Eric Clapton - Forever Man Lyrics

How many times must I tell you babe,
How many bridges I've got to cross?
How many times must I explain myself
Before I can talk to the boss,
'Fore I can talk to the boss?

How many times must I say I love you
Before you finally understand?
Won't you be my forever woman?
I'll try to be your forever man,
Try to be your forever man.

[Repeat Second Verse]

Forever man, forever man, forever man.
Forever man, forever man, forever man.
Try to be your forever man.

Forever man, forever man, forever man.
Forever man, forever man, forever man.
Try to be your forever man.

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Eric Clapton Forever Man Comments
  1. Journeyman

    Called hitting the sweet spot!

  2. aitech nasus

    Forever Man Is A Great Song And Fantastic Wonderful Masterpiece By Eric Clapton.

  3. Leonard Stone

    I get lost in your music. A cheating wife and a beautiful music talented daughter that hung herself

  4. Leonard Stone

    He's amazing

  5. scottiesmusic

    I've seen Eric Clapton 4 times times live back 85....~ best ever!! Such
    good song...old school music??? that's what they call it?? WTF????

  6. Mark Gillard

    And God made Eric Clapton

  7. night_hawk8999

    All I can think of when I listen to this song is the opening to Space Camp as he's driving his Jeep.

  8. しかましげあき


  9. Nivan Blitz

    Lenda viva 👏👏👏👏👊🇧🇷🇧🇷

  10. Joanne Johnson

    Damn he is sexy! He’s got it all. Love his voice (bluesy) and his guitar skills are among the best. Please go on tour near Minnesota.

  11. Homer Cale

    " Clapton is GOD "

  12. Rob Heijnen

    pure philosophy

  13. Denis Trehonin


  14. lennomenno

    Getting airplay Summer 1985

  15. Alan M

    Classic song by Eric a true legend!😎👍👍🍻

  16. Mario Hernandez


  17. jack flash

    Forever guitar God

  18. Alejo C Morales Jr.

    Eric Clapton when you finally pass away Jimi Hendrix will be there Waiting for you 😻

  19. Marek Jastrz

    I discover this track few days ago when I watch Space Camp 1986 nice 80's movie. And this track is so energy!!! Great Eric :)

  20. spaceboy3101

    The lyrics in this song make it sound like one long chorus. I think that's one reason why it's such a high energy, uplifting song. It's high the whole time and never comes down.

  21. 白滝白田


  22. sagrado5

    I came to see Blackie

  23. KEVIN R

    I remember seeing Eric in concert supporting the release of behind the sun album it was on Seattle in mid to late 1980s and I and my best friend were young 20 somethings. Everytime I hear this music i begin to cry from the loss of my friend who lost his battle with leukemia in 2016. It will be 40 years ago I met him labor day weekend 1979 and later became a lead guitar player with our band. God how i miss him and all that he taught me as a big brother in spirit. I pray for God's love and mercy to watch over us all and remember our lives. Goodbye my friend now you can rest in peace. I miss you Curt, your little brother with love Kevin.

  24. Shellcracker Lover

    I always thought he looked like a Confederate soldier in that grey duster. I like it...

  25. にゃんぺ貴寛ワンオクじゆうまひとぅざぴーぽお

    ェリック 869~~LOVETH869~~TH869~~かっこぃ~MyU~ZeXTHLOVETH869~~🌹たかにゃんぺ心ぃっちょ楽しく869~~(*^o^)/\(^-^*)(*^)(*^-^*)ゞ💙💙💙💙💙💙たかひろのとなりにかぇって楽しく遊ぶ~~ゃくそくね869FOReV869~~


    My favorite 💖

  27. Denis Trehonin

    Pure gold!

  28. Pascual Martinez

    I want to dance the arriquitaum. I want to dance with Georgie Dann

  29. 東上一美

    L,mlove song

  30. Bill Jenkins

    Greatest living guitarist.

  31. Hercules Oliveira

    Infelizmente não se faz música como antigamente😞.. I love 80's

  32. BAYSTARS2019

    0:24 鼻 出ちゃいました🎵

  33. Marissa Dower-morgan

    I love this song , but it's so over produced they forgot who he was ,and that he didn't need the trappings of all that Bling ...Just needs to be be real.

  34. dmp1955

    I thought I would never say this, Clapton has always been #1 for me, but I just heard Prince play "My guitar weeps", and I must say...that man can play a guitar! I never knew.

  35. TomokoMurakami

    Were the band expecting inclement weather?

  36. Roosevelt McCarter

    Forever Man from the Lp "Behind The Sun" (1985).

  37. kingtubbyleeperry

    Always misheard “poor little man”...

  38. Thomas Hackney

    Crisp, baby.

  39. Otto By Ograffey

    Clapton is God

  40. Javier Mendoza

    I never did get the long trench coats..🤔

  41. Tami Weatherwax Henderson

    I thought he said foriien man. Any way that is a good song.

  42. tv o-sun

    it is song that i hit when i was a higt school student . i ran record shop to buy this album

  43. Dan Gibson

    Great set, terrific instrumentation, and a super-dynamic presentation by the incomparable Eric Clapton. THANK YOU SIR !

  44. erivelton aguiar

    Chuck Norris rules!

  45. gtrgod lou

    sitn' on the front porch electric gtr unpluged figuring the lead guitar parts on this song. hammer on, & pull offs Simplicity is genius.. :)

  46. Renee Hannan


    Renee Hannan

    message CORRECTION

  47. Rod Salka

    I love ethis song, but I always thought it was '4 level man', so I could never figure out the title. One BING search and I'm here

  48. B St

    The 235 are forever wimps

  49. Euridice Ferreira

    OH YES ME TOO...

  50. Rob Dijkhof

    Fantastic! Sorry for the camera ...

  51. Weston Weigand

    When one of the greatest guitarists and bass players jams with a legendary drummer...

  52. Rachele Normandes

    How many times must I tell you baby
    How many bridges I've got to cross?
    How many times must I explain myself
    Before I can talk to the boss
    'Fore I can talk to the boss?

    How many times must I say I love you

    Before you finally understand?
    Won't you be my forever woman?
    I'll try to be your forever man
    Try to be your forever man

    How many times must I say I love you
    Before you finally understand?
    Won't you be my forever woman?
    I'll try to be your forever man
    Try to be your forever man

    Forever man

    Try to be your forever man

    Forever man

    Try to be your forever man

  53. chronic Stitcher

    I bought the album just for this song.

  54. Green Sombrero

    kinda weird standing on that cake

  55. Osmar Souza Macedo Filho


  56. King Of The North

    I could listen to this Forever... Man

  57. D Aiken

    The late great Jeff Porcaro on drums, the late Donald "Duck" Dunn on bass and Steve Lukather on guitars..... As I understand it, he did this song with the TOTO boys (etch) when switching record labels. Something like that....

  58. Brenda Sukys

    Love his smile...

  59. ginger tom

    WoW love this song and video

  60. tolanstout

    It must be over 30 years since I've seen this video but I've never forgotten that shot of the camera dropping off the crane.

  61. C CC

    It must have been strange trying to play with all these cameras bobbing around

  62. joseph Giordo

    People on youtube will hit the dislike button FOREVER MAN!!

  63. Elaine Dickinson

    One of my all time favorites!!🎶💜🎸💜🎶

  64. leo shapira

    Chuck norris:0

  65. Jeffrey Whittaker

    My introduction into the music business was winning this contract to play this song on stage live! If the crowd loved it I was in if they hated it I was out! Well, I won the attention of the population for over a year with this one song! I am in, for life!

  66. paul paul

    clapton doesn't play a lot of notes but that's what makes him so great, he lets the listener absorb each note unlike say a Bonamassa who just shreds his way aggressively through songs.

  67. Thursday Lane's #2 Fan

    There are two types of creatures on Earth that are able to enjoy such overproduced drivel. 1-Sheep 2-People who were between the ages of 22 and 42 in the 1980's who did a TON of cocaine and had no souls.

  68. Guilherme Rodrigues


  69. dabble778

    1987. Sydney Entertainment Centre. Amazing :-)

  70. Mason McGlynn

    Quite literally the only reason I ever picked up an electric guitar. Big up the Eric, love you always

  71. Marcus Gabriel/ COMPOSER

    That voice and this guitar, this man it God.

  72. Joe Siah

    I could listen to this forever man!

  73. J Ar

    He one of the best!!! Like to see Santana and Erick on stage!!!

  74. Pamela Greenlee

    Donald Duck Dunn on bass holding the groove

  75. Delphine1071

    Love his smile at 1:20, and that duster!! He's a man.....FOREVER.

  76. epictom122

    I’ll confess I’m not a big Clapton fan, but this is incredible

    paul paul

    i recommend you check out his live version of Bad love i think from the early 90s, the solo is incredible.

  77. Tony Nobile

    Slow Hand is man!! All hail King Eric!!

    Virgyl Tracey

    Some say is a God...



  79. Ryan Newland

    Some of Claptons best solo stuff IMHO!

  80. smokestack29

    When I hear this song, all I want is a fast car and the open road.

  81. Darthy Sladen

    Oops, somebody broke a $20K camera!

  82. Monica Stocco

    Eric Clapton ❤❤❤❤❤🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸💋💋💋💋💋

  83. jonboy79

    Remember this on mtv when they just played music.

  84. Tal Shahar

    been watching this video 100th of times first I notice that at 2:42 the camera actuality falls of the stand..ouch those things are EXPENSIVE.

  85. Tidal Tempest86

    This guy is a guitar legend and that's not enough. Puts today's wannabes to the sword.

  86. Luke Hammer

    He’s flipping everyone off lol.

  87. Karen Starks

    Uh!!! So fantastic on so many levels...... top of his game right here.

  88. nick strapko

    Funny how most of the guys in the video did not play on the song

  89. Lauslowhand

    Yes, Clapton Forever Man!!!

  90. Pamela Greenlee

    Lol n cream

  91. johanna mix

    That lil smile he does!

  92. Michael Zumas

    This is gonna sound crazy but 80's Clapton might be my favorite



  94. craig68able

    Donald "Duck" Dunn what else is there to say? Best bass player there ever was!!!

  95. craig68able

    Donald "Duck" Dunn what else is there to be said?