Eric Clapton - One Chance Lyrics

Without wishing to cause you any pain,
I got to push on through, babe,
And if I take the chance of seeing you again,
I just don't know what I would do, baby.

And sometimes I think I'm gonna be just fine;
All I got to do is go through it, babe.
Then I hear those voices in the back of my mind,
Telling me over and over and over that I blew it babe.

You had one chance and you blew it.
You may never get another chance.
You had the floor and you knew it.
You can't blame it on your circumstance.

At the risk of causing you a little pain,
I'm going to have to forget you, babe,
'Cause you broke my heart, left it out in the rain
And you'd do the same again if I let you, babe.

I would give anything to hold you in my arms,
But you know I can't do that, baby.
I guess I'll have to live with the choice that I have made
Even though deep down I still suspect that I blew it.

[Chorus 4x]

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Eric Clapton One Chance Comments
  1. fuer lobo

    Seit 45 jahren meine Nummer 1 Slowhand und Stimme !!!

  2. Ron Gilmette

    This song was my anthem after ending a 10 year relationship.

    Valeria Cortez

    Good for you. You are now free of toxicity.

  3. juan Pablo francisco peuriot canterini

    Clapton Is god

  4. William Roderick

    This is his best album and One Chance is his finest work.

  5. Disco187 Disco187

    Great song, reminds me of Robert cray

  6. Cathy Buck

    Clapton is God!

  7. traci m

    OH My yes i love Eric Clapton this is one of his BEST Albums Ever .... One Chance , She,s Gone , Pilgrim the man just passionate when he sings

    Aqua 1111

    One of the best albums,by anybody

  8. Sumit Mukhopadhyay

    Impressive bassline from Pino Paladino

  9. Jochen Hansen


  10. Lloyd Sumner


  11. Lloyd Sumner


  12. Wallsmarts original

    Clapton is still one of the best guitar players of all time. People don't know what good guitar playing is.

  13. roll Rock


  14. Jaco Paco

    Jaco says put this song on when your about to get jiggy with it!!

  15. MeloLand

    Wonderful song

  16. theo van os

    So good. never enough

  17. Bella October

    What's your name again?

  18. Talabira

    my favorite song !

  19. Yaryna Ruzhyts'ka


  20. Paulina Duff

    for me.. the best album.. is pilgrim EVER

    2 liter

    +Paulina Duff no $hit babe!

    heinz-josef ostholt

    you are right

    William Gates

    I wouldnt disagree, Pilgrim

    Aqua 1111

    You know music

  21. Nikola Vojkic

    SRBIN Jebote retko da nadjes srbina ovde, pozdrav iz Pariza.

  22. Kat Masterson

    I hope its the winter blues, but man I feel I may never get another chance and its not a good feeling. EC sounds like he had a 'bad love' but he still thinks it was something he should have tried some other route, and he blew it. Crazy twisted love, its nothing without the wrenching passion that sometimes bursts into flames. One chance, nah.. I want to think if its even close to real, you can get a second chance. unless of course it was a stranger and you choked on whether to pursue or run

  23. Vik Cannon

    i agree, masterpiece. still listen to it all the time. One Chance...favorite

  24. Kat Masterson

    lyrics.. real

  25. Kat Masterson

    great album, incredible orchestra sound at the Pilgrim concert. This guy is a complete package.. plays 'everything.' whats not to like

  26. Kostrini

    correct Pino Palladino.. ;] but sounds quite similar to Nathan's way

  27. Garret Fitzgerald

    everything Eric does has class....and taste....he is the most tasteful person in popular music far....

  28. sweetestperfection90

    and now for something I never noticed - just compare the two relevant album covers! gotta love meaningless (?) coincidences.

  29. Terinigan

    LOL! I never noticed that, not one of the Shady songs I've listened to the most though.

  30. sweetestperfection90

    I know exactly what you mean. I love this CD. To me it epitomises all that the second half of the 90s had to offer, as well as some of the best of the second half of Eric's great career.
    Incidentally, while I'm here, another late 90s song, 'I'm Shady' by Eminem, has a remarkably similar riff, though apparently sourced elsewhere!

  31. SuntFelix9

    Me encantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ♥ I love it!

  32. Greg F

    @UndyingGypsy,@satchfan2010 Pino Palladino all the way!!!

  33. Insectgirl888

    love it =)

  34. Kostrini

    Yeaaah- definitely Nathan East ;))

  35. Jan Daranowski


    nope, Pino Palladino :)

  36. stan maracle

    this was my go to during painful time in my life. now am good and still LOVE it.

  37. bthyname1

    great song.great cd

  38. satchfan2010

    Great bass, Nathan East?..

    El Funkete EC

    pino paladino

  39. Terinigan

    A kind of odd album from Eric Clapton, not something you'd expect him to do after his previous albums "all going down the same road" without being repetitive. That being said, Pilgrim is by far my favourite album.

  40. Danijel PETROVIĆ


  41. Niño Manaog

    In 2000s, at the end of the day, I'd look forward to relaxing and being soothed by beer. And Eric Clapton's guitar work.

    While the Pilgrim album is a collector's item, not too many people collect this sort of thing. That's why this masterpiece is so underrated.

  42. LaTonya Williams

    Love it! Chi-Town Steppers Cut..................

  43. Danielle Vergnes