Eric Clapton - Last Will And Testament Lyrics

Well I met this woman, she was hard as nails
I think she'd just come out of the county jail
But I loaned her some money, just to pay her rent
If I would she would put me in her last will and testament

Well I got lots of children, an ex-wife or two
I never hear from them, 'till the bills are due
The money I gave 'em, they already spent
If I could just slip'em out, you've put me in that last will and testament

You know I'm going over sixty, I'm older than most
It won't be long now, I'll be nothing but a ghost
My intentions, it's my intent
To leave all of them people out of my last will and testament

And when it's all over, they put you in the ground
Send my belongings to the lost and found
My intention, it's my intent
To leave all of them people out of my last will and testament
Hey hey hey, hey

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Eric Clapton Last Will And Testament Comments
  1. Free2 Roam

    So fortunate to be alive to hear this amazing gift. C

  2. J Burt


  3. Dan Godwin

    OH, JJ- you got Eric to join in a perfect song for the both of you

  4. ron freeman

    Cant get much cooler...these two dudes...and what a cool song....

  5. Dr. Laurence Michael Canaday, JD

    I have been seeing and hearing this . . .feels so good, so good. YYYaaaaaaa.

  6. Terry Lusk

    Amen JJ,CLAPTON..❤❤❤

  7. Daniel Deperiers

    C'est super mimi sans compter l'époque du temps passé. 👍👍👍👏nôtre époque 🙌

  8. ertho

    Thank´s JJ......

  9. shane brady

    How many bloody songs has he used with the same bloody riff?? This, Durango and "the sensitive kind, all the same,lol

    Kevin Dickson

    It was fun wasn't it?

    Richard Longpre

    @Kevin Dickson definitely !


    Part of the genius of JJ Cale is indeed the fabulous way he recycles simple stuff in a simple way, and hey presto ! a fabulous new song.

  10. George Laguna

    I live in Escondido! Blues forever!

  11. domenico costantini

    The blues!!!

  12. Jacob Spencer

    Has Robert Cray instrumental and mark knopfler lyrics. Two legennds JJ and Clapton

  13. robert tukanic

    Great song, the magicians !!!

  14. Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow 1977

    This is the song on my funeral.

  15. Terry Moon

    Love this album, this song, great collaboration by two of the greatest artists of our time.

  16. 123skatopsixos123

    Best song !!!!!!!!!!!!