Erykah Badu - Rimshot (Intro) Lyrics

[1] - I wanna my rim shot, hey, digi, digi
A rim shot, hey, c'mon
I wanna my rim shot, hey, digi, digi
A rim shot, hey, c'mon
I wanna my rim shot, hey, digi, digi
A rim shot, hey, c'mon
I wanna my rim shot, hey, digi, digi
A rim shot, hey, c'mon

I came to hear the band today
I ain't thinking about you
I came to hear my drummer play
I am in love with you
Cause of the things you do to me
When you boom-klat-boom-klat

[Repeat 1]

Give it to me, give it to me....

Get your stick up against that drum
I wanna hear it
I want my rim shot

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Erykah Badu Rimshot (Intro) Comments
  1. Krzysztof Gąszewski

    In those days I have listened this album hundreds times.

  2. Virgo Aries

    I love how at the beginning it melts the baduuu badduuuu badduuuu egotripic from hiphop to a tribute to miles Davis. Oh I love her sooooo much this Witch. 🤪


    It is her own little


    And don't be a pimp, brother. That shit ain't cool.

  3. Jazzyal53

    Kind of .... Badu ;P Man do i love that song :D

  4. Charles Marcus

    I like the Badu intro.I got this CD the day I graduated high school.

  5. Aranchis & Audiffred


  6. Mwanzie Saffa

    Yooo. This album? All I have to say is that it taught me my history SO WELL? I got an ANKH tatted on my left Bicep! I'da NEVER known the significance of the symbol were it NOT for this album and the Earth Erykah's knowledge! She shined light on my young self! Peace to the Gods!


    She ain't 5 no mo. The Goddess built on it at her Barclays center concert that I was at last year. Said she was in the Nation in the 90s. HER was the accompanying act.

  7. Janelle Starks

    I love how artist play and sample off one another. I'm always excited to find what artist influenced the artist I listen to. This Miles Davis "So What" sample, almost made me hit the floor. The first time I heard it I kept saying it sounded familiar then one day I pulled out "Kind of Blue" and was like that's it. Lol!

    Luz Cannon

    Me too but for me it was the other way around. I heard the Badu song first and then heard the Miles song and recognized that's where the sample came from. I also love her covering Searching so I could find out about Roy Ayers and come to find out all these years I loved some of his samples like My Life. I have so much to learn but damn I love jazz😊

    Genius Munee Shakur

    It's not a sample but her own rendition/cover of a snippet of the song (meaning her band played it and no sample was used in the process). She does that with quite a few artist/songs on this live album from Heatwave (Intro to Boogie Nights), Roy Ayers (Searchin), Chaka Khan (Stay), The Mary Jane Girls (All Night Long)... Erykah is and has always been the real deal. Her vocal range is nothing short of insane.

  8. jw62nl

    The intro is a nice timing-shifted copy of Miles Davis' 'So What'-intro.

  9. Lovely Miss

    You missed the best parts of the live album! You took all the preludes out. Especially the one before Yeyo. All the teaching and the knowledge she dropped before each song is the best part of the live album! Who gave you permission?

  10. Narvia Williams