Erykah Badu - Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY) Lyrics

Get Munny [4x]

Can't turn me away
I believe in your heart
I'll always want to stay [2x]

Eww can't lie to you honey
I just want your money
Hi answer me Munny
Don't run from me trying to
Get away just stay ok
Cause Munny I want you back
La la la la

I look like a model
I'll do what I gotta do
to stay in the running cause I want your money
Give me some
I'll be the one back stage
cause Munny I want you back
La la la la

Can't turn me away
I believe in your heart
I'll always want to stay [4x]

I'll wait on your doorstep
Till you let me come in
Hey I'll be your best friend
Say Munny can you come out and
play I'll stay or I'll come back
Cause Munny I want you back
La la la la

Fresher than the others
I'll cook like your Mother
I I'll bring the honey
You just bring the money
Fingers crossed behind my back
Cause Munny I want you back
La la la la

Can't turn me away
I believe in your heart
I'll always want to stay [4x]

Jewels Cars and Candy Clothes
Electric garden hose
Down to the minerals
Tickle tickle before stroke
I love your solid golds
I love your pearly ball
You know that I am still
just how you want to feel

Ewww uh oh
Dropped your mind
Scooped it up
Put it in my sock
I'll be your robot girl
Come into me my world
I will wait

Ewww weee boy
let me drop ya off
I'm your predator hey
Cause Munny I want you back
La la la la

Can't turn me away
I believe in your heart
I'll always want to stay [4x]

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Erykah Badu Turn Me Away (Get MuNNY) Comments
  1. Sahara

    If you’re ever too tired to wake up and hop in the shower this is the song to play man haha

  2. Cynthia Ward

    I’m addicted to this version and song.

  3. Leonard Clay

    This is a nice remake paying homage to the original and the artist that sampled it.

  4. POP 1079

    Get mummy 👂🔊🎶🎶

  5. BrazilWorld

    Reminds me Beyoncé - Love On Top

  6. Mikaela Pough

    it’s this remix that this dude on Instagram made and I’m tryna find it😭 it was fye can someone help me

  7. Dina Tesfaye

    Idk why this song makes me so happy

  8. Taj The Great One

    I just heard this on The Fake Tyhree's channel.

  9. Nala Smith

    This song is either about a hoocker or someone selling their soul.


    Please take the corny "get money" out.. It's very bland,and awful

  11. Str8Chillin

    please don't judge me Ill do the butterfly and Tootsie Roll cuzz I want your munny.-#♏

  12. Luther Lubi

    This religion is Baduizm. Period.

  13. Sugakookie and Tae

    When I was 7 years old my mom had this CD and she blasted this song everywhere. Now I'm 15 and I'm a kpop fan and when she put it on in our old car, I cried of nostalgia

  14. BasedeDatos -

    She should've been in that Junior Mafia track, doing those sweeet voices!

  15. Lee Oscar Brown

    Great song good rythem and style composed good

  16. dtissy t


  17. dtissy t

    Lie to ya hunny i just want your $$$#💰💰💰🔭📖🔥🔥🔥

  18. hawd fangaz

    Who wouldnt trade munny for hunny, THIS Sweet...??!?
    shiddd, thats why we even HAVE munny! Lets DO it!

  19. Priscilla Noble

    Still love this :)

  20. Xen Yung

    I always felt like nicki shouldve been on this track 😢

  21. Towana Goodman

    This song is so funky.

  22. Buckingham Boyce needs a too short verse!

  23. Kathrine Leith

    Was in Geneva when this first came out. Love the whole album x

  24. RBRT WVR Jr.

    Gold Digging?

  25. Lee O. Brown

    good song amazing snoop Dogg on this track would've been the shit but it's good by itself

  26. Skip Harv

    If you pay close attention she is actually singing THREE SONGS at one time. The Sylvia Stripling (original), Jr Mafia (sample), and her interpolation.
    A perfect combination

    Maximilian Goodwin

    Skip Harv the band though..


    Maximilian Goodwin yes!!!! 🙌🏿

    TeErica Wallace

    Yes I just heard the original song by Sylvia Stripling

  27. Amy Sahli

    Best version of Get Munnay.

  28. Daily Trends

    "I'll bring the honey, you just bring the muney"!!😂😂😂

  29. Mercedes Reid

    💖 my fgm

  30. Noah Hughes

    Found this by accident on Spotify ... can't stop listening to it!

  31. Gabrielle Gamble


  32. Gabrielle Gamble


  33. Gabrielle Gamble

    my summer song.

  34. tiffany briddell

    I love this soong😁😁😍😍

  35. Yuri muckraker

    great song! nice to have quality R&B again. a friend of mine was playing this on her radio show, and then played Jr.Mafia's get money, and nice to read Badu took that song to make this one lol

    Angela Sahin

    Sylvia striplin. Original song back in the 70s. Check it out!

  36. Chris Johnson

    I listened to this CD trippin on mushrooms one night and the picture changes forms. Not to mention the music was out this world!!! There's an underlying meaning in this CD.


    @Patrice Scott lmfao has nothing to do with it she just will do anything for money

    Patrice Scott

    @mazda3294 I'm sure that has everything to do with it. You don't have to do anything for money when you're a high priestess. Speak it up..sing it up... It's's majik


    ​@Patrice Scott lmfao its not that deep sis lmfao

    Patrice Scott

    @mazda3294 lol.. Im sure it is.. You must forgot who we talking about..her music deep af if you get it

    chris spann

    If DMT ever finds you many of her slow/jazzy songs are so beautiful.

  37. Queenscourt

    This song makes me prepared to start a new day.

  38. Cashmere Palace

    thunder on the bass!!

  39. Ally Stoeckle


  40. Pablo Rafael

    Erykah negra linda o meu deus como ela e linda

  41. Gary Thompson

    listen after work and your favor what ever

  42. turtle1smith

    so funky love it

  43. Christenn Harris

    wgn 1 7043 u

  44. D. Snelson

    "Ooh yeah, boy. Lemme drive yo car"
    Fuckin love Badu

  45. Brenda Anderson

    money I want U back gimme me some 💘💘💘✌✌✌✌✌✌

  46. christinarichards6

    my shit right here 💯👌 #teambadu

  47. Kevs Stream

    Fuck bitches get $$$

  48. Dr. Jé

    /.Oppps dropped yo knot

  49. Johana hajkova

    It*s fain, la la lalala

  50. Peter Brown

    Another Peter Brown Bass Line Bass Sample check it out

  51. Tanya Hicks

    I love this song it rockd

  52. 2pacWifey3

    Can't turn me away 😏🙌🙆🏻

  53. D3IM2NTEII

    This song makes me happy.

    Rodrigo Carneiro

    me three

    joejoe buckzz

    Rodrigo Carneiro me four lol

    Leanda Swann

    Me five (doing the happy dance) 💃🏽🕺🏾

    Amir parker

    D3IM2NTEII yep

    Amir parker

    D3IM2NTEII me six

  54. Paco

    Get MuNNY

    Nicholas Rodriguez

    Lasha Paco with a Tupac profile pic, gold!

  55. Rich Tonez

    this my shit omg

  56. Cloudtwenty2

    Lol story of my life

  57. Q O

    This song cracks me up lmao

  58. Luther Lubi

    This is Roy Ayers....

    August Alexander Alvarez

    Sylvia Striplin, actually.


    +August Alexander Alvarez Sylvia Striplin song produced by Roy Ayers lolol.

    August Alexander Alvarez

    Oh lol, my bad there's an app called "who sampled who" or something like that and Sylvia popped up instead of Roy.


    Nah I'm just foolin with ya'll only suuuper music junkies would refer to this song as a "Roy Ayers Produced Sylvia Striplin track" lolol 

  59. Derek thrower


  60. Broderick Daniel

    My shit right here

  61. kingofdaundaworld

    Most people know it from the junior mafia album but it's actually a dead on replay of the 80's song can't turn me away. Beast. Spiritually visually vocally an lyrical. " I look like a model" damn right.

  62. Samuel Reed

    This song reminds me of somebody... "fingers crossed behind my back" lol!!!

  63. karriem b

    She changes vibrations throughout the album and right before the song comes on, you can hear her tuning us all in..... Exceptional artist shout out to the black goddesses out there I love you


    lol she is a woke thot.

    hawd fangaz

    Those are the BEST kinds!
    Shes got the correct mix of wokeness and ratchetness.
    May she ALWAYS have what she needs!

  64. soulquarian69

    Publishing companies sure know how to fuck up a spontaneous moment...all cause I don't live in the muthafuckin U. S. & fuckin A? So now, I gotta go look for my bumbaclatt Erykah album, pop the damned CD in my PC so I can listen to one jam! Fuck all this shir


    +soulquarian69 You that lazy...?

  65. soulquarian69

    Bullshit copyright laws! I just wanna hear the fuckin' jam!!

  66. bobx75000

    Original song: sylvia striplin "you can't turn me away"

  67. james shaw

    Just love and Love this track

  68. wydeline m

    so dope !
    i'm addicted

  69. Deena Braxton

    THE JAM !!!

  70. deborah blackman

    ooh utoh dropped your knot scooped it up put it in my sock. I love that part! but that's how it is! don't drop it if you need it!

  71. sophienix

    love it! great track :)

  72. Deemixesalldayy 512

    i wish my voice sounded like hers

  73. derrick dunn

    Ginger Williams dedicate this to the broke fools out here.

  74. MsCharlieBrown78 (Charlie Rae)

    Excellent stuff.. nice to see shes still on top form

  75. RAMLIA1

    ♥ ♥ ♥

  76. 94poundcake

    I said the SAME. THING. lol smh

  77. Kuziai

    booooooooooooom shaka laka

  78. iceffb

    biggie get money

  79. Alcaeda Slow Beatmaker

    2pac? hit em up? xd

  80. King Tut

    She did a good job remaking Sylvia Striplin's Can't Turn Me Away.

  81. Miss Essia

    I like Ms Badu, and this is a nice cover, but it is not a patch on the original by Sylvia Striplin

  82. PhyrFlyy612

    5 ppl don't know what good music is...smh...turn off dat lady gag gag!!!

  83. Jerome cremers

    Best bridge I've ever heard. This-love-is-che-mi-cal, e-lec-tric-par-ti-cles

  84. Sonwabile .Jiphethu

    good question actually, even the whole water drop thing above the sky

  85. N/A


  86. Avinash Daryanani

    always play this tune in my sets.. nice sped up a few notches

  87. dionne barron

    what does the front out hr album cover exactly mean....three moons? its very interesting. raw talent.. i love u girl

  88. goddessnoire

    she combined two samples of the same song into one song...dope

  89. FenderRhodesService

    B..B..Bootsy Baby !

  90. Marshawn U.


  91. Millicent Cunningham

    @kage4evanescence I know. I feel the same when I hear songs that take me back to my childhood or teenage years. Life aint no punk. Erykah always makes it better though.

  92. Malanya Graham

    Been in love with this woman since yoof. <3

  93. Malanya Graham

    @tjw1616 I'd make Ms. Badu my wife and I'm a lesbian. *shrug*

  94. JulysVery0wn

    "OoWee Boy Lemme Drive Your Car !." lol i Love that part