Eric Bellinger - The Process Lyrics

Way cooler than a AC

I be like you ready, you say, 'Not yet' (Yeah)
I never be tripping when you're not dressed (Yeah)
I don't mind waiting, baby, I promise
Girl, I understand that it's a process, yeah, yeah
Got your mirror lights on (On)
Turn your Spotify on (On)
Pull you heels out, lay your dress out, put your make up on (On)
Damn, your contours strong
Throw them eyelashes on (On)
'Fore you head out, let your hair down while you sing this song

Girl, it's a process (Yeah)
I know it's a process (Yeah)
I fuck with your process (Yeah)
You can take your time (Yeah)
Girl, it's a process (Yeah)
I know it's a process (Yeah)
Respect to the process (Yeah)
Just don't talk all night

I be like you ready, you say, 'Not yet'
Girl, I understand that it's a process

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Eric Bellinger The Process Comments
  1. brownskinziah GÄÑG

    Why is it so short☹️☹️😞

  2. Tori Holmes

    Omgg I need soo much more 💕!!! This needs to be at least 5 minutes 😂

  3. Jurgen P

    is it just me or does the guitar sound a lot like neighbors know my name by trey 🤔

  4. Compilação Ana shakur


  5. Ronny Brown

    Ong this bop so hard I just wish this song was longer frfr🔥🔥🔥💯🤦‍♂️😭😂

  6. WhiteLotus5X

    As soon as we get started making going hard I hear a Knock ... Knock ... knocking on the walls 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Victor Vasquez Jr.

    I Be like you ready, you say Not yet! ....Girl I understand there's a process! 🔥🔥🔥facts!

  8. mich


  9. Sonya Watson

    @Ionathemua brought me here😍

  10. Nami. Maya

    So why this not number 1 ? Cuz its short? He literally telling y'all that he finally understand your hour long "Im almost ready" 's! Yall should be bopping this! But of course yall ain't😭😭 i want him to get his recognition so badly.

  11. Tommy Fat tengz

    Guitar Kinda sounds like neighbours know my name by Trigga trey


    Tommy Fat tengz I think it’s actually a sample of it


    Facts lol

  12. Liz Sem

    The only words coming out of my mouth is FIRE❤️❤️❤️🔥

  13. Shay B

    Too good to be Too mf short I’m finna cut my hair short . I hate it here !!

  14. Cinayah Shuler

    Need it to be longer this is my second favorite so far

  15. Cinayah Shuler

    Why is it so short

  16. Daquante’ Mayfield


  17. Tameka Winchester

    Who likes before listening?

    Issa. evelyn

    me lol if i like the person

    Latonya Ransom

    Me!!!! Eric Bellinger knows he can sing hus a** off