Eric Clapton - Born In Time Lyrics

In the lonely night,
In the stardust of a pale moonlight,
I think of you in black and white
When we were made of dreams.

I walked alone through the shaky streets,
Listening to my heart beat
In the record-breaking heat
When we were born in time.

Just when I thought you were gone, you came back
Just when I was ready to receive you.
You were smooth, you were rough,
You were more than enough.
Ah babe, why did I ever leave you
Or believe you?

In the rising curve,
Where the ways of nature will test every nerve,
I took you close and got what I deserve
When we were born in time.

Just when I knew who to thank, you went blank
Just as the firelight was gleaming.
You were snow, you were rain,
You were stripes and you were plain.
Oh babe, can it be you've been scheming
Or was I dreaming?

In the hills of mystery,
In the foggy web of destiny,
You're still so deep inside of me
When we were born in time.

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Eric Clapton Born In Time Comments
  1. do12da

    cool mix of Clapton with the spirit of Dylan.....!!!!

  2. Bugeanu Florin

    ABSOLUTELY, fabulous, good time for you

  3. Linda Anderson


  4. Ljiljana Jovicic

    Amazing song.... Amazing 💝

  5. michael chirrick

    Great tune and a great version but my favorite is still the Helen Schneider cover...

  6. São de Lucia

    Love this one a lot by eric

  7. Music from the heart

    my music group always play this song ..... from the gut!!

  8. dodgecumminsdiesel

    Does it get better than Clapton doing a Dylan tune?? I think not!!

  9. Eye Gotcha

    One of my favorites from E.C.

  10. Tom Dale

    got to give them Masters their due, i hear George Harrison guitar

  11. Enrique Hernandez

    (darned machine scrapped my first copy. autoplay again!) this reminds me of when I found Toffoli is what I look for in painting. this takes a while to listen to. it's sorta spacey. it's sorta predictable, but not exactly. the musician is playing his own music, but with some respect for people who drive trucks or sell lightbulbs or write for the philharmonic. and it doesn't take anything that's not basically fm stereo to bring it to your home, too!

    Enrique Hernandez

    "makes you think" versus "lets you think".

    Enrique Hernandez

    and thanks to Mr. Clapton for deciding to make the effort to get himself here to Las Vegas to perform for some people.

  12. Jose Domingo Stadelman


  13. rishi

    What beautiful thoughts .......blended with an equally beautiful voice and the music composition voice ........I feel blessed. Thanks for the video......I enjoyed every moment of it ......midnight hours.

  14. Blues Rain


  15. Darren Gately

    Thankfully we were born in time for this.

  16. randall scott burress


  17. Jose Salazar Hernandez

    Una version fabulosa !!! , de Bob Dylan

  18. Darren Gately

    This is remarkable. It's like techno with spirituality. It's 15 years old but so true for now. Amazing stuff. Well done Eric. You've done it again.

  19. David Miller

    Bob Dylan wrote it and Eric sang it. How did you expect it to turn out

  20. randall scott burress

    sweet sweet sweet fits exactly what i am thinking

  21. MrZosh

    This was the last song aired by famous german radio station SWF3 until they unite with SDR3 to SWR3.....

  22. acupuncturetelluride

    Does George harrison do the slide guitar on this cut? Sure sounds like it.

  23. douglas jardine

    i love jerry garcias playing in 1993 94 95

  24. randall scott burress


  25. randall scott burress


  26. Victoria Enesco

    This song... i melt... eric clapton is my icone .... he's in my hart!

  27. carole adams

    NO ONE compares to EC.

    cameron Jackson

    Bob Dylan does, right -

  28. Ary Bielawin

    Eric was, is n' always be God. Few people in the world can turn deep feeling's, sorrow and pain in such a beautiful pieces of art, and touch your soul with a guitar, delighted with his music since I've first heard him when I was 9 years old back in the 80s...

    Jerry Shunk

    Ary Bielawin Jehovah is God.

    Steve A

    Jehovah is God

  29. Alison Wild

    Dylan wrote this, but Clapton gives it such a different twist. I was indifferent to Clapton for all my life until now. He got to me.

  30. Selected Views

    ..hmmmm .... wonderful

  31. Ofelia Buenaventura

    This is such an amazingly beautiful song by Eric Clapton! Its my fav song from him! What year's it from?

    Simp Simpson

    Its a Bob Dylan composition

    Larry Pilgrim

    Cant recall the year...album is called "Pilgrim" whole album is amazing

    Ofelia Buenaventura

    @Simp Simpson Really? Didn't know that! Everything about it is beautiful! Fav! 🎶💟

    Charles Oneil

    @Simp Simpson people know that.

  32. Gunnar Andersen

    i love this song, me and my brother used to listen to the whole album, my brother died in 2004. I still listen to this song and the album. Even if it hurts me. And i know that this is a Dylan song btw.

  33. JF TruthSeeker

    good version of à Bob Dylan masterpiece version is on Dylan bootleg session wonderful...

  34. wina Malonzo

    Love u, Eric!!!

  35. Romas M

    born just in time to have a chance to listen to this amazing song

  36. Bjørn Helseth

    One of the most lovely tunes out there ...:)

  37. Eleonora Lilly

    wanderful song love! wao! Fantastic Eric Clapton!

    JF TruthSeeker

    Eleonora Lilly this is a Bob Dylan song :)

  38. Mike Lloyd


    Ofelia Buenaventura

    Mike Lloyd 👍

  39. Music from the heart

    I have loved this song for a long time xoxox

    ren han

    me too.i have been loving it.i have got all kinds of versions of that song.

    Katarzyna Kowalska

    I still love it:)

    Cecilie Blad

    Same here.. It's amazing. 😍

  40. redsneakers10

    A title none but Dylan could have written, simple but somehow mysterious

  41. The Pad

    you are exactly right a brain defect caused by an education that was taken on by oneself .
    tried to fulfill what an understood classical education was for those of a period of bygone days. tell you this mr. chips loved me because I asked questions that challenged his authority and gave pause to reason. ......sldc

  42. Bujor Voinea

    I do not believe!

    The Pad

    what don't you believe, in love that time can be bridged or that an unknown colour cou l d be favoured what is there that peop l e can't suspend disbel I effort long enough to allow the universe to answer those questions thar have floated on stardust for millinea to be brought forward to the here and now. sldc

  43. sandyann888

    Can this man do anything wrong?

    carole adams

    no. absolutely not!!!

  44. newspapertaxis1

    Sorry Zimmy, E.C's version is better. More soul in it !!!!

    Simp Simpson

    Dylans bootleg version is the one , man


    Tell Tale Signs Version #2 👌 Unbeatable.

  45. Linda Cooper

    ah yes..this amazing singer HAS NEVER disappointed me on any song that he does ! SO TALENTED , such a great voice . Thanks Eric for making this song worth listening to ..sorry Bob Dylan ....never stop ERIC CLAPTON !

    Nigel Lesgett

    Bobs version puts a lump in my throat and so does Erics.

  46. Kathy Taylor

    Oh my..... thank you so very much!

  47. William Earlenbaugh

    One of my favorite songs by Eric. The Album is the best.

    David M

    Top 30 for me, no question. Very nice.

    Eye Gotcha

    William Earlenbaugh
    Ditto 👍🏻

  48. Peg Davis

    Great Dylan tune.  Love Clapton's take on it, but wish an actual drummer was used instead of the harsh digital drum program.  It really hurts the ears.  Being the huge Clapton fan I am, I am a bit disappointed in the laziness of the production crew on this one.

    ren han

    god,i feel somehow mean. don't u?

    randall scott burress

    I don't really smoke pot but we would be a whole lot better off and you could go back and smoke a boat-load?? Hash/maybe?

    Darren Gately

    Peg Davis yes I feel maybe the drum volume might be better lowered about 3 percent as it obscures the vocals a little at times

    John Tustin

    Totally. He even used the superior original lyrics.

  49. Maly Ryal

    Tiempo de Nacer
    Otra oportunidad para los que ya estamos aquí...

  50. Karin Staudt

    Ein sehr schöner Song.

  51. RonJammin

    Amazing song from EC, really great album as well. #BorninTime #EricClapton  

    Peter Higginson

    +RonJammin its a dylan song x

  52. brandon haven

    Thank you