Eric Clapton - Singin' The Blues Lyrics

I've been working so hard,
Just came home from my job.
Looked down in my wallet,
Good God, I've been robbed.

Now where can my money be,
All my hard-earned pay?
What am I going to do now?
I got my bills to pay.

You got me singin' the blues,
And I'm paying all my dues.
You got me singin' the blues,
Ain't got nothing to lose.

I got to tell you I got the blues down in my pockets.
People, what did I say?
Bills are gonna rob me tomorrow,
Why I need my ten dollars today.


Ain't no way to get even
Because, you know what I mean,
Every time I make me some money
Somebody's going to take it from me.

[Chorus 2x]

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Eric Clapton Singin' The Blues Comments
  1. KH H

    Written by Mary / McCreary / Russell / Rand .To listen Mary Rand's 19 new Songs type in #MaryRand on YouTube

  2. Jane Millerick

    Eric Clapton – lead vocals · electric and acoustic guitars · dobro
    George Terry – electric · acoustic guitars · group vocals
    Jamie Oldaker – drums · percussion
    Dick Sims – organ · piano · electric piano
    Carl Radle – bass guitar · electric guitar
    Yvonne Elliman – lead vocals · group vocals
    Marcy Levy – group vocals

  3. Hugh Carpenter

    One of my all time favorite Eric Clapton songs.  Your images of Americana fit it to the tee.

  4. Cora Visser

    wonderfull to hear this one,

  5. M P

    ain't that the shit

  6. Hugh Carpenter

    Fantastic video! I love all the images, and you did a wonderful job working them into the song. This is one of my favorite songs done by Eric. 5 Stars!

  7. richard dickinson

    great solo on this

  8. richard dickinson