Eric Clapton - She's Waiting Lyrics

She's waiting for another love.
She's waiting for another love.

She's been waiting for another love,
Someone that she can show into her heart.
And when she finally finds a stronger love,
Your whole world's gonna fall apart.


You've been abusing her for far too long;
Think you're a king and she's your pawn.
Get ready now, 'cause pretty soon
She'll be gone and you'll be on your own.


I see the hunger burning in her eye;
Any fool could see there's something wrong.
You keep pretending not to care,
But I will hear you sing a different song.


Waiting for another lover,
Hoping for the time that she'll find another...

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Eric Clapton She's Waiting Comments
  1. Antunes Carlos

    Fantástico. Um clássico.

  2. scottiesmusic

    I've seen Eric Clapton 4 times times live back 85....~ best ever!! Such good song...old school music??? that's what they call it?? WTF????

  3. Ryan Alexander foster

    Describes my situation to a tee!! But can't stop listening to it!!

  4. Anarchist History of New Zealand

    What's Marcy singing in the background??

  5. Pat Bateman

    I love his vocal in this, his voice sounds top notch.

  6. Greg Peel

    Yet another song inspired by Pattie Boyd

  7. Robb Trout

    Let her wait Eric! Cause in the end God gets His!

    James Vegan

    Robb Trout yes sir

  8. Brian

    I love the fife playing at the end.

  9. John Surabian

    ! :-)) ! <3!


    Great track and album.Production and drums by Phil Collins.

  11. Carol Klinekole


  12. Tony Stong

    Man this song brings me back love it 👍✌😛

  13. Gary McBride

    Clapton is God , Google it

    Warren Blum

    always was , is and forever

  14. Bonnie greatorex

    Love this song! Thank you!

  15. Greg from motown

    Born in 1961 still listening in 2019

  16. Donna Mosby

    This song got me through the most horrendous event of my life! Thank you Eric!!

    Donna Mosby

    I'm not worthy...

    pac transportation

    Every one is worthy.....

  17. Jonathan L Tiffany

    Thanks Clapton. I had this shit stuck in my head for 2-3 days lolol

  18. Bill B

    Miami Vice anyone

  19. First Last

    Be warned fellas

  20. Lauren Pauley

    this song reminds me of riding in the backseat of my dads ford bronco, with a blanket over me, falling asleep listening to my parents talking...eric Clapton will always bring me back there. such a comforting feeling.

  21. Daniel O.

    I've been trying to find this song for years

  22. Jan King

    This song depicts me spot on!!

  23. Susan Sobieski

    A great song from back in the day🎤🎶🎶🎶🎶

  24. Kimgirly

    She's waiting for another love #truth

  25. JohnACorp782

    Heard this recently in Miami Vice. Michael Chiklis was featured in the episode. :D


    Blistering rendition of Blues by the greatest of them! And to think that he was getting out of drug rehab.....Cant get any better.

  27. M1Anut

    I am my wife's 'another lover'. Happened just like the song says.

  28. daniel carrier

    A rescue progress mission is the morale for some!

  29. Tim McCreary


  30. MEDIC

    Happy mother's day everyone. This song reminds me of my departure mother. Her record collection was the best.

  31. Chris Hamilton

    Is this song to be interpreted this year for Hallie or Ashanti,...? At least for me. If Clapton is God,....then that is my question.

  32. Elie Elis

    Scary because computers are ruling limited minds...whos running this show but other less steller performers guarding communist ideals not jefferson ideal form.. Time to switch this up. Elis Elis

  33. bkzeppelin32 1

    when is that?1111141142

  34. bkzeppelin32 1

    for a love

  35. Taranau

    It might be just me,,, but, I know the song is called "She's Waiting". And the background singers sing "She's Waiting". And videos with the lyrics, say, it's "She's Waiting",,, but ---
    It sounds to me, like he's singing "She's Burning" for another love... But, it could be just me...

  36. Karen Barnett


  37. Durjoy Chakraborty

    Why this damn album did not see success, I wonder. It has more rock element that blues. Full of experimental sounds and experimental beats. Unlike most other Clapton albums, drum is playing a crucial role here. I love it.

  38. Renee Hannan


  39. Go-go Akins

    First heard in this classic in an episode of Miami vice 📺 tv show!! Great song from the 🎸 god. 👏👏👊👍😎thanks for uploading this ☝️️

  40. rik rik

    Miami vice has had some of the best songs played on that show. Episode the mona lisa. Great song mr. Clapton

  41. kenneth garringer

    great song

  42. David Farquhar

    Clapton is the man!

  43. Gary Giampa

    hi sounds great I love it thank you

  44. Clifford Kilkenny

    Turd Ferguson likey this little diddy! Thanky. 🙋‍♂️☘️🙏

  45. Tim McCreary

    THE 🎸 MAN.

  46. Tjitse Wolf

    This album is a little bit older than I am, from the same year though. And I have often felt i was born to late when it comes to my taste in music. Roughly 60% of my lp collection is '60s-80's stuff.

  47. Treetop Flyer

    This was about the point when he started getting a little commercial for my liking, but he still seemed to pull it off.

  48. Clifford Kilkenny

    Turd Ferguson on drums. Thank you Sir very much.🙏🙋‍♂️

  49. Dwayne Merson

    PHil Collins is perfect for this song !!!

  50. Jason Thomas

    Sounds better on vinyl

  51. World Coming Down 5779

    The Lost Madonna is on Daily Motion. Miami Vice Season 5. (featured song)

  52. Mike Thaxton

    What a great song ! Long Live Clapton

    Mike Thaxton

    In my view this song is just perfect in every way !!

  53. Tim McCreary

    ERIC CLAPTON 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸👍😀💪

  54. Jeanette Meza

    She's waiting for another love great drummer great guitarist love love this song

  55. Jefg Lemonds

    Yes i did


    beautiful Song!

  57. Clifford Kilkenny

    Who cares that it’s Phil Collins on drums. Get it together bro.

    World Coming Down 5779

    Clifford, I care man. - Do you need a hug? Try breaking your pills in half. ;-)

    Edward Temper

    Wellllll drummers do man...he is a master drummer. Geezzz

  58. paul kolifrath

    Clapton has great humpin tunes check that base line, now toss her da salami in time with dat

  59. Daniel McGillicuddy

    Still listening in 2019

  60. Brandie E.


  61. Clifford Kilkenny

    Phil is creepy

  62. Casey Settle

    The drummer makes this song unforgettable

  63. Noah Fike

    keep her waiting.

  64. Kevin Faherty

    Yup,great collaboration w/Phil Collins!

  65. Kitten Girl

    A fool and his best love
    Has departed

    Snake Dragon

    Didn’t he steal her away from George Harrison?

  66. John Arenz

    Clapton Rocks

  67. Ewald von Kleist say that..........

  68. Jason Thomas

    I like that the comments were 420

  69. Gazelda Godzilla

    get out of my swamp

  70. Dennis Sweeney

    I saw Eric Clapton and Phil at MSG NYC great show back in the day

  71. Maria L. Rapaglia

    Big cats are waiting to be fed. 🐯😊

  72. Mike Mower

    The holy trinity

  73. Callum Russell

    This needs more views

  74. Tim Arnott

    I'll post again....does anybody realize this song is about COCAINE, NOT PATTI.....cocaine has been refered as "girl" for eons......Eric is trying to warn you.....WONDERFUL SONG!!!.....Shes waiting for another love....the next cocaine victum.........

  75. Chris Hamilton

    I wish to God this were true, of you. Towards me, Ms. Hallie. You know that I am a brilliant man,...of ruthless ambition. In league with the bank of England. But I love you beyond measure, despite whatever shenanigans you pulled in your past. I could and would move mountains for you, with my faith, and willpower, combined. Beautiful woman!!!

  76. Robert Grove

    Miami vice

  77. James Fox

    I've always LOVED this awesome track! ❤️

  78. Todd Farrow

    Heard this the today on the radio, it had bee a while. So many memories, good shit right here!

  79. Tim Arnott

    This tune AINT about Patti, its about cocaine....sorry to burst any bubbles

  80. Michael Smith

    Great tune !!

  81. Right Coast

    Such a catchy riff... Been stuck in my head all day.

  82. Jay Uihlein

    Just awesome! Period.

  83. Peter Houle

    the fife and drum ending is cool. men are marching right up to be her next fling?

  84. Tim Arnott

    Does anybody realize that Phil NEVER plays a snare in the song untill the outro.......KILLER Song for me...have loved it since new!!!...Go Phil & Eric!!

  85. Chris Cardello

    when we die,it's over w all this hip hop bullshit,kids today have no fuckin clue,WANKSTERS!! CLAPTON, GUITAR GOD!!!

  86. Brittany Bigelow

    Eric Clapton plus Phil Collins on the drums equals one hell of a phenomenal song. 👌🏻 ❤️

  87. Kim Elliott

    I heard this song on Bill St James' Time Warp last night and really liked it. I didn't know it, so I sent and email to the radio station (92.3 The Dock) and today they sent me an email telling me what it was (ANDY DENEMARK, EVP/Programming, UNITED STATIONS RADIO NETWORKS). Love the song and love the program and its responsiveness to listeners! Thanks for posting!

  88. Desert Brewcrew

    This guy ALWAYS has a great song for every moment of a highpoint and lowpoint in my life. Or is it just me....

  89. Jerry Carter Carters Cantina

    Capital Centre in Landover md with Phil Collins, awesome show

  90. happentodie

    aah sweet memories. ..i was but a teen ,

  91. Neil Dempster

    This is awesome. Love it.

  92. poom Wells

    1981 she's waiting

  93. Jeffrey Richardson

    jody sings for it
    doug will die because of it
    Michael and Scott luck (C)

  94. Suke Bass

    I wore the grooves off this record when it came out!

  95. Natalie Angelo


  96. Vic Ferrari

    I saw this in Denver at red rocks.