Eric Clapton - Something's Happening Lyrics

Something's happening, something's going on.
Something's happening, something so strong.
Something's happening, something all over the world.

Spirit's moving and it's moving fast.
You better get aboard and don't be last.
Something's happening, something all over the world.

My life has been a series of endless changes,
A constant struggle to be free.
One thing I know for sure now baby,
It's me for you and you for me.


[Repeat First Verse]


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Eric Clapton Something's Happening Comments
  1. Raymond Carver

    Lindsey Buckingham plays rhythm guitar on this one. I think he'd sound great singing this song

  2. masa masa

    great song‼️

  3. HeatherinOK H

    It's the weirdest thing, I just figured out all these songs I love are written by Jerry Lynn Williams, who happens to be from Oklahoma ( Or resided in OK) . What a writer!