Erna, Sully - The Rise Lyrics

Breathe deep, Bracing and strong, Coming alive.
Take back, all that is lost, Honor your pride.

Time stops, Silence is now, Moving around
Hands Raised, Fading to black, Fall to the ground

From within, you'll begin to feel the rise!

Breathe Deep, Wind down, Reach back
Hear the sound, You will see

From within, you'll begin to feel the rise!

That which is like, unto itself is drawn

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Erna, Sully The Rise Comments
  1. Tha Blackwolf

    Don’t you have a fckn goosebumps at 4:14??!!?.........

  2. MrknuckleHD

    This guy is Godsmack and so much more!!

  3. Joda

    I’m completely addicted to the “Godsmack” sound. Bongos, drums, guitars.

  4. Michael Lebert

    This album will pull you out of a low point and that’s why I’m here need a frequency raise

  5. The Cryptomaniac

    As above, so below

  6. John Smith

    One and only, relax, flyin high & fall... in one.

  7. Selina Krcek


  8. Alex Mihail

    This is pure bliss. So underrated. It has to go to top 10 youtube songs

  9. Tha Blackwolf

    Please answer, who is the autor of such kind of style of photography?.. Horses, sea, portraits, cuz there are several verions of that and i cant find a base of that...

  10. gogibelle

    Who is the girl in the video?  She looks so familiar, but I can't place her.

  11. Chris Britton

    Meeting Lisa was a highlight of my summer a couple years ago. She was performing at a bar downtown where I lived. I had first heard her on Hollow and instantly fell in love with her voice. When this album came out and they went on tour I was in a hospital; being put into a medically induced coma and month and a half stay in the hospital and another month in a rehab center and missed out on their show and on the return from the tour they were back in my area and I was just getting out of the hospital. It took me another three years to get myself back into good enough health to where I could do things like concerts. So back to seeing her at a bar in the city I was living in. She was doing a small show with two other guys. They went on a break and I took the break as well. Went out for a cigarette break and met the guitarist and started to talk to him about how I've been trying to see Lisa for the last three years. We go back in, separate direction. He stopped to tell Lisa about me. I'm back at my table minding my own business and Lisa stops right in front of me and starts talking to me like we had been friends for years. She is as beautiful as her voice, inside and out. Told my story to her she gave me a hug and we got to take a few pictures together. That following Fall I knocked off a another item on my bucket list and got to see Godsmack in Hampton Beach, NH. This song soars and fills the senses with so much hope. Truly one of Sully's best songs given to one of the most incredible voices(male or female)I have ever heard.

  12. Michael and Katherine Pinnell


  13. Michael and Katherine Pinnell

    Just discovered this song. Absolutely amazing!! Why hasn't the world heard more of this women?? Sully and Godsmack are freakin talented geniuses. Prob cuz there massholes. Jk. Lisa freakin nailed it!!!! Wicked!!!

  14. Eris Licht

    here I am

  15. MsStargazer3

    Love this one the best !

  16. read what you wrote

    More of this should be on the radio. Beautiful vocals woman!


    no no no  Beyoncé all the way.  lmao NOT!!!!

    read what you wrote

    Yeah, Beyoncé its quality not quantity! Stock doesn't need to rise every five minutes. LOL 

  17. Keith Leeuwen


  18. Steve Boothby

    Sully Erna,so talented,his talent has talent,lol!!!!

  19. alindastar

    Primal, sexy, and compelling song. The percussion starts the native heart pounding and pulls me into the spell of The Rise. Wash me, renew me, as I listen again to the calling of the "like, unto itself is DAWN!"

  20. Melissa Ivy

    soothing for the soul I ment stupid phone

  21. Melissa Ivy

    love god smack its like they tap into my psychy and love this cd Avalon soooo within g for the soul!!!! love her voice!!!

  22. Emre Kanlı



  23. khurram sa

    chiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk oooooolala

  24. Tina Marie F

    Always loved Godsmack.. but this is amazing.. so beautiful...


    great music!

  26. Michelle Good

    Absolutely beautiful!

  27. Ɗєνί Ashe

    Breathe deep, Bracing and strong, Coming alive.
    Take back, all that is lost, Honor your pride.

    Time stops, Silence is now, Moving around
    Hands Raised, Fading to black, Fall to the ground 

    From within, you'll begin to feel the rise!

    Breathe Deep, Wind down, Reach back
    Hear the sound, You will see

    From within, you'll begin to feel the rise! 

    That which is like, unto itself is drawn

    Eagle The Assassin

    +Ashe Athenais From where this meaningful sentences come? I really wonder, can you explain more?

    Lucky Charms

    +Eagle The Assassin it's the lyrics of this song... lol

    Eagle The Assassin

    lol man :)



  29. Sion Sten

    Бля, когда ее крупным планом снимают, она похожа на Дэниэла Редклифа.

  30. Rubén Maddio


  31. Chris Decato

    Dude... you've got some really amazing footage here... I helped write this tune... Hope this has worked out for you (=


    Sarah Hogan

    +Chris Decato *standing ovation* this has been one of my favorites for ages! Keep em coming <3

    Black Swan

    Nice! I love this song!

    Laura McComas

    what are the lyrics to this song?

    Tina Tolliver

    Your awesome 🤟🎶😎

  32. bearmanmr

    powerful music x 

  33. Andreea Moldovan

    Incredible vibes....come through my body when i listen to this....

  34. J B

    that witches light


    That which is like, unto itself is drawn

  35. rebecca orner

    I really like this cd, the best.

  36. James C.

    Vocalist is Lisa Guyer.

    Jeff Holifield

    +James C. hell yeah she is awesome!

  37. Drake Thacker

    this is an awesome video

  38. M. Arezina

    who is the girl??

    Chase Reid

    M. Arezina lisa guyer

  39. keikoasmom

    his takes me away.....had to play it twice.....agree to everything below....

  40. Bogey B

    this guy is seriously fucking amazing.. and I love Godsmack too..! 

  41. Johnny Appleseed

    This guy's a powerhouse of melodic music with a punch !

  42. bearmanmr

    Aho indeed x 

  43. keikoasmom

    Everything Sully does is breath-taking, stirring and amazing.

  44. Counter Tyranny Ops

    The upside down pyramid on her chest, the unveiling of the second eye, "Take back all that is lost"  "feel the rise" >:) She is one of us :D Death to tyrants !   

  45. WateenKutzooiisdit

    Bombastic85 didn't make te video.
    He just took a video from Goodiegak and replaced the music.

  46. Josh McCann

    this song maken me feel high and i dont i feel the rise wow thank you sully erna for having talent to make music warm my soul i love godsmack i feel like im melting i feel like i once was and now am greater

  47. Josh McCann

    that music made me feel somthing spiritual....

  48. Steve Aldebaran

    Another nerd

  49. Steve Aldebaran

    WTF? Bombastic? I believe you got the wrong youtube link!

  50. Danny Hamel

    i own this cd and it is a bad ass album if you dont have it you need too buy it seriously i have alot of godsmack cds and cant skip a song love them all

  51. Amanda Bohn

    that would be cool to see

  52. yogiemania

    This video is bombastic! (:

  53. blugreen17

    Fantastic video!!!!

  54. Patty Cummins

    that is so cool.I loooked up her band,but it wasn't my kind of music.She is so talented and beautiful.

  55. Amanda Cote

    I got to play and sing with her last night. Lisa Guyer is not only an amazingly talented musician, but an absolute sweetheart.

  56. Patty Cummins

    They seem close.And sound great together.thanks

  57. Jen L

    OMG! Bombastic85 BEAUTIFUL ART! the underwater scenes, pure genius!

  58. Bombastic85

    Try to use Ad blocker :)

  59. Patty Cummins

    I love her voice it's increible.Where did she come from?Does anyone know her background?

  60. Bombastic85

    Thank you :)

  61. Jennifer Free

    Sully erna wrote the entire music and lyrics. When he put out his first solo cd, he allowed his background singer lisa to have lead vocals on this one song, while sully does the background. :)

  62. RevScorp

    Well done!!

  63. VirginieDP

    It sounds very epic, very mysterious like a symphonic metal song but i have a question : why is it signed " Sully Erna " and it's a woman's voice ?? Sully Erna is....a man !!!

  64. Bombastic85

    I'm delighted that you like it Neomi. Thank you :)

  65. Neo Lee

    HAWT DAYUM!! This video is on point!!!!!! This is one of my fav songs from the album as well!!!! This video does such great justice to this amazing and unique sound Sully and Lisa have created!!!

  66. Bombastic85

    Thank you very much :)))

  67. jerryblaze0706

    I absolutely love this song... It's my favorite on the album... What a great video... Seriously... I don't think Sully could have done it much better himself... Great Job!!! :-)