Eric Clapton - Rocking Chair Lyrics

Old rockin' chair's got me, my cane by my side
Fetch me that gin, son, 'fore I tan your hide
Can't get from this cabin, goin' nowhere
Just set me here grabbin' at the flies round this rockin' chair

My dear old aunt Harriet, in Heaven she be
Send me sweet chariot, for the end of the trouble I see
Old rockin' chair gets it, Judgement Day is here
Chained to my rockin' chair

Old rockin' chair's got me, son, (Rocking chair got you, father)
My cane by my side, (Yes, your cane by your side)
Now fetch me a little gin, son (Ain't got no gin, father)
What? 'fore I tan your hide, now, (You're gonna tan my hide)

You know, I can't get from this old cabin (What cabin? joking)
I ain't goin' nowhere (Why ain't you goin' nowhere?)
Just sittin' me here grabbin' (Grabbin')
At the flies round this old rockin' chair (Rockin' chair)

Now you remember dear old aunt Harriet, (Aunt Harriet)
How long in Heaven she be? (She's up in Heaven)
Send me down, send me down sweet (Sweet chariot) chariot
End of this trouble I see (I see, Daddy)

Old rockin' chair gets it, son (Rocking chair get it, father)
Judgement Day is here, too (Your Judgement Day is here)
Chained to my rockin', old rockin' chair

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Eric Clapton Rocking Chair Comments
  1. Peter Wood-Jenkins


  2. Franny jarrell

    Got me too... Beautifully done as always Mr. Clapton.

  3. MetroMermaid

    Sooooooo sad! I first heard this song shortly after my father lost his ability to walk. I balled my eyes out. Very sad song :-(

  4. Anna Belinda

    a master

  5. Dan Fiebiger

    Check out a wonderful indie short comedy film made in the early 70s called "The Wild Goose" right here on You-Inner-Tube to hear the original Mildred Bailey version of this song in a whole new context. You'll love the film, too.

  6. Carry Walry

    Bewijs dat EC, behalve de blues, ook andere genres meesterlijk BEspeelt.

  7. damrightigottheblues

    im their , rocking chair got me , but happy I am , no more troubles for me , thank you .

  8. Jerome Sta. Cruz

    classic! 3:50 !

  9. martinaxman

    @dagooch Check me on it, but background vocals sound like Clapton.


    Of course? Almost every artist does their own background track - specifically harmony vocals. Its all part of a process called layering or multi-tasking. Michael Jackson got famous using it but almost any artist you can name has layed a harmony and/or backing track.

  10. dagooch

    CLAPTON. From 2010. This song was written in 1929. Excellent album. Slide is Derek Trucks. Can't remember who's bg vocal it is. Buy it. You won't be sorry.

    james sullivan

    Rockin' Chair was Mildred Bailey's theme song with words and lyrics by Hoagy Carmichael (Georgia On My Mind, Star Dust, Two Sleepy People, Ole Buttermilk Sky, Skylark, Lazy River and on and on).  The song became a staple for Louis Armstrong who sang it from 1930 to his death.  Carmichael's roots were in Indiana and 20's jazz, so the Armstrong affinity makes sense. But we ought not forget the composer, the skinny guy with the hat cocked back on his head, his hands on the keyboard - Hoagy Carmichael.

  11. Antonio da Fonseca

    what album is this??

  12. Antonio da Fonseca

    @thodrick what album is this?

  13. logosluke

    just wonderful

  14. Ryan