. Just look at their self titled album cover, it's full of satanic or what you may call 'illuminati' symbols

  51. MegaBookWormGirl

    Oh, okay, so you don't ever sin? Nice swearing by the way.
    If you want to look at this song that way then you could probably pay more attention to the "I am ashamed" parts. If you wanted to look at it that way, then it seems to me to be a plea for forgiveness, not boasting. Please stop trying to make the real Christians look stupid by claiming to be affiliated with us.

  52. hellokittyxsuicide

    "i am a liar, i am a monster, i am no model figure, call me the devil". Yep this is some satanic shit, i can't believe i was into this shit. Lord forgive me

  53. Michaela Marie

    As soon as I heard this for the first time I was like "Oh, my, I love this!"

  54. Monica Tice

    i love the text on this video lol

  55. LittleMissJam

    naw the other way around, but the voice sounds nothing alike, just this song guitar and lyrics a little

  56. LittleMissJam

    yea it did

  57. Severin Black

    My theme song

  58. Jennifer

    Are you calling us faggots? How old are you kid, you must have all his albums.
    To me, first impressions last forever. When he started being famous, I disliked him. To be honest, I don't know how he's doing now, but I still dislike him.
    BUT, what I hate more than Justin himself, are his fanbitches. They're fucking maniacs, #cuttingforbieber. Are you serious?
    If I were in his shoes, I'd do 2/3 of the population a favor by growing up first. He missed 80% of his childhood, which he can't get back.

  59. Jennifer

    Or Breaking Benjamin sounds like Escape The Fate?

  60. Shipmate Dwight

    Craig Mabbit.

  61. agito brunat

    who is singing this?

  62. Yuki loves cookies

    22 people can go fuck jb !!!!! this song represents what is inside of everyone and if you cant realize it, then you are not worth it...... everyone is a monster inside, but no one wants to admit it !!!!!!! :/

  63. DragonMasterThlayli

    My book character's theme song lol

  64. Shade

    "call me the Devil" seems like thats all I'm called...And I'm a fuckin Naturalist...

  65. Cyclone

    jeezus have an open mind ppl, i know what he means, the intro riff sounds bit similar to "so cold:" by BB. fuck.

  66. The Evil

    I noticed it too, tis' quite sad!

  67. Conor Slatz

    Not gonna lie the intro totally did

  68. xXAliceOctoberXx

    I know what you mean at the beginging :) so dont feel bad

  69. Hiane Hime

    I kind of agree as far as the instrament goes it sounds similer to breaking benjamin however the Vocal is very diffrent
    Still a pretty good song

  70. jessy b

    Exactly how I feel...

  71. Holy Logos

    My favorite song.

  72. Holy Logos

    Yeah i guess i could see where you're coming from but i would have to disagree.

  73. Sigh xo

    This sounds like Justin Bieber.

  74. Hedaya Chloe

    Actually, in a way, it kinda does.

  75. canteraseme

    yeah, XD,

  76. Joshua Palmer

    i know; i just get down with this "new" escape the fate; no offense but, it's wack!!

  77. Joshua Palmer

    wow; escape the fate; changed; i remember listening to them when they first came out; talking to max green; ronnie radke; omar espinoza; now i can really say if i "like" or "hate" this music; i don't really hate any music.

  78. canteraseme

    what tells me you're not lying about the first part?,

  79. landingjax

    wow talk about harsh, fyi the opening guitar riff to this track sounds pretty damn close to the opening riff sooner or later from breaking benjamin its not note perfect but they are using the same scales. so vinnie87292 isn't exactly wrong now, is he. let alone retarded

  80. tabby sixx

    I don't see the LOVE button

  81. xThisismylife13x

    This is me...

  82. Donna .D

    in love with this song <<

  83. CindyCholletSixxBiersack damonjonas

    MY FAVORITE SONG !!!!! *In Love* <3 o <3

  84. kaylee starr

    are you on drugs or something this sounds NOTHING like bb

  85. AS12345

    it just rock

  86. Sam&Family

    You must be deaf and cant tell between the two bands. They sound nothing alike.

  87. Lily Estelle

    This is my official theme song <3 kida describes me life...

  88. Justin Soliday

    uhh what does it matter if it sounds like another band? honestly, I mean really I don't see any of you guys making music (honestly I don't know any of you guys XD) but still whether their stuff sounds like another band or not obviously they are doing something right because you guys keep listening to them. :)

  89. Optimus11221

    This song = My life story

  90. Kaydn Draper

    The guitar sounds like breaking benjamun and i know music,so dont say im retarded eirher please

  91. Storm Walker

    Actually if you listen to the beginning, there is a similarity. But it stops when the lyrics come along.

  92. vinnie87292

    finally someone gets what i was trying to say

  93. Xan1238

    idk, it sounds a slight bit, not a lot, like breaking benjamin, i mean there is a similarity with this song with the music style i think

  94. Rebecca Dowis

    There's a long line of Shizophrenia in my family, on my father's side whom I've never met... I'm Schizoid, though they say it's a personality disorder, if you do the research it's clearly a schizophrenic spectrum.