Escape The Fate - Alive Lyrics

Locked up I’m held so tight, this place is dark and dirty
I’ve been here too many times, my private purgatory
Cry out but no one answers, silence consumes my mind
Another morning after a truth I can’t deny (a truth I can’t deny)

When the stars are falling, and worlds collide
You feel like you won’t survive
I’m bruised and broken, but I’m hanging on
As long as I am alive

You say I’m so deluded, you say that I am blind
You say that I will never seek nor will I find
I say you’ll never know me, you are no friend of mine
I’m gonna fuck you up and set your world on fire

When the stars are falling, and worlds collide
And you feel like you won’t survive
I’m bruised and broken, but I’m hanging on
As long as I am alive

Stars are falling, and worlds collide
And you feel like you won’t survive
I’m bruised and broken, but I’m hanging on
As long as I am alive

When the stars are falling, and worlds collide
You feel like you won’t survive (feel like you won’t survive)
I’m bruised and broken, but I’m hanging on
As long as I am alive

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Escape The Fate Alive Comments
  1. Robot Alien

    Escape the Fate is IMPOSSIBLE to find obnoxious. I wouldn't mind if they released an inappropriate hit song. Nigga, that's what I like to hear from ETF.

  2. Robot Alien

    I regret getting sick of hearing this song. It's really awesome.

  3. Nick Walker

    This song is addicting.

  4. Games Bond

    Craig Mabbitt needs more fame.

  5. Nadine

    This guys a bit chubby :3 mumma Likey haha i love them! i loved them before and i still do..this is what a good Band should be able to do. Staying in minds.

  6. TaraLynn Johnson

    Is it weird a Kpop idol is writer? O.0

  7. Fat Chocobo

    Good song. Absolutely horrible video. The one I had made in my head years ago is much more simple, but lots nicer.

  8. Abdullah Abu Sayeed

    Robert's like what the hell is going on???

  9. Wills Children

    Ronnie was way better than the new singer

  10. Emos Came First And Than The Earth


  11. I Make Weird Band Edits

    I never realized that Jade Ealy is the girl on the wheel omg

  12. albert traje

    Can we spot the difference in music video between this and Devil and I by slipknot ?

  13. I Make Weird Band Edits

    "I've been here too many times" me too Craig. I find myself listening to this song too many times

  14. Ashish Maharana

    Where the fuck is the bassist in this awesome music video? BTW you've come a long way ahead Craig keep it up man

  15. Impending Doom

    Ronnie forever

  16. Metal Covers

    2:00 Why did they shoot a bow at the Native American guy huh...

  17. HarleyInDamn

    TJ looks delicious in the mv

  18. motionless Lopez


  19. Aaron overkill

    A lot of people hate Craig but I've always liked his music since bless the fall.

  20. Esme Chavarria

    Can't find one song I hate by them! Their amazing ❤

  21. Hayley Miller

    this is one of the best escape the fate songs ive heard i love it so much its stuck in my head now but that's a good thing

  22. Connor Hall

    god damn i love this song

  23. xXlove BandsXx

    Why is Craig so attractive underwater

  24. Adrian Villanueva

    Where is the Bass?

    BTW... Awesome FUCKING SONG
    THIS ROCK lml

  25. Emily Thomas

    max green was a good bass player

  26. Christian Grimes

    I hate to say it but Thrasher has better guitar solos than Monte...

  27. D.D, Brooks

    You say I'm so deluded... the way he sayd that..... just damn

  28. Amelia Smith

    The blonde lady was in home n away lol

  29. Ivy Hollis

    This song gave me hope when i was in a wreck and on bedrest for 2 months

  30. #방탐 소년들Kelly

    love 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀♥

  31. #방탐 소년들Kelly

    love 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀♥

  32. Sterling Ross

    Slash still drumming

  33. Kimipotpot

    have been known all the music videos of ETF, but i never said that the music videos are well directed and the concepts are so freakin great and awesome.

  34. Daniel Essex

    I'm freaking amazed by all this an thank you evil Angel it would never have bwen noticed without you

  35. GoukenslayWAO

    why does craig look like billy ray cyrus in black in white close up

  36. Cristian Bâgiu

    it's not good

  37. Mikhaylo Novak


  38. Cletusdaddy

    Never really got into these guys, but this is insane. Just not a fan of the guitar "solo" at the beginning or after the chorus. Felt like they just threw it in there.

  39. Foreverdreamingcorpse

    I love this band but the only problem is there really badley auto tuned they should turn it down abit

  40. daniel ellis

    the really love the pitch shifts in his voice at the end

  41. Shikari Fox

    Should be the Supernatural theme.

  42. Jonathyn Fredriksen

    the girls are so hot

  43. ross frame

    Escape the Fate - Alive song it makes me feel like that when i wake up from a bad dream and i know i am alive

  44. robison87

    I wish I could sing underwater.

  45. Dina Farrakhova


  46. junyi su

    good,i hear alterbridge.

  47. taylor Frazier

    love the trad bow slick as hell big shocker from escape the fate

  48. The Lifeless Worm

    I didnt listen to escape the fate after ronnie left bcoz i found the music intimidating and scary and now im like "Me loveeeees this!"

  49. Fallen x FreaK

    i still think monte was more creative.

  50. Angelica Poblete Nickel

    la wea buena

  51. Jaime lazaro sanchez

    super chingona la rola

  52. Cheyenne Kiziah

    does anyone see his face when she takes the suunglasses off


    "who You are to touching my glasses?" 😂😂

  53. Jesús Armas

    These guitars are creating an orgasm to my ears! Amazing music

  54. Jermaine Riley

    Thanks Peavey for helping me discover this song

  55. Jerry Jangostar

    I miss Bryan and Max so much

  56. Bryant Barboza

    Thrasher looks like the love child of Synyster Gates and Pete Wentz

  57. itsjay

    I'm addicted to this song

  58. Raven Box

    Awesome bruh

  59. Justin DiNapoli

    Anyone else here from the YouTube ad?

    Nathan Ritter

    TheJollyPoptart yup

  60. Lauri Butt

    Had this song booming all the way on my road trip last summer... 😎

  61. Baatty Baatty

    OMG ...So emo, so me

  62. Fernanda Paredes Zepeda


  63. Offizieller Kanal von Doggen - Tee ™

    Music: You want a Battle, here's a war, Video: Alligator Blood

  64. Maddy

    Holy shit I remember the exact moment they released this music video and how much I loved it and now its already been a year?! That's crazy.

  65. Andressa Rangel Bundy

    Such a great song. wheres Max Green? Go back to Falling in reverse.

    Snyder Ds

    Max Green is in a new band "Violent New Breed"

    xXlove BandsXx

    He went back for a while but u know things happened

    Andressa Rangel Bundy

    Thanks guys

  66. Atem-Alejo

    WTF do craig with ETF?? with reason matt and the guitar player left.

  67. Megan H

    I am in hell right now....

  68. Bandsxx

    Alligator Blood anyone?

  69. kirstin dallas

    i live this song

  70. skyeirene •

    Loved this!

  71. GCJossan

    I just ordered Hate Me and Escape The Fate! :D
    Really wanted This War Is Ours to... but couldn't find it :(

  72. Kerry Tropasso

    345 females disliked it. XD I don't like it either....... I LOVE IT!!!

  73. Isis Prior

    i freaking love craig's voice

  74. Mert Dede

    ömer yiğit büyükgüngörün aq

  75. Johnnie Marquez

    who TF are these guys?! haha, it's so weird to see what ETF is now

  76. Penelope Views

    They can do their magic on me when ever they want

  77. Mr.Jack

    Sound like the band red !

  78. Saurav Deb

    come to India guys 😁


    how did i even find this song???


    Fkn love this song, played it on the road trip to new Mexico :')

  81. SlickRick

    who else beside me thinks that Robert Ortiz is one of the most underated drummers and deserves for recognition?

    Archon Begnoche

    SlickRick boi he looks like slayer

    Nick Walker

    He needs a better Wiki Page. I tried lookin him up and all I got was minor info about him within the band itself.
    But yea, hes a badass.

  82. chloe smith

    at the start the mask look like  bvb masks

    Ebony Horn

    chloe smith that's what I thought

    xXlove BandsXx


    Fandoms Forever


  83. cubs203

    I didn't even know they made a new album. It's almost been a year lol.

  84. Joe Drew

    It's better guitarist bryan money

  85. Rory Philbrick

    this would be a great song for homestuck

  86. william williams

    if Nickelback was injected with awesomeness and merged with Avenged Sevenfold, theyd be something like this

    Living in False Eyes

    Dude I don't know what drugs you're on right now but I fucking want some

    william williams

    Haha haha ik the comment was for shits and giggles

    Shikari Fox

    The more metal tracks of NB are pretty darn heavy.

    william williams

    @Shikari Fox yes they are

    Shikari Fox

    Million Miles an Hour, Get 'Em Up and Feed the Machine are the heaviest they've done in years, minus This Means War, which is heavy metal. People hate on them for the wrong reasons, now hopefully the hate will move onto Linkin Park so they make songs for both the heavy and soft music likers.

  87. Larissa Lenton

    Urg I love Escape The Fate but I can't see them on tour when they're in Australia because I'm 16 😢😢😢😢

  88. d3sync_TV

    Literally every song on Hate Me could be on the radio. Mainstream music though.. unless you're Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, or Five Finger Death Punch, you're usually shit out of luck. I have actually heard 'The Road' by Asking Alexandria and 'This probably won't end well' by All That Remains on the radio before. They like to keep that mindset going for casual listeners that all metal is incoherent growling.

  89. Vada Campbell

    So who is in the band right now?!?? I know Craig and Robert, man how can they respect of the listeners if they don't even care enough to try their damnedest to make it work with the band before giving up on it! I mean they have changed members more than most bands do their whole career in a matter of a couple years!?! The music isn't bad, but no one is going to waste their time if they don't think it will be worth while!

  90. Kötüleştiren Şarkılar

    Nice intro!

  91. Tim Owens

    Keep the metal alive

  92. Tim Scotty

    I think Craig Mabbitt is a much better and more talented vocalist than Ronnie Radke. Much more talented

    xXlove BandsXx

    Voice In the background:this is not true

    Christina Cooley

    Good for you. They are both talented artists. Escape The Fate wouldn't chose a singer without talent. Both singers created good music.


    Wtf you people talking about craig more talented? Are you blind or deaf?? RONNIE'S VOCALS ARE not compare this GOD of music Ronnie to anyone else


    who ask you pinche pajuo

    Angelika Padilla

    Rougarou Cajun shut up you don't know what ronni bine through do you

  93. Alex_in_wonderland21

    i kinda miss Tj on bass he was one of my many idols when i first startes playing