Eric Clapton - Broken Hearted Lyrics

When the wind blows down this hard,
Many a bond is broken.
See the water lie on the ground
From where the heavens opened.

Lord, how will you get through this night
With your dreams departed?
And who alone will comfort you?
Only the broken hearted.

So you've gone beyond your means,
Every wound is open,
Your best laid plans are out of reach,
And all your fears unspoken.

[Repeat First Chorus]

Sweet revenge is spoken then;
In the twilight it is gone.
To living lies with no escape,
Lord, I would rather be alone.

I press my fingers to the wood
To tell you of my dreaming,
To sing you songs from olden times,
To keep the love light gleaming.

'Cause there's a place where we can go,
Where we will not be parted.
And who alone will enter there?
Only the broken hearted.

Only the broken, broken hearted.
Only the broken, broken hearted.
Only the broken, broken hearted.
Only the broken, broken hearted.

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Eric Clapton Broken Hearted Comments

    This song reminds me of getting snapped by a rubber band when I was young by my fat ass brother

  2. Judi Potter

    Amazing song....This is where I've lived since my only son died in 2004, comforted by all the other broken hearted..... :'(

  3. Arda Doğaç Akıncı

    Pilgrim.. Amazing album..

  4. Kent Beery

    Reaching into his soul......

  5. Mike Porro

    He who loves his life will lose it, he who hates his life in this world will find it. John 12:25

  6. vitor hugo Wellenkamp

    Pilgrim...the most sad, profound and personal work of EC, but with wonderful themes.

  7. Rico

    Such a GREAT SONG. Thanks a LOT Eric

  8. Franny jarrell

    You exceed the limitations you go and explore the limits of music lyrics arrangements and performance. There is a lot to be said about your history in music and the path you have set for those to follow. And for this we all thank you. (Loving Life)

  9. David M

    So many years later, I learns to know what that like button is, lol, You are awesome, EC.

  10. Dream Of A Tiger

    I heard only the riff on the radio and I immediately knew this was Clapton. Gr8 song :)

  11. Talha Hassan

    do i hear a drum machine?

  12. Lawrence Sherman

    yep yep another Clapton great
    behind the sun

  13. Tom Vinje

    2018 love this album <3

  14. Mike B

    such a soulful tune!!

  15. David M

    I'm a jackass to not have remembered to put this EC song higher on my list. Great great song.

  16. PaninaroAurora

    I love to play this song while driving on a cold night with a full moon.

  17. robin torro

    That's me, brokenhearted. Over and over. Please take it away.

    Karen Weiner

    Awe hope you find love Robin. I've came to realize it would never happen for me, but I'm now 60 years old. Just don't wait for the love of your life to walk up and knock at your door. Get out there !!!!

  18. christopher perry

    this is the SHIT

  19. Gilberto Ivo

    Uma grande canção de um grande disco (Pilgrim) do mago Eric Clapton.

  20. Bryan Coburn

    You fans won't like this but I heard all of the songs except, "My Father's Eyes" was plagiarized. I am sorry but it seems he hit a dry spell. He is old and spent time chasing "perfect dose" with a needle. He drank heavily for fifty some years. English mind glue. Do you really think he's still writing music? Have you seen him play in the last ten years? Slow hand indeed.

    rob morrison

    lol, what a dummy you are, besides being clueless! EC the greatest guitarist of his generation who laid the ground work and set the bar for all others to attain to! At 72 he still plays phenomenal and his voice has not changed! from 90 to 2000 the man laid the hammer down on how to play the blues, never be surpassed. listen to from the cradle or watch a documentary nothing but the blues and your mind will be blown! Amazing how no talent nobody's critique someone who has more ability in his hair folic then you have period! Enjoy your fame,wealth, family and legacy EC, and laugh at these fools!

    Karen Weiner

    He is and always will be a legend.

  21. Patty Burns

    To my son, may he find peace in this beautiful piece. I miss you my dear boy. Clapton was such a big part of our lives. For that I will always be grateful. 5/83-9/17 forever 33....

    Judi Potter

    Oh, I wish we didn't know how truly broken hearted we are :-( son is forever 35. May you find peace in this song too.

  22. oullah takane bghik awili hbiba diali

    i prefer live versions of this from far ... this one with that stupid guitar effect is just unbearable to me ears

    Greg Smalley

    Then don't listen. The effect in question is tremolo, and is used marvelously and appropriately on this track (assuming you are not referring to the other guitar effect in the background, the fuzz pedal).

    Bob M

    As s hole

  23. Barbara Sylvain

    Lord, how will you get through the night?

  24. newspapertaxis1

    EC has stated in numerous interviews this was his favorite cd. Now everybody sit back, relax,and float away
    with this song.........

    Garret Fitzgerald

    It's a very sad album......

  25. Jason Bray

    it's the essence of the blues, meant to fill you when you are empty...

  26. Keith Baker

    EC's most underrated album.

    Aqua 1111

    Eric are a God.

  27. Garret Fitzgerald

    This is one of Eric's better albums with some very underrated song crafting....

    Garret Fitzgerald

    a very sad album.....


    +Garret Fitzgerald

    I listened to this a lot around the time the 9/11 attacks happened. Very fitting for a dark and sad-time like that if you ask me

  28. KKP20111

    WONDERFUL song!!!

  29. Larry Rodriguez

    im a huge clapton fan. i thought he used a little too much electronics in this album but i still listen to it alot! just amazing. thanks!

  30. OnokoPro

    one of my favorite songs from Clapton <3

  31. Awake Loner


  32. Noah Riddle

    I love this song!!!!

  33. Gerry Kirstein

    ........and who alone will comfort you....................? Brilliant and haunting............truly mesmerizing.........

  34. Glo Lemos

    Who will comfort you - only the broken hearted.  Clapton at his best!

  35. l2string

    So many great layers to this song......drink deeply.


    Hi there! I really like this song and I tried to analyse it, but somehow I couldn't get the meaning of the lyrics. Could you give me some pointers?

    Dr Praful Desai

    drink deeply

  36. Gerry Kirstein

    "..................Sweet revenge is spoken there; in the twilight it is gone....................

  37. palbo4

    Haha what? You're insulting me because I didn't grow up listening to Eric Clapton? Most kids my age have never even heard of him...I can't stand Justin Bieber

  38. Avneet Singh

    well fortunately it has doubled but yes, this song deserves more views

  39. palbo4

    I didn't grow up listening to Eric Clapton and I'm reading your comment...It's been 9 months since you commented and there are 10,758 views haha

  40. pascal jan

    the best eric's album, 98, he has a wonderful voice !

  41. Aaron Wes

    The truth will be revealed unto those who are ready to see it. If you are ready to see and accept the TRUTH about life and death,, go to truthcontest'''com and open "The Present." ..

  42. Roberta Carvalho

    What I great surprise!! I had never listened to this studio version before, only the lives ones.... This is awesome, beautiful, magic!! Thank you!!!

  43. ylcn77ylcn


  44. Matheus Volodka

    its close to double buddy. Hope is the last one to die ^^

  45. jeff sheard

    This record contains some of the most beautiful and profound writing of his amazing career. Bravo Eric, you are a beautiful soul.

  46. Maria Shaw

    Our old Friend of Rock..Mr Clapton.. Wonderful, beautiful and the better among the best of guitarists and songwriters.. Love your music so dear!

  47. Maria Goldhorn

    I love this beautiful song...