Eric B. & Rakim - As The Rhyme Goes On Lyrics

Knowledge will begin until I finish this song
'Cuz the rhyme gets rougher as the rhyme goes on
You sweat as you step about to get hype
Or should you just listen to the man on the mic
You're physically in this with me but how could you tell
If it's meant to be hip-hop if you're not mentally as well
Ready to absorb the rhyme that I just poured
Into the mic and so unite and this won't be so bored
If you just keep kickin' listen - to the mix
And think you'll sink into the rhyme like quicksand
Holds and controls you 'til I leave
You fall deeper in the style - it's hard to breathe
The only time I stop is when somebody drop and then
Bring 'em to the front 'cuz my rhymes' the oxygen
Then wave your hands - when you're ready I'll send you
Into your favorite dance so let the rhyme continue
And so on and I'ma go on simultaneously
And even if I stop - the rhyme remains to be
Rising to the top - and I came to drop it
Catch it and quiz it - is my topic
Universual 'cuz I move everybody to come
By exercising your mind you'll coincide as one
You look around and see how packed the party starts to get
I draw a crowd - like an architect
The five borroughs react and all the islands attract
And every state can't wait - so they attack
off a spot on the floor - squeeze in cuz it's packed
It'll be more room if MC's play the back
I'm the R the A to the K-I-M
If I wasn't, then why would I say I am
The microphone fiend if I was a fake
Whoever said it's just buggin' off the rhymes I make
I had you biting your tongue for what I brung and recite
Sung it on stage some said it don't sound like
The voice on the record - I see what you mean
Because the system was wack, so I had to scream
So just - give me a mic if it's loud I'll blow it
If not - into the crowd I'll throw it
Pull out my cordless mic and entertain you well
Before I let go I'ma spark your brain cells
I took time to write - tonight I will recite
So poetically inclined when the mic is held tight
Rhymes start flowin' kisses are blowin
MC's are knowin' that's why they're goin
Home to tell a friend when the party ends
"Yo, man you know Rakim? That brother struck again"
Cuz mic by mic and stage by stage,
Tape by tape and page by page,
When the crowd is moving I compete with the mix
The rougher the cuts - the rougher the rhyme gets
Deeper and Deeper - I hope you understand it
I made it up myself and I planned it
For other MC's who waste time
Writing jokes, riddles, and maybe a rhyme
I cross my arms and I was waiting - but I was hating
The rappers on the microphone was fronting - just faking
They wasn't breakin', which means I was achin'
To get up on the microphone and then start takin'
Control of the mic - uptight when I grabbed it
So hug the speaker- your ear's a magnet
Attracted to a freestyle put in effect
You listen to my man while you're sippin' Moet
So Eric, pick up the needle (yeah) put it in the middle (ahhight)
Give me a scratch, turn my Mic up a little,
I want you to hear this perfectly clear
Catch what I'm sayin'? You get the idea?
I hope you knowledge the beginning cuz I'm finished this song
The rhyme gets rougher as the rhyme flows on...

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Eric B. & Rakim As The Rhyme Goes On Comments
  1. Scientific19


  2. Derrick Leon

    I draw a crowd like a architect damn he's unstoppable .who can you compare him to

  3. mostmost1

    Open spot on the floor, squeeze in if its packed, it would be more room if EMCEES played the back! Kool Moe Dee who was almost 10 years in the game before Rakim said Emcees would gather around Russel Simmons to hear the next Eric B and Rakim songs. DAMN


    Paid in Full is still $16.99...nuff said!!!

  5. अष्टावक्रः ashtavakra

    " nas, i am your father "

  6. King Cola

    The only time I stopped is when somebody drop and then bring them to the front cuz my Rhymes the oxygen I'm the biggest Rakim fan ever one of the greatest line by the greatest of all time the greatest rapper in history no competition oh that's another dope ass song with prolific lyrics when it comes to rap this guy is God has down

  7. Violence Is Fun

    I'm an S to the A - T - A - N - ist,
    Not really I'm a Jehovah's witness,
    I'll show up at your door just to ruin your day,
    When you're trying to watch porn, I try and get you to pray

  8. Loris Majestic

    Right When Rakim Start To Rap At 00:18 sec You Can Directly Feel That This Man Is Indeed The GOD MC.

  9. Derrick luv

    Top 5 Rappers

    1. Pac and Rakim both #1 in my book
    2. Ice Cube
    3. Slicc Rick
    4. Soulja Slim
    5. Jay Z

  10. Derrick luv

    My very 1st album , straight CLASSIC!

  11. Aj Icewater

    Maybe the most unmentioned track by Eric B And Rakim but probably one of the most illest...not many effin' with Ra

  12. Tony Barker

    My sophmore junior year in highschool
    Great time in Hip Hop

  13. Jack Lyons

    Timeless 😍😍😍😍😍

  14. Teresa

    Todays rappers have no intellegence.

  15. Walidah Salahuddin

    Dope. Still in 2019....That is all

  16. OJ’s Bloody Glove

    For any of the younger generation who can’t comprehend what Rakim meant to Hip-Hop… he’s the Kendrick Lamar of the 80’s.

  17. Derrick Leon

    Best rapper of all times.

  18. MR_DIATRIBE 23

    peace to Guru!!!!

  19. Donovan Williams

    Still knocking in 2019!!!!

  20. Monala Neutral

    The flip flop rappers better not never ever challenge Tha M.C. God of Hip Hop to a Rapp battle 😆😅😄😃😂 THEIR skinny jeans career is OVER .

  21. christopher jones

    Listen to his lyricism!!! Damn!!!!!

  22. gore buster

    I'm the R to the A to the K-I-M
    If I wasn't then why would I say I am?

  23. guess who

    The best hip hop/rap song ever in life made!! & the best lyrical Mc ever!!..Rakim #1 hamds down💯

  24. Mr.C H

    One of the illest beats EVER 🔥🔥🔥

  25. Brawl Nation

    Yo could never catch this joint from beginning when I was tapin it on Mr Magic and Marly Marl show, get up go do some dumb shit come back it b on, press record and get half the song, was mad as shit!! Studied this like homework, can remember every line but not pre calculus

  26. Jj J

    Salute. Peace to the God's


    Hey guys,i used to play Nintendo "T&C Surf&Skate" to this rap in '87 when i was 15. It help me beat the game

  28. james benson

    RAKIM was COLD I draw a rhyme like a architect

  29. Jayy T

    Who else thought he was going to say "In the paper the news every day I am"

  30. Rocko Alvarez

    I first heard this in 1987 i had never heard the simoutanius flow it was its rare no one can top him he was at beggining

  31. Ameenah Lewis

    Fuk big daddy kane n the 18th letter no comparison 18th 4 eva greatest of all time hands down

  32. lanceuppercut1278

    That’s crazy. He never stopped. He basically just spit one long verse.

  33. Yao Black

    The sample of ocean sounds, suggesting infinity, the harp or whatever adding a sense of mystery. The bass adding a jazzy accent. Boom bap underneath. Rakim sick in the pocket. Using his voice like a goddamn instrument. Syncopating his flow. Slowing it down, speeding it up around the beat, the snares in a SINGLE take. No chorus. Just infinite lyrics. A multitude of flows, incredible visuals, metaphors and rhyme structures. Revolutionary as fuck. Still banging in 2019.

  34. Da HTown Hustla

    This song..... Damn this song, even without cuss words, is hard as FUCK!

  35. harleiux12

    You can not ride a beat any better than that!!!!!!!!!

    And everything rhymed while telling a story..... hip hop at its finest!!

  36. Keith B

    Fab 5 freddy made this track for Rakim....who would've guessed

  37. Antonio Baylor

    One of 2Pac All time favorite

  38. MrBlactye

    This ish sound so damn good. Rakim maybe one the Greatest Lyricist Ever.

  39. Raphael Morales


  40. King J-Walk

    “Look around, see how pack the party get/ I draw a crowd, like an architect”....aye he ate this mf !

  41. Al Hurst

    Rakim said " the only time I'll stop is when somebody drops and then bring them to the front cause my rhymes the oxygen".. smdh.. this dude was unrivaled on the Mic.. #theGOAT


    Mic-by-mic and Stage-by-stage

  43. Bryant Williams

    4 minutes and 2 sec. Of nothing but bars. No hook just bars; the best M.C alive Rakim Da God💯💯🔥🥇

  44. Jaden Frazier

    2019 and beyond. Peace to the nation

  45. Mike Hunter

    The dopest mcs ever rakim, krs-One, kool g. Rap, big L., grand puba, L L cool j., mc shan, oc, intelligent hoodlum

  46. Mike Hunter

    Rakim sampled the beastie boys pump it up home boy



  48. emiliano terriquez

    that barry white sample got absolutely slaughtered here. dam son.

  49. AL Haynes

    Rakim 'The L to the E to the GENDARY".

  50. J4FRosi

    I loved it...i love it...i willever love it

  51. Robert Vincent

    Welcome to the art of mc'ing!

  52. Rafael Smith

    According to Patrick Adams, the engineer of this track, this was done in one take. Sheesh.

  53. What's Really Good 614

    Who's still listening in 2019

  54. Sherrod

    He gave birth 2 Nas Eminem Jay-Z excetera excetera.. The list goes on and on!


    IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR THEN SEE FROM WHERE THIS GID GOT HIS STRENGTH. 30+ years the God preceded the unalike Eminem is a lesson in and of itself for those that know. Em could write a rhyme anywhere near this! The flow, the jewels the true representation of a culture and time long forgotten. Go listen to this

  56. L Reid

    Phat ropes

  57. rah shaky

    Still Listening 2019

  58. Eric Miller

    Rakim is not playing around on this one......He says, "Ready to absorb the rhyme that I just poooured into the mic, so unite and this won't be so bored"....Your brain literally absorbs every word, and honestly it changes you....then he goes on to say...."You fall deeper into the style, it's hard to breathe.....The only time I stop is when somebody drop, and then bring them to the front cuz my Rhyme's the Oxygen"....You literally become hypnotized by his words as you fall deeper into the trance of the lyrical journey he's prepariing to take you on; but unknowingly, you've already been on that journey for several minutes, as the rhyme continues to get deeper and more complex. It pulls you in like the undertow and currents from the ocean, and there's nothing you can do about it except let go, enjoy the ride and be amazed at the lyrical word play while the metaphors are blowing your earthly mind away....Eminem or any other EmCee that I can think of has never been able to do that to this degree. That's why Rakim is a GOD EMCEE. many say that Big Daddy Kane is his equal, but I don't think so.....


    BDK wouldn't stand a chance against the ra.

  59. Eric Miller

    "The only time I stop is when somebody drop, and then bring them to the front cuz my rhyme's the Oxygen"...... That shit is so damn clever

  60. Top Flight

    2018. Pump it up homeboy

  61. Jushandsum

    The most complete hip-hop song ever...!!!

  62. Thomas Dean

    Love the way the bass, drums, and Rakim's lyrics work together on this... Eric Barrier, unsung hero... this should've been on The Book of Life...

  63. Robin Munkelwitz

    at the time everybody had that loud and Rakim and Eric B were both quiet calm type people.

  64. Robin Munkelwitz

    in the interview that Rakim and Nas just did together not said this was one of his favorite songs by Rakim.
    he said even Eminem use that verse "if I wasn't then why would I say I am" but he's also said that he liked every song on the paid in full album and the next album.

  65. Matt Murphy

    This is levels above your average emcee, rapper, whatever, etc✌

  66. Rakim Auphie

    That's my NAAAMEEEEEEE

  67. Antonio Baylor


  68. Pharaoh Dallas Williams

    Ra has The Best Flow of all Times.....

  69. Bryant Williams

    Real hip hop..

  70. justus nimely


  71. Mah 88

    Hard to believe he was only like 17

  72. GodBody

    The illest Lyricist the Malcolm X of Hip Hop.! Facts


    KRS-One would be the malcolm x of hip-hop.


    Chuck D is Malcom X. But KRS is more of a Farrakhan 😂

  73. Blac Poet

    Nothing has never came close to this album 💯✊🏾♠️

  74. Timothy Parker

    One of the illest flows, ever spit into a mic, and pushed out a speaker.

  75. JBoogie510

    The greatest verse ever written. Pure poetry.

  76. Thomas Dean

    Absolutely love this track. A lot of people big up Rakim but there's a reason Eric B.'s name came first... the way the drums and bass work together is phenomenal...



  78. nhollowayiii

    "When the crowd is moving I compete with the mix, the rougher the cuts the rougher the rhyme gets".... If that doesn't getcha nothing will.

  79. The Supremacy

    The 40 ppl with the thumbs down need to be found and mentally examined. Maybe they can contribute to helping scientist find the cause of being RETARDED!

  80. Torey Storey

    2018..PEACE to the God's. still competition is none..?!

  81. calvin smith

    I across my arms and i was waiting and just hating the rapper on the microphone was fronting just faking there was a break in which means i was aching to get upon the microphone and then start taking

  82. Djuan Herbert

    No cussing, no n word, no nonsense, straightforward classic

  83. James Holifield

    your favorite rapper's favorite rapper

  84. Omowàle Zaquir

    This is my favorite Rakim cut off all time. I know the Classics are Massive, but this joint is so overlooked and underrated, it's damn near criminal.

    Just listen to the cadence, flow, narration, illustration, artistry and mastery of these lyrics. It's a masterclass in the art of Emceeing!

    #The God

    Yao Black

    Omowàle Zaquir 100

    Jermaine Williams

    This has always been my favorite.

  85. Larry Williams

    The true GOAT

  86. Larry Norman

    Rakim was always my favorite rapper ever. It's so sad what rap has turned into. It's hard to stomach today's hip-hop.

  87. OG KC

    I heard my pops play in this I was like whoa!! lol Rakim is the truth boi

  88. Mr Professor

    I draw the an architect...mindblowing metaphor esp for 87

  89. Pacific Chief

    Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper.

  90. Hebrew Loc

    To me these guys are Rap, are Hip-Hop, without them rap would be very different today. I grew up on the 80's-90's Rap/Hip-Hop and some of the best groups came out. Ill i need is a 10 disc CD changer with Eric B & Rakim, Rodney O & Joe Cooley, KRS1 & BDP, Chuck D & P.E., RunDMC, Beastie Boys, 3rd Base, the Hard Boys, N.W.A., The Fat Boys and im good.

  91. Jay Jensen

    That man said " my ryhmes the oxygen "

  92. Niko Andrikopoulos

    So Dope!

  93. GodBody

    I'm gonna put it in a way that a kid could understand .........When you played Any of the R music Nobody I'm Mean NOBODY WAS SMILING! it got super HARD in the atmosphere! NOOO MC in those days change you're mood like the people's champ Rakim.Just to let you all know the ladies were digging it because it made the guys look even that much more masculine . PS guys knew not to come with this silly femininity body gestures that you see a lot of guys do today, plain and simple if you did ..... Your jaw got broke!!!!

  94. Rapp Derty

    The G.O.A.T!!!!!💯👍

  95. Lino Rodriguez

    Rakim's rhymes on this one, as in his other cuts, are insane. This one just happens to have even doper lines and metaphors. "The 5 boroughs react and all the islands attract and every state can't wait, so they attack an open spot on the floor squeezed in cuz it's packed but there would be more room if emcees played the back. I'm the R the A to the KIM, if I wasn't, then why would I say I am". A beast

  96. Sf Bryant

    "The only time I stop is when somebody drop...bring'em to front cuz my rhymes the oxygen."whhoooo

    corneil Madison

    I was just listening to that part, that's why he's #1 nuf said he doesn't just rhymes or MCs he educates

  97. Edward Philips

    This shit so hot burns ya ears fire

  98. Francisco Deanda

    still one of the illest songs I ever heard!