Eric Benet - Gonna Be My Girl Lyrics

First time I ever saw you
Was in crowded caffe
I was starring at my future
Face to face.
You were like a loving memory,
Though we never met before
And you smiled, and my heart was yours forever more!
Of all the things I've known they came true
I've never been so sure in all my life,
I don't know how, no no
I don't know where, don't know where
I don't know what I'm gonna say
To make it all begin,
But I do know one thing, one thing
Sure as anything,
Sure love is still alive in this world
You gonna be my girl!
You gonna be, gonna be
You gonna be my girl.
I was going through soem changes
And I know I broke your heart
But I'm working on myself since we've been apart
Yes, girl...

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Eric Benet Gonna Be My Girl Comments
  1. donald vigan

    He killed this song wow what the hell is that ? Yeah you gonna be my girl


    Love-Love-Love-Love; I LOVE THIS SONG with a PASSION, and I Love you BABY, you're the greatest gift I ever received. Thank you!!!!

  3. Officialjamiermusic

    Love this song beautiful and what a singer r&b at its best

  4. Candice Badu

    Beautiful song

  5. Moreprofound

    no soul :)
    and one song for the tone-deaf

  6. Barbie Doll

    i listen to it every and all day while i am on my way too work

  7. Barbie Doll

    love it

  8. hicksman72

    Deep song and so smooth and true, sometimes you don't know how, u just know u will somehow...

  9. TJ Matthews

    Why didn't they make the music and video? Smh

  10. allen king

    people dont even realize that this is one of the best song's eric benet ever wrote and sung

  11. Keyonna Rooks


  12. Anabell Esquivel

    Heard this song and thought of you and us and the things you said to me.....and yes I became your girl FENA.

  13. Keyonna Rooks

    What you said

  14. Keyonna Rooks

    I Love It to

  15. Keyonna Rooks

    That song was the fire.

  16. kinsley moore

    Love It!