Erna, Sully - Hometown Life Lyrics

I know you've waited for me here so long
To see me since I've been gone
And so as these years roll on
I always come back to where I belong
My hometown life

And have you noticed every way I've changed
Cause to me I've simply stayed the same
But every time I walk away
You leave a little piece of you inside of me
And made me who I am today

My hometown life
Its spirits inside
My hometown tonight
Is filled with the light unfaded
That I created
My hometown tonight oooh

I walk around these streets
And stare at the things that remind me of me
I take it all inside and breathe in the air
Thats so unclean, yet keeps me alive
My hometown tonight oooh

My hometown life
My hometown life
Its spirits inside
My hometown tonight
Is filled with the light unfaded
That I created
My hometown tonight
My hometown life
My hometown tonight
My hometown life

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Erna, Sully Hometown Life Comments
  1. Mrs Someone

    Thank you for bringing faith back. Loved your music always and keep spreading the word and thank you for sharing your amazing voice with us..

  2. Shellie Ochs

    Keep up amazing music

  3. James Stevenson

    Sully cant write bad music , He is a Humanitarian King, No one can write or be close to him, he is in a Class all on his own, Teaching us those who choose to hear ...and enjoy the various vibrations he puts out ....GRATITUDE MY FRIEND GRATITUDE GREAT WORKS..HERE I AM

  4. Bobby Thacker

    Love it

  5. Sophia Home

    All new to me ....fucking greatness

  6. nico godsmack

    i love you sully great work hello from Argentina

  7. Dejan Nashoku

    I was never aware of this beautiful album... This is pure. This is soul... Hope Sully and Godsmack come to Macedonia someday! It would be a dream come true! Even though I don't know him personally, I can say Sully and the guys from Godsmack have always been my friends because of their music, when no one was there for me. Thank you for that and well done on this masterpiece my friend!

  8. Christina

    I thank your parents for conceiving you sir! Your voice and talent give me chills. Your lyrics, I can relate to. Thank you from the depths of my soul for pursuing your talent and becoming who you are today. Thank you thank you! Hugs w love C

  9. Kim Brannon

    No matter what this guys sings, I would listen.  He could sing me the phone book and I would love it!This man is so talented and genuine.  I'm amazed that people can only see what has been, not what is or could be.  Never stop creating and reinventing yourself, and people will follow.

  10. Ben Gipson

    Wow! This is album can't be desired in a short time. Life, pain, love and emotions are placed in musical notes and lyrics. Thanks for being and staying real Sully!!!!

  11. Stephen Miller

    Sully I love your music. I actually really enjoy this type of music cause you really get to hear your vocals just like they acoustic god smack cd that you guys made. Especially on the song awake you have a beautiful voice and when your voice is the Main instrument of the song it makes it that much better. I’ve been to a few god smack concerts and I’ve always hoped to see you perform the acoustic version of awake but I’ve never had that honor. Something about your music really touches my soul and now with these solo albums it’s weird it’s like all the materials you put out happen to be exactly where I’m at in my life . Like the song you made for your daughter when I hear it it touches my hart cause I’m thinking of my son as I’m listening to it almost like it was me who wrote it for my son . Just amazing you and Eddie Veda are the last two singers left that touch me like that still with the music . Sorry I left out Aaron Lewis too music is the one thing that I can not live without so thank you for everything you’ve done

  12. Malika Sfm

    Love it. (916)Broderick.Ca

  13. JUSTICE 33 1/3

    Good stuff Sully, very inspiring my Brethren. Morningstar Over and Out 33 1/3.

  14. JJ Thejetplane

    Reminds me of Serj compared to SOAD

  15. Ivo Ponduša


  16. Vimal Mishra

    Sully and nothing else matters :)

  17. Lori

    I left a piece of me back in NY and Ohio i reside now after travel states

  18. Kristin Mantle

    one of my favourites on this album <3

  19. BakeLikeAPro

    Hey Sully ! :-)

  20. Theo-James Moulton

    Love this one, really atmospheric.

  21. Frank Boyce

    194694 views... I think I viewed it 194000 times..

  22. jack Bear

    I love godsmack and Sully as an individual artist. I started listening to godsmack about three years ago when my brother showed me the song voodoo I've been hooked ever since. just recently about two days ago I found out that Sully had individual songs I thought that since I love the music of godsmack I'd like his individual music and I was right. hope godsmack has a long road ahead and hope Sully keeps making individual music as well.

  23. jack Bear

    I love godsmack and Sully as an individual artist. I started listening to godsmack about three years ago when my brother showed me the song voodoo I've been hooked ever since. just recently about two days ago I found out that Sully had individual songs I thought that since I love the music of godsmack I'd like his individual music and I was right. hope godsmack has a long road ahead and hope Sully keeps making individual music as well.

  24. Craig Barsamian

    reminds me of pink Floyd's dong high hopes

  25. chuck foster

    saw him on his solo tour last year and I've seen Godsmack 6 times.... his life is truly all about music. he can play a mean piano too

  26. TOXIC_LMP2

    I like the song but I wish it was heavy

  27. Daddy B

    Fantastic lyrical & vocal musician-Singer

  28. Daddy B

    the man I grew up on along with Gsmack my childhood band.

  29. Johnny Wajda

    happy bday.

  30. Marc Geisbauer

    Glendale born and raised ,,,,,Thank u !!

  31. kain208

    My homeless liaaaaaaaaaaaaaafe
    It's stinking inside
    I'm homeless toniaaaaaaaaaaaght
    and filled with the trash collected
    that i detected
    I'm homeless toniaaaaaaaaght... oooooh...

  32. Giorgi Andriadze

    Sully is always cool

  33. Ivana Evstatieva

    i like your music

  34. Danny Granillo


  35. CazzSDMF

    perfect....well done sir

  36. Jane R

    I've been listening to this CD alot. Love it.

  37. juju hill

    I really like this!

  38. Kittie Merriman

    love this

  39. Matt Briguglio

    Just purchased my tix for November 12. Hampton Ballroom Casino, NH!!! Can't wait for this show!!

  40. Ty Rayl

    I feel it's only necessary for you or the whole band to do a track about Salem...regardless of how the record label may feel...just sayin, I think you guys would bring a very unique dynamic with the tribals...

  41. Rosi Moraes

    Sua voz faz bem aos meus ouvidos...beijo do Brasil!

  42. Valentin Zayakov

    Hey Sully, last night 7000 people in Sofia, Bulgaria, resonated trough the vibes of your art. The echo is still on. I am blessed to be one of them. Your create emotions. Deep, Sincere. Beautiful. Stay safe man, looking forward to seeing you and the band again in Bulgaria. <3

  43. Rick L

    He has a great voice, I like Godsmack a lot and his solo stuff is awesome too.

  44. TheTidelpool

    I dig it.....  Albany the Egg! cu...

  45. Eric Peter

    Great stuff. Want more! What's about Godsmack's sound?

    ATLAS pg3d

    Eric Peter what do you mean I know this is late

  46. 1993transam1

    always been a GODSMACK fan! since the first album, they are the best rock band that with their music get into your soul. with the music I got out of the toughest situations and relationships in my life and will always be thankful for that. thank you sully, Tony and the rest of the guys. you change people's lives for the better, you did mine anyway.
    will always be buying and listening to your music until my dying days!

  47. Sisi Master

    Супер яка песен!🐷

  48. Brushy Village Supply

    Wish Godsmack would come back and kick some ass on the metal scene!!! Sully still has an incredible voice!
    Metal just sucks now!

    Thomas Richardson

    Brushy Village Supply

  49. Left Hand Path Witch

    Love this

  50. Dave Hodgson

    It's cool that Sully had such a great musical career AND landed that plane in the Hudson River.

    Henry Mullins

    what a guy

    Vince Duchene

    .sully you are a badass

  51. Derrick Robbins

    But you adtrguy can go back down into your mommy or granny's basement & make your Playlist ok! An don't forget your peanut butter & your dog!


    Derrick Robbins My dog prefers mayonnaise.

  52. Derrick Robbins

    Well your a little behind on that reply? But I think it's hilarious you have to start with shove it up your ass & then you give or make your little opinion. Fuckin Hilarious!! Thank you I needed a good laugh.

  53. Kell

    idk, this just isnt as good as avalon. it is not that good at all.

  54. THE_REV

    i love this song,very very good job sully

  55. shane skates

    so confused

  56. Nina Mihaylova

    Oh, Sully!!!! One and only, touching my soul again.... Cant wait to see you soon....

  57. Scarlett Marks

    This was on repeat up here when it came out last month I love it, I think the softer side of him is wonderful, if you want the harder stuff listen to Godsmack and only godsmack since they don't have many slow songs.

  58. S. Thornburg

    Beautiful.Nothing else to say.Negative comments mean nothing.

  59. Pavlo Ilnytskyy

    Great work! I was waiting for the new release! At last something new to listen! Anybody knows any similar artists or music??

  60. Αλεξάνδρος Φιλίππου

    wtf !!new album yeah awesome !!!

  61. John Dryfuse

    yourll always be a great musician.

  62. Michel Stoner

    talent I say

  63. Michel Stoner

    sully u sound real visit Kentucky more.

  64. Mad King

    I love this mans work, between Godsmack and his solo work its a strong variety of musical genres and overall opens our ears and minds to the reality that music isnt defined by the genre it is categorized by but the individual identities of each individual song. I used to have a very linear view on music Hard Rock and Metal all day everyday and I thought all other music was trash and when avalon came out I opened my ears my heart and my mind and found things in each song that was beautiful to me individually and from that I found the realization that all music can be beautiful and perfect for someone and that just because it doesnt touch me in a special way it doesnt take away from that songs individual greatness and since then have found songs in every genre that I can enjoy and love to hear.
    music is in our lives to bless us in ways we cant do ourselves and there is no excuse for tainting anyones blessing, you dont have to like all music but just try to appreciate the fact that each song is special to someone in some way.

    Peter S

    Agreed, and it helps Sully is a lyrical genius.

  65. socks

    Sully i love you so much

    Johnny Wajda

    ur so welcome. take care


    Johnny Wajda okay,me too


    Johnny Wajda I love Rock n roah,and Sully Erna,my favarute rock group is Godsmack😛.Its so cool.

    Johnny Wajda

    me to. favorite. I met sully once. Atlantic city house of blues. I was nervous but he was nice.....where u from... prettygirl


    Johnny Wajda thank u very much,I'm Bulgarian,I'm 10 years old.In november I just have a birthday 🎉🎁🎂

  66. Okami Hogo-sha

    i love it

  67. Tristin Pickle

    To be honest the ones who are hating on sully and his new songs. you arnt true fans. these songs sound a bit personal. and form the heart, and hes sharing his life. And yall are hating on him. Personaly i like everything sully has come out with. i grew up with his music as a child, i was born in 96. iv been jammin with him and godsmack since i was born, my dad was a huge fan of godsmack. and other bands, so when he wassnt around. i turned to gosmack and Sullys solo music. and im a fan of everything because i respect his musical talents.


    anyone hating the magic that is Sully Erna truly does not know what real music is all about. These songs are simply amazing

  68. Boyko Bonev

    20 October - Sofia. Super!!!! I already have tickets and hope that will be great show :)

  69. Adelina Rudova

    Just bought three tickets for you concert in Sofia. I remember two years ago, when I heard Avalon, how I imagined that I would go to the USA and see you live and since then I've been waiting for you to go on tour. Last year I even was in the USA, but there weren't any concerts of yours. And now you're coming to my hometown, I can't imagine how lucky must I be!! Thank you and see you really soon. Cheers from Bulgaria.

  70. André Tavares

    very cool music sully great voice greetings from lisboa

  71. Michael Lebert

    Not far into my own journey but this songs makes me reflect on my life and the city I lived in the most,the people in it and that I know/see,etc.

  72. Michael Lebert

    I think what Sully meant to say is this album sounds different than Avalon because Hometown Life is more about his experiences and Avalon sounds more like a deep sounding spiritual type of music. Not a musician myself but that's what I feel and think.

  73. Timothy Cottle

    why am I seeing distasteful comments? you guys are clueless! sully rocks as a solo artist just as much as he does with godsmack! keep it flowing Sully! you bring a lot to the table of music!

    Winged Assassin

    im not clueless. its just not my shit. however, that doesnt mean it isnt quality material. it is.

    Timothy Cottle

    Sully is godsmack, sully is everything he does.

    Winged Assassin

    +Timothy Cottle yes....and?

    Timothy Cottle

    My statement is rhetorical, it does not require you to answer. Don't hate, move on.

    Winged Assassin

    +Timothy Cottle i dont hate man....

  74. Gina Always a VIP!

    Beautifully done! Can't wait VIP Nov Hampton Beach Casino!!

  75. Mountain Mirrors - heavy acoustic vibe

    I'm really missing Lisa Guyer on this. She added a mystical and powerful presence to the Avalon cd and live shows.


    Sully is a musical genius I love his music either with godsmack or his solo efforts it's all great music

  77. tomcatrecords

    on a second listen- this song is actually Fantastic!

  78. tomcatrecords

    I find this song to be most excellent!

  79. Metal Bulgaria

    What's with the turkey flag.... :/ and all the muslim symbolism..

  80. Slim

    Sully you sound like you have things going on man. I love your art, and your message has always coincided with my phase of life. I can't wait to hear what else you have to share. Blessed be brother.

  81. mike reilly

    You didn't text me call me what the fuck you know I need to hear from you call me We should read the post that I love I answered every one of them know 15 years wasn't for nothing this realation ship is far from over you Saudi said tilled die not a day sonner I'll. Be seeing you missing you too hard

  82. Nathan Duffy

    people can't appreciate real music and only like the heavy stuff. Sully's a True Artist and Songwriter. amazing Singer.

  83. Jacquelia Rawson

    I preordered this album

  84. John Loupe

    this guy has what it takes to go solo or with godsmack love his voice rock on sully love the new stuff man

  85. Terok Turekson

    Breath-taking album, Sully. Stay the way you're. Greetings from germany.

  86. Ron Riffe

    I like it. To the haters prove that you can get out there and do better.

    read what you wrote

    Winged. Its you *fan* that when I say pretty sure the fans are fickle, I sound like I don't know what im talking about.. but I know what im talking about. Its a percentage of you Godsmack fans. Expand your taste buds man. Theres a point to that, if you can sit there critiquing or snubbing it.. then go and make the exact same music that you love, I think that's why Debbie Harry said we need more female musicians. She claims that men will forever do the same thing. Except in this instance of doing a second solo album.. someone did something different took a risk twice over. Music should either move you or make you move.

    Winged Assassin

    +Ashlee Bini i understand what you mean. however, i dont like this album so much. that doesnt mean that it isnt quality material. it is. just not the kind of music i enjoy so much. that doesnt mean its bad


    Ron Riffe well i just find out my favorite signer is doing solo. and to be honest, I like it a lot. first, beacause it is differant then godsmack. second, it shows a vocal capability that fans already know about, but now can't be denied.

    read what you wrote

    Starting to feel like summer here Ron. one month to go.

    Fringey Moose

    Smack them straight back into line

  87. Павел Типыч

    Прекрасен! Как всегда. Салли мы на одной волне ;)

  88. Makisha Oneill

    This is a great song!! I love all your songs the ones with just you and Godsmack it's all just great!!!!

  89. Tracie Stubbs

    Your A Beautiful. Artists Sully, I love. You

  90. Dan W

    I love this song!

  91. Samantha Peters

    SullyErna I loves you Samatha

  92. sparkswood 2508

    yessssss I love sully

  93. Penelope Aldaya

    You have a very unique way of interpreting the deepest emotions.Never failed, never will. God damn I worship you!

  94. Brad Carpenter

    A nice change of pace from Godsmack. I like what I've heard from this album so far.

  95. Nate H.

    The more I've listened to it and took it in the more it's grown on me.