Eric Clapton - Anyway The Wind Blows Lyrics

Some like this and some like that
And some don't know where it's at
If you don't get loose, if you don't groove
Well, your motor won't make it and your motor won't move
Bow-legged woman doing the boogaloo
She got a jive, she got a move
Turn around, do it again
Bow-legged woman, where you been
Fat Jack owns a honky-tonk downtown
You can catch a woman if you hang around
You can tear down the door, tear down the wall
Fat Jack he don't care at all
Easy come, easy go
Anyway the wind blows

Hey, drummer, drummer, can you give me that beat
Can you give me that beat, got to move my feet
Guitar player been all around the world
But he can't play a lick for looking at the girls
One two three four five six seven
Well, you'd better change your ways or you won't get to heaven
Eight nine ten, gonna stop at eleven
Eleven just lays around with seven
Some like this and some like that
And some don't know where it's at
If you don't get loose, if you don't groove
Well, your motor won't make it and your motor won't move
Easy come, easy go
Anyway the wind blows

If time don't tell you then don't ask me
I'm riding on a hurricane down to the sea
If you can't hear the music, turn it up loud
There's movement in the air and movement in the crowd
Some like this and some like that
And some don't know where it's at
If you don't get loose, if you don't groove
Well, your motor won't make it and your motor won't move
Easy come, easy go
Anyway the wind blows

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Eric Clapton Anyway The Wind Blows Comments
  1. Abdel Abdelmalek

    I blame my self for not knowing this song until today

  2. Kat Masterson

    Does anyone realize he wrote Layla

  3. Kat Masterson

    Mighty fine guys..
    smooth as silk

  4. Pierre Ponnet

    ..dat is voor gitaar...kunstenaars  en ik denk aan ....zoals dr.........

  5. alex Kominski


  6. rusty bird

    I've seen god!!!!!

  7. Barbara Stepien-foad

    This is JJ Calles song yet they all look towards Clapton's WTF?

  8. Jeff Murphy

    JJ never looks happy, there’s a lot of sadness in his eyes

  9. Tino j. Prieto Aguilar

    una maravilla de encuentro. gracias y abrazos para todxs

  10. Wladek Wloszcz

    J.J. has been, and is, part of my life

  11. Lori Janicke

    Miss you JJ. ♥

  12. Gabriel Miquel

    JJ Cale was just the coolest

  13. 東上一美

    J,Cale is charming simple man,

  14. TED C

    Goose bump city...

  15. corellou cris

    love JJ cale

  16. Lenay Russell

    And Doyle <3

  17. Ian Huddleston

    20 thousand likes.... 917 losers lol

  18. utente Utente


  19. Altaf Altaf

    One song music syllabus.Derek Trucks is all eyes on JJ Cale .this is adoration from a worthy master in his own rights.

  20. Hessteothai

    Fuck! If this energy could be concentrated we would not need gasoline!

  21. Hessteothai

    Huahhh! ! What a synchronization! Pure energy!! It's like getting on a train in full gear.

  22. Lee Davis

    never heard this until tonight,what else have i missed that's sooo sweet

  23. mosesmoses2000

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  24. Elisabeth Sautarel

    Génial !!!

  25. Gary Flater

    Intro is the same as Fishiin'In The Dark

  26. Cory L Swiggum

    Love him an his music

  27. callyharley

    Anyone know the chord for this song? ;-)

  28. Aloise Mason

    Hey..this is great..I like the music and got a good beat..fantastic..Easy Come..Easy Go...that's my line

  29. ZiegenpeterOne

    HHhhmm - LOVE IT! One of their best´s...

  30. Redouane Elhachmi

    ❤Eric Clapton👑 ❤J.J cale👑 💞💞💞💞

  31. Joseph Carpenter

    Who is the Lefty .?

  32. Tony Grönman

    2 kings

  33. Mark M

    you gotta like how Trucks & Bramhall are watching how Cale plays...priceless...

  34. Пламен Ангелов


  35. wackeldackel13

    that's just great

  36. Jacqueline Metelica

    The Connection they have just makes me cry for what I want with humans. Look at them all look one toward Eric..Bliss.

  37. Jacqueline Metelica

    Bow legged man where you been?

  38. Jacqueline Metelica

    Up. Take me UP Boys..

  39. James MacElwain

    Loved and miss JJ...broke the mold when he passed on...RIP JJ...

  40. Joyce Arnold

    Who is the guy in the blond pony tail

    Dave Cotant

    derek trucks baby

  41. WV591

    Music and Art...the only two professions that don't / can't discriminate against age.

  42. Martin Hall

    So much mutual appreciation going round on that stage

  43. Eberhard Schmidt

    Einfach großartig !! 2007 bei "Live in San Diego" trafen - neben der blendend aufgelegten Rhythmus Section - vier Ausnahmemusiker an der Gitarre (nicht nur im Akustikteil) zusammen, denen zuzuschauen und zuzuhören ein ganz großes Vergnügen ist. RiP, JJ !

  44. Dancing Trout

    aint no heavy load...... might stay here.... no body hidin from here

    Daniel Deneau

    He ain't heavy he's my brother - good ol boys having fun - RIP JJ

  45. Κανενας Φωτια

    Great person.!!! 😊 🌈 👌

  46. Bernard Leclerc

    Real masters.

  47. michael wallden

    this is so much more than music, amazing stuff and amazing musicians

  48. Antonela Hernandez

    sos unos genios ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  49. Altaf Altaf

    Guitar there . Sitar here.
    Easy come.Easy go.
    More so don't go.

  50. michael bellach

    voll genial..hammergeil..

  51. johnny bhoy


  52. Betty pauley

    I love these two together. Cale was a treasure. I have never saw anyone ever play guitar with such ease. He was so relaxed . R.I.P. Cale love you.A great and gentle man.

  53. Gary Allen

    Mr breeze and slow hand.

  54. N N

    Anyhow play some music

  55. Stephan Coleman-Prest

    This has to be the best tune i have ever heard from these two just want to learn it severely the tune literately picks you up and makes you wanna boogie ,Love this tune sorry jj cale is gone now r.i.p. jj

  56. John C G

    The country-blues guitar summit. I cannot imagine it being any better than this.
    One great regret I have is never having seen JJ live. RIP, man.

  57. Benoit Vanhees

    No fancy or distasteful tattoos, silly earpiercings, golden chains and crosses or whatever other ridiculous trivia needed here, just pure talent will do the trick.

  58. Ashokan Arunachalam

    Superb! The three on the side know who the MASTER is!

  59. modeste nomad

    a true musician, not a sick popstar
    and a nice personality....
    clapton honored him....💕💕💕


  61. Dave Fawcett

    I fucking love this and the faces between them all is beautiful...

  62. Dale Green Bear

    Words cant do this vibe these cats just unleashed into the atmosphere any justice. That's a groove that perminates & is there for you to tap into. When EC, Derek & JJ get together the world balances perfectly, smooth cats, deep soul, kindred spirits. Duane Allman is digging this from his favorite fishing hole
    Not to mention Doyle. His left handed chug moves this piece


    Eternels***** 👋👍

  64. Freddie Ferrara

    Play that Slide Mr. Trucks!!!! Great !!!!

  65. Freddie Ferrara


  66. Jacqueline Metelica

    I myself am in Awe of Eric C. guitar heart to finger,,,I really don't know what to call it..but flawless sound. Untouched perhaps..Innocent. Pure..Ouch _ I am sure that hurts some..but I do not ideallize him. Not at all. I see him as a Brother. Just doing his best who happens to be the best Guided HG person ever. Too Me.

  67. Jacqueline Metelica

    None of them can take their eyes off Eric's hands on his guitar..God Smacked. That is ALL.


    Jacqueline Metelica Brzezinski God smacked?

  68. Jacqueline Metelica

    I can put on my moccasins and sun dance.

  69. Jacqueline Metelica

    I think I just died and went to Heaven..Heaven is so much love that right here, right now can work..Well Eric and this Pod Rock..Wow..Eric is my musical soul mate. I trust his Word..on Love and Life and how to TURN A MOOD.

  70. Brenda Benoit

    Toe tapping music...

  71. Mc Bain

    JJ a perfect example of talent but no charisma .

  72. Jeff Stranks

    If there's reincarnation, please let me come back as JJ Cale.

  73. Branko Vesa


  74. Rony Blade

    J J Cale était un artiste hors du commun. Mon guitariste préféré doué d'une grande sensibilité ..

  75. luciano bavosi

    Grazie di essere esistiti

  76. Bernard Leclerc

    This is pure, real and breathtaking music. Real masters.

  77. michele goudie

    How true John Sinclair

  78. dacfoto

    One of many great collaborations.

  79. SGTJDerek

    They just don't make music like this anymore.

  80. Mark Orman

    Is that Derek Trucks on slide guitar?

    Eberhard Schmidt

    Mark Orman: yes

  81. liveatvictoria

    This is great thank you for sharing Eric!!!! Loved listening to JJ Cale, I of course didn't know the man, but through his music and luv'ed what I knew of him, see why you'd miss the fellow so much. Best to you.

  82. XenoKaiju

    This is such an infectious, likable and groovy tune!

  83. mr aamsac

    Sheer magic.

  84. Bat Man Excelent.

  85. Newlife Orhan

    Those close ups are priceless! The way that Clapton and Cale were reading each other like master magicians with their wands!

  86. Incognitoghost

    725 people must live in music hell. To not be able to enjoy this video , oh what a sad life.... no nectar of the God's for as long as they musicate. Ah so's...ah so's, every one of em..ah so-so's is all they'll ever be...

  87. David Bailey

    YouTube add account to smart TV LG-55LH5750-UB CRD. XXR KZZ

    David Bailey


    David Bailey SCNL DFFF

    David Bailey SDNL DFFF

  88. Redouane Elhachmi


  89. Rod Jackson

    Awesome players old and young. Music is the universal tie. Visual clarity cannot better. Just love all of you.Been in tune with Eric clapton since Cream . A few years

  90. Redouane Lhachimi

    ERIC👑 & JJ👑 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  91. Thomas Heinrich

    Besser geht´s nicht.

  92. Bob Johnston

    This song reminds me of Robert Balfour's Hill Stomp with the droning bass. JJ Cale wrote and played some awesome tunes that I could listen to all day. This one over and over.

  93. Wladek Wloszcz

    Miss you so much, J.J.

  94. jabba da hutt

    God bless you, jj cale

  95. jurriaan Adema