Escape The Fate - Apologize Lyrics

Calling 911 fuck a 411
I'm a little too late and a lot undone
See the blood is real but the knife is fake
I'm a little too tired but I'm wide awake
Check check 1 2 3 can anybody hear me
Fuck a microphone, I'm on my own
I see their glances and stares but I don't care

Forget about all the things that you told me,
Advice that you sold me
Yea! I checked out
So strung out they say I'm pretentious,
My life is infectious,
Still I won't apologize

I'm callin up a shrink for a thought to think
I'm a little far gone and my heads all wrong
See my soul is dead but my minds alive,
Gotta kill, kill, kill just to survive vive, vive
I called the doctor, called the priest
I called the big man asked about the big plan
All that he could say was its too late for me
But I don't fuckin care!!

Forget about all the things that you told me,
Advice that you sold me
Yea! I checked out
So strung out they say I'm pretentious,
My life is infectious,
Still I won't apologize

I've lost my head,
Like the walking dead
I won't make amends,
I won't apologize

Forget about all the things that you told me,
Advice that you sold me
Yea! I checked out
So strung out they say I'm pretentious,
My life is infectious,
Still I won't apologize
I won't apologize,
I won't apologize

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Escape The Fate Apologize Comments
  1. Yozoras World

    This should've been on the official Ungrateful album. Fucking badass! \m/

  2. Kolby Massengale

    Anybody else hearing a little bit of nu metal in the verses?

  3. Chris Mabbitt

    fuck you guys for giving japan these amazing songs:/ losing control is amazing too

  4. Jongup Moonie

    Are they popular in the jrock scene?

    Andrew Wilson

    Uhh..dude if you want to get started and well known as a metal band is pretty known to go to Japan first since they LOVE American rock/metal/heavy metal. So yes they are. A LOT of metal bands release Japanese Deluxe Versions

  5. My Ex Demise

    do they play in japan

  6. Abel

    The drums are amazing!

  7. Sam Whitehead

    Are there any other songs that etf has excluded us from?


    Sam Whitehead originally make up

  8. Per Anders

    But how did you correctly do the Japanese account on iTunes. Like goddamn.

  9. VampieGames

    1:46 I love the walking dead reference, Craig is a big fan of TWD so I'm guessing it's intentional! :D

    João Antonio

    VampieGames I did not hear anything related to TWD

    Shadow Dormin

    @João Antonio "I've lost my head, like the walking dead"

  10. FallenGhost Williams

    Anyway you could send me the iTunes version of the song? I already bought the album, but didn't know there was a Jap. version of it Xc

  11. waddupdudes

    This is a really good song. I loved Escape The Fate for a really long time. People need to get over that this was an exclusive track for Japan. I'm sure they had a good reason for that.

  12. a7xfan209

    no idea why this wasn't on the album instead of desire or chemical love! those were the fillers imo

    dark star

    @NoMan No true I forgot, but my point remains true :p

    NoMan No

    It does. & I always buy deluxe albums for a few extra dollars, that's why I was so disappointed this wasn't even on the U.S. deluxe.

    Matt Hoover

    "Desire" was not bad..

    Chris Mabbitt

    a7xfan209 chemical love is good
    Desire and risk it all were fillers for me. Id rather have this and losing control


    Japan are more advanced thats why

  13. Nail

    If this is like a Japanese exclusive track, I want a music video of them as anime characters x3

    Jennifer Poole

    Omg, same! <3 xD

    Yajaira Jacquez

    I would totally see that XD

  14. Sassy Min-seok

    I didn't even know this existed but its awesome! Why did Japan get this but not us :(

  15. TysonIsKetchy

    2:46 reminds me of the black parade


    I thought that too (:

    Jake Wolf

    +TysonIsKetchy Me To

  16. swanny3214

    Exclusive' :D just a tip

  17. ARKF19

    I agree with the guy the said a couple of posts before it does sound like with a similar melody like dying is your lastest fashion.

  18. Forget your Vanity

    I could live if we didnt get this on the american...but couldnt we of got one morr hard rock track on the deluxe..the 3 deluxe tracks we got where so soft(not bad songs I just wanted one more head banger)

  19. scoop dee dee poop

    Etf just wanted to make up for the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in WWII by giving Japan an exclusive that's all:)

  20. Anthony Frost

    Sound like this would of been on dying is your latest fashion

  21. greg symanski

    The ending sounds a bit like MCR.

    Halseh Conata

    greg symanski yea

  22. Cameron

    Okay so first I went into my regular Itunes account and changed my region to Japan. I then went on a site and purchased a Japanese Itunes card. (They emailed me the code once the payment went through). I then created an account on the newly changed region Itunes and entered the gift card code into payment method. From then on i was able to buy anything i liked :). There are tutorials online.

  23. JasonGuitarHand

    DAMN YOU JAPAN. >:( I love this cover more then the Deluxe or Standard! it rocks!! AND THIS SONG IS BADASS

  24. ILoveHerLikeBurnFire

    I love Japan, and this what I said is NOT sarcasm.

  25. Holy Logos

    Yes you are.

  26. Spidey

    Am I the only person who realizes this sounds similar to the style of Dying Is Your Latest Fashion?

  27. Jonathan O'hara

    I didn't get why japan got an exclusive song yet but thats okay, I've bought this song already.

  28. Jonathan O'hara

    go to their official website. I've bought my deluxe version there ^^

  29. hotnheavy

    Why the Fuck does Japan get exclusive bands come from fucking America!!!! Usa!!! The states want bonus songs!

  30. Cowell

    I agree, its cos they worked with john feldmann on them

  31. MrZz108

    Only japan gets this? You're listening to it, aren't you? Just download this.

  32. 2 Payments of $19.95

    Meh. I already bought the deluxe bundle of their album and also bought it on iTunes. I think I'll just pirate the one extra track instead of going through that hassle, thanks anyway.

  33. Herberts Sucker

    This and I Alone are soooooooo damn good.

  34. Cameron

    I mean original as in the first person to upload :)

  35. ILoveHerLikeBurnFire

    Yes, your upload is original when compared to upload which includes same song as in this video, but ONLY if that same song is ripped from your video. :)

  36. ILoveHerLikeBurnFire

    Original upload of the song? Yeah, I know why that stands there and I can see that some songs here are not original ones, they are ripped from YouTube video (see sound quality)

    You are the first one who released this song on YouTube, I guess, but it does not mean that song on my video is not original. Snuff said.

  37. Rin

    Why does Japan always get the best stuff

  38. Cameron

    I've seen Ebay with a few copies :)

  39. wrestlingpunk94

    I hate Japan!!! they always get awesome exclusive songs!

  40. César Zanabria

    wow, it's fucking amazing lml

  41. Cameron

    Make a Japanese Itunes account and you can buy it if you want top quality. Let's support the band :)

  42. secondrest

    can upload and sendme the link please )?

  43. 2 Payments of $19.95

    hey, mind sending me this song?

  44. Holy Logos

    Pretty good!

  45. ILoveHerLikeBurnFire

    I meant physical album* Lol

  46. ILoveHerLikeBurnFire

    You can buy physical CD which includes this song from CDJapan, so, I guess it's not hidden from any fans. At least, I knew about this song 2 days after this song got released.
    Oh, I am not American, I live in Europe :)

  47. Jeffrey Stewart

    Why don't us American fans get this song?