Eric Clapton - High Lyrics

High upon a mountain top
Where the eagle builds his nest
I shall go wandering,
Trying to put my mind at rest,
And I shall never cease
Until the day I die.

He was once a friend of mine,
But I did not know or care
Until she said goodbye.
I cried till I could hardly see
The meaning of my life.
What do I do now?

High upon a mountain top
Where the eagle builds his nest
I shall go wandering,
Trying to put my mind at rest,
And I shall never cease
Until the day I die.

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Eric Clapton High Comments
  1. Marc Eibel

    This is wonderful, but i struggle to find out the time signature of the song. Is it partly in seven or in 5 ?


    I don't know much of theory at all, but it sounds like it is partly 7 as you described. I will try to describe the time signature using my intuition and lack of knowledge (please forgive me if/when I am mistaken.) I should say that almost every time the song 'transitions' from a certain time signature to another time signature (e.g. 4 beats to 7 beats) something strange happens where maybe a new time signature is introduced, and I don't know whether it's really 4 beats or 7 beats or maybe even 6 beats. You will see what I mean when you read below. Again, I am very ignorant working on intuition only. You should probably eventually ask someone knowledgable to get a really good understanding. Know that what I am describing can be used to understand how to play the song regardless if I was technically correct or incorrect about the names I use for the time signatures. With that said, here we go:

    From 0:00 to approx. 0:19 it is something like 4 beats

    From approx. 0:19 to approx. 1:18 it is 7 beats

    From approx. 1:18 to 1:25 is a strange kind of transition which sounds either like (4 4 2) meaning 4 beats followed by 4 beats followed by 2 beats or (6 4) meaning 6 beats followed by 4 beats. So, it's not really a 7 or just a 4 anymore? Idk. It could be somethings else like i described. But, that's what it sounds to me anyway.

    Next from approx. 1:25 to approx. 2:05 is 4 beats all the way through

    From 2:05 to approx. 2:32 is 7 beats

    From approx. 2:32 to approx. 2:40 is another strange transition of either (4 4 2) or (6 4) like before

    From approximately 2:40 or 2:41 to literally the end of the song it's 4 beats all the way through including the guitar solo

    So, that's what I think the time signature could be. Hopefully it helps because I also really like this song myself. Take care.

    P.S. Try to figure out the basic structure of the song (like the intro, verse, chorus, bridge) and use what I wrote before to understand the time better. 👋

  2. Tim's Guitar World with Tim Feskorn

    The result of hang in out with George Harrison.

  3. Peter Parker

    I love this song so much.

  4. kemetstry

    I put this up there with his greatest stuff. It's underrated because it didn't get the air play it deserved


  5. ivan kovacevic

    The whole song too...

  6. ivan kovacevic

    That third minor chord is beautiful 🙂

  7. Franny jarrell

    This piece makes me think of John Lennon. Love this piece. (Loving Life)

  8. Tony Williams

    It's all so easy for someone like eric clapton .what a genius

  9. Alan

    Sounds like George Harrison's guitar is in there, in fact the whole thing sounds like a Harrison song.

  10. justafanintexas

    Just correct one glaring error.  "High" was never going to be on the Layla album as Clapton collaborated with people on this one during its writing that he didn't meet until after three years after Layla was released.

  11. Gus classic rock channel

    Hey Sue, Hi dear! Totally agree with your song info here and BTW this are a strange set of chords Clapton uses here so I guess I'll have to work out kind of hard to get it right in case I might want to upload it!
    Later and all the best!
    Gus ☺
    PS GREAT images and vid!


    Hey Gus ! That would be amazing if you got round to recording the song. Hope you are doing good xx

    Gus classic rock channel

    Thank you dear Sue and it's been awhile since I been talking about it (lol) but hey! it don't mean nothing I will do that, thanks and BTW all's been fine you know? My best wishes for you too!
    Gus ♥

  12. Allan Beever

    Not underrated with me. I think that this is his best. Side two (in the old currency) might be the best side ever. Thanks for sharing

  13. Stéphane ARTHAUD

    RDV aux champs Elysées... (Kraftwerk- La Montagne)

  14. charles blaisdell

    Clapton in his prime was the best there ever was .....ALL qualities considered ......

  15. TurnOnTuneUp

    Eric Clapton on acoustic and electric guitar solo at end, George Terry on slide riffs and electric guitar during song. Carl Radle bass, Jamie Oldaker drums, Dick Sims B3.

  16. SabinaForeverLive

    Prelijep video i pjesma...poželjela sam se vijepih video uradaka

  17. j. sowa

    Great song from an underrated album.  I'm lucky to own it in vinyl! EC just tears it up at the end of that song!

  18. Despina Luigini



    Brilliant song...

  19. Hugh Carpenter

    One of my favorite Clapton creations.  Thanks for sharing this beautiful song.

  20. kerry mcmanus

    Great album,& yes its underrated,some beautiful songs.Nice images.

  21. Bob East

    Beautiful song from a very laid-back underrated album. Thanks for sharing these good memories.

  22. Zaur Mamedyarov

    Thanks! One of the favourite songs. Greets from Russia

    mick griffin

    Yeah Russia!

  23. Peter van Kan

    Duane played most of the slide, but Clapton played it on Tell the truth. He first played slide on record on the UK single version of that same song, which came out before the Layla album.

  24. onemorebrando

    pretty sure that was duane playing slide on L&OALS, not eric. he's kinda the king of it. ec was just trying to keep up with duane, always plays better when another guitar is pushing him, IMO. awesome song though.


    Duane did most of the heavy lifting but Clapton played side on the Layla album and with Duane on the coda in Layla.

  25. Peter van Kan

    Definitely not Carl, since he was the bassplayer. Most likely George, although Clapton did already pley slide on the Layla album. By 1970 overdubbing was a common thing, so in 1975 he could have played as many guitart racks as he wanted..

  26. michael riccard

    thankyou 4 the beautiful pictures to go with the great clapton

  27. coolmodine

    Easily my favorite song on the album. Pretty Blue Eyes, also pretty good.

  28. scottslaught

    Where did you find that info about being a D&D song? Interesting....

  29. kemetstry

    I'm glad someone finally put this on youtube!

  30. M P

    I bought and discovered this CD when everyone else was listening to millie vanillie. This is music in my opinion. Not some hyped over-advertised commercial tw4tty crap that you see on your MTV.


    That and the fact Clapton actually does his own vocal work, too. LOL

  31. jojothepojo

    happy to hear this again! great video btw! tnx

  32. Redbush

    added this song to my 'melodically mellow' playlist, placing it alongside other artists that i enjoy getting high to.

  33. Peter Janes

    I havent heard this in 20 years. i pity song-writers today trying to attain this standard. Honeyed Genius.

  34. rogerio mascarenhas

    Thank you benbigton girl, This is a amazing song. Unfortunately, i think this album is very underrated, While I think it is one of the bests clapton' s albuns.

  35. Hugh Carpenter

    I agree with you BBtongirl, a most underrated album, and this is one of Eric's most beautiful songs.

  36. Gus classic rock channel

    Thumbs up (again), want to play this one, real nice vid & song you chose dear Sue.
    rock on
    y friend g : )♪

  37. anorma9

    Awesome job. Thanks for making this.

  38. mark stoebe

    Great song. Thanks for posting.

  39. Gus classic rock channel

    Love this song use to have this album " theres on n every crowd and this is the best song of it, great images and video Sue

  40. Gus classic rock channel

    love this song use to have this album " theres on n every crows" and this ia the besto song of it, great images and video sue, gus

  41. MrJerryWallace

    Is that Carl Radle, George Terry, or Eric on slide guitar? Can you tell me? I don't know. Dick Sims played organ. I think it's probably Carl or George on the slide. Eric plays lead off the slide on the closing bars. He would have needed to record on a second track, if he played slide on this song, as well. Based on 1975 production standards, I doubt Eric played both. My bet is Carl. But it could have been George. Does anyone know? The slide guitar makes this song for me.


    Clapton played side on this album but George Terry played all the major slide work, including on this track. Radle is a bass player that is capable of playing slide guitar but there is no evidence he played such on this album.