Eric Clapton - Judgement Day Lyrics

What you gonna do on judgement day
The time's run out now, you can't stay
Screaming and crying, you got to go
Turn and say, "Peter won't you open the door?"

Yes, I'm coming
(Yes, I'm coming)
Yes, I'm coming
(Yes, I'm coming)
Yes, I'm coming
Just like my time alone

When I die you can't bury me
... women at my head and feet
You fold my arms across my chest
You tell me friends that I'm gone to rest

Yes, I'm coming
(Yes, I'm coming)
Yes, I'm coming
(Yes, I'm coming)
Yes, I'm coming
Just like my time alone

When I'm dead right there in my grave
You're gonna be sorry
That you treat me like a slave
There ain't no one can take my place
You're gonna cry your blues away

Yes, I'm coming
Yes, I'm coming
Yes, I'm coming
Just like my time alone

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Eric Clapton Judgement Day Comments
  1. Eberhard Schmidt

    Genauso gut wie die Version von 2004 - for Robert Johnson- in derselben Besetzung.

  2. musicguy 22

    If I had possession over judgment day
    If I had possession over judgment day
    Lord, the women I'm lovin' would have no right to pray
    And I went to the mountain, far as my eye could see
    Lord, I went to the mountain, far as my eye could see
    Some other man got my woman and the lonesome blues got me
    And I rolled and I tumbled, cried the whole night long
    Lord, I rolled and I tumbled, cried the whole night long

    And I woke up this morning, my biscuit rollin' on
    Had to fold my arms and slowly walked away
    (I didn't like the way she done)
    Lord, I fold my arms and I slowly walked away
    Well, I said in my mind, "Your trouble gonna come some day."
    Well, now run here baby, get down on bended knee
    Lord, now run here baby, get down on bended knee
    I want to tell you all about the way they treated me

    Source: LyricFind
    Songwriters: Robert Johnson / Woody Payne

  3. Kwaalt

    They look like 3 random dads who just decided to play together on Sunday afternoons when the kids are at the soccer game.

  4. Mr. X

    2:48 bass player & guitarist are showing what playing music is all about; priceless reactions!

  5. Mr. X

    Seriously, does it get any better than this? :)

    Randy Stallard

    Mr. X-- Absolutely does not, this is the shit, ass kickin foot stompin make you wanna move music!!! Wish I were there and had seen it live!!!

  6. omeletpants

    Clapton was god in 1968.....nothing has changed


    Until he passes

  7. byron borges

    Doyle Bramhall II , perfect side man for Eric. those talented men

  8. Fishing, Gaming & Guitars

    Man, I had this dvd set and I can't even count how many times I watched it.

  9. Despina Luigini

    Special video

    Glen McBride

    oh heck!! one day I will play you this song!!All my guitar students want to learn this or 'Crossroads'..

  10. Bayan1905

    Is this version of the song on a CD anywhere? A great driving tune right here!


    there's a very similar sounding studio version that can be found on "Sessions For Robert J."

  11. Hilary Martino

    sounds like Rollin' and Tumblin'

    Dylan See

    Hilary Martino Rollin and tumblin is a copy of Robert Johnson's song but with different lyrics

  12. kurt72

    i doubt. RJ was notorious for not liking people watching him too closely, learning his licks. he was known to get up and walk out if someone was watching him too close.

    or, so i've read.

  13. kurt72

    i love EC, but Warren Haynes/Gov't Mule does a version of this tunes that blows it away. just saying.

  14. Etienne Ducluseau

    Epic shoes...

  15. Flying Monkey

    There's something about playin' the blues in bermuda shorts that doesn't sit right. Just sayin'.

  16. Jos Zomer

    Sounds like Diving Duck Blues too

  17. Gupps0123456

    @TheRealRayJ That's cause it's the same song with a different name

  18. Karius7

    @bpveloso The guy playing yeah. But check out the start "interview" thingy

  19. LorBar

    Robert Johnson would be proud of it.

  20. darikai219

    Did Robert Johnson makes this song first?

  21. Cody Barrett

    Whoever disliked this need a frontal labotamy.



  23. jr55ful

    robert johnson would approve.

  24. Brian Williams

    John Mayer is such a freaking douche

  25. Kate Juin

    2.48. Doyle's cute smile. Lol.

  26. Karius7

    Yeah? That's common knowledge. However. Clapton did play slide during his Dominoes era.

  27. Joachim Ishøjer

    I think this was a Robert Johnson tune originally...

  28. vieta1972

    @Xxgabesalcedo29xX Its in open G ( low to high ) d-g-d-g-b-d..... Great tune :) play it often...

  29. Kento Mizuno

    @Xxgabesalcedo29xX ITS IN A

  30. steinsteel

    Rock is Blues without Rythm

  31. Michael Lamper

    Don't forget about DUANE ALLMAN on the Derek and the Dominoes. Eric Plays alot of slide On Sessions with Robert J and Me and Mr. Johnson
    R.I.P. Duane Allman R.I.P Robert Johnson

  32. Philippe Katan

    I Think he did played slide in the MTV Unplugged show, did'nt he?

  33. BROOKS39

    Well I know he played slide on Rollin' & tumblin with Cream and that was around1968 and he also played a fair bit of slide on George Harrisons " All things must pass" Album. I think that was in 1970? So I don't think he is no stranger to it...

  34. PashminaAfgan

    the wires and acoustics....

  35. Felipe Theocharides Oricchio

    No, it's "I Shot the Sherrif" !

  36. Sam K

    one time on Family Guy Guy Chris graffitied "no more John Mayer"

  37. Merijn_V

    why is he playing on a carpet?

  38. OkieSlims

    I was there.. Buddy Guy blew everyone off the stage.. They didnt put that song on teh dvd though;(

    Raymond Carver

    They should've. Also, they should've put the performance in chronological order. They did that with the other DVDS, but this one is just mixed up. Still great to watch, but it'd be better the other way.

  39. Karius7

    Err.. if you take a look at my gallery, you would see that I've posted that video

  40. inspectorjack

    definitely one of my favorite artists!

  41. Karius7

    and both of them are awesome and famous musicians..
    nathan is about just as famous as clapton.

  42. c4ligrl

    My favorite song by my favorite musician. OMG...look out now.

  43. Karius7

    I'm fantastic! aren't I?

  44. Karius7

    I must have used copy paste, cause I had problems uploading it ^_^
    is to be removed

  45. Karius7

    Cool ^_^

  46. Karius7

    well... Eric didn't want to speak to me.. even if I was in the same room as him..

  47. bagoona

    Dere wuzz a time eric wouldn`t speak 2 u if u handnt hoid of RJ. nahhh, wouldnt evena looked atcha.

  48. Karius7

    that's true... RJ was good...
    I still think it's cool to think of the fact that RJ was an "ok" player, nothing more, and then he disappears for a while, and comes back as good as we "know" him ^^

    Greg Hoppe

    Practicing 12 hours a day for 2 years can really really improve your chops. He was already a skilled harp player so he was musically inclined.

  49. Karius7

    yah ^_^ it's somewhat fresher than RJ's version ^_^