Epica - Martyr Of The Free World Lyrics

Speaking in degradation
A conversation can take a sudden turn
And reaching the point of violence
Because your silence left you without a hand to hold

Your past will lead you on to make...

Making a final judgment
Based on your bias will never bring you forward
Terror should never guide you
For even the fearful can take a beating in the end

Suspicion gets you nowhere

Those who denounce a way of life
Will stand alone
Left to atone their social blunders
If you gun down the messenger
You guarantee that he will be made
Into a saint
The martyr of the free word

I will say what I think
I will do what I say
When liberty seems out of reach
We'll fight for our freedom of speech

Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine, et lux perpetua luceat eis

Missing a simple context
A mental weakness can throw you out of balance
Listen, respect each other

It's not too late for mercy

I will say what I think
I will do what I say
When liberty seems out of reach
We'll fight for our freedom of speech

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Epica Martyr Of The Free World Comments
  1. William Hermanson

    This album really passed the test of time. When you put it on its just perfect. I wish they had the same passion.

  2. noekd87

    Yeah the best band!!! 🤘🤘

  3. Iván

    2:44 EARGASM

  4. Cesar Castro

    This voice melody was obviously inspired by Scorpions' Sails of Charon

  5. Hezekiah Rodriguez

    *it musn't always end in hate

  6. Evo Games

    This song sounds a lot like Sails of Charon by Scorpions. Although both are very good songs!

  7. WakeUp!

    EPICA is the best Metal Band in the World !

  8. Stelios Noulis


  9. TheFuriator

    I forgot how good this song is


    number 1 from desigh your universe.

  11. Chris F

    amo esa intro


    excellent solo and magnific screams of mark jansen and very beautyfull simone vocal.


    the best song of desigh your universe.


    best of my favoryte allbum desygn your universe

  15. SpectterYT

    Plz somebody play this theme in my funeral !!! (<-Wait wut r u nutz?)


  16. Carin

    Really when I heard The Phantom Agony my first thought was "Eh another goth wannabe band with pseudo-opera whining girl on vocals" but they've changed so much! They deserve more attention

  17. Carin

    Epica is the best symphonic metal band out there. It's really METAL especially since 2009, Isaak is great guitarist I'm so happy they got him.
    Lyrics are metal too. I mean, serious themes such as social problems, ecology, physics.. not that whining about love or other bullshit.
    Contrary to stereotypes metal is one of the most intelligent genres. And Epica contrary to stereotypes about "female fronted metal" (I hate this tag) are brilliant musicians.

    Snazzy Jovial Wyrm

    I know what oyu mean about the "female fronted metal" part. It's just like with the "Screamo" tag, which is a derogatory term to describe metal bands that use unclean vocals. I honestly do not believe in such a term, as metal is simply a genre of music that has a lot of unclean vocals. Whether they're in the form of deep growls, high pitch screaches, or just raspy vocals in general, they're considered to be unclean.

    Hezekiah Rodriguez

    I could not agree more. :-)


    I listen to extreme stuff like Mgla still like Epica

    Ponyboy Curtis

    before saying this you may want to check out Floor Janson and Nightwish same type of music or check out Epica's Sancta Terra to at least hear Floor Janson featured with Simone.

    Hezekiah Rodriguez

    @Ponyboy Curtis *Jansen

  18. Carlata Jones

    there is no lyrics with the video LIES!

    Mrs D.

    Are you stupid or something?

    Michał Korzewski

    It's in description

  19. M Korda

    This song is an hymn against political correctness


    No, it's not. Did you even listen to the lyrics? The part where it's talking about listening and respecting each other? Anti - political correctness is all about the supposed right to use racial slurs and argue with trans people over their identity and never, ever see another point of view because they must always be right. It's not that hard to just be respectful and polite and actually LISTEN. The opposition to political correctness is a bunch of bullshit because it really is just about the supposed right to disrespect people for who/what they are. People aren't being persecuted for their opinions unless their opinions are racism, transphobia, etc, because that means you hate those people and they have every right to shut you down in their own defense. Why is this difficult to understand? That you don't have a RIGHT to prejudice and that those you piss on are completely justified in not wanting you to do that? Why is that so damn hard to understand?


    ​ Elaphos the Healer Lady TM anti political correctness is the real good guy here, political correctness is just nazism on one if it's many forms do not even try to trick us with your "racism" or your "xenophobe" or your "hate speech" or your "trasphobe" people is smarter than that or well at least the most you are the unfortunate exception an obedient slave of soros and sionism keep being that good submisisbe leftist pink haired pedophile and degenerate feminist after all your freemansonic owners will never stop pushing his agenda with you as cannon fodder, but let me assure you that will not last long people will awake the sooner or later and NPCs like you weaken us.

    Madason The Dark Poet

    I feel that both sides are extremely wrong here. The song is against any form of enforced repression, censorship, or political correctness because it only leads to violence as a response. Note that I said enforced, moral "political correctness" such as not cursing excessively, using ad hominems, and strawmans, and instead taking eachother's arguments in and constructively criticizing.

    Prejudice and discrimination are natural to mankind, and that is from ignorance, isolation, or jealousy. Hate-speech is the extreme manifestation of that and in effect denounces a way of life as to the point where violence may be justified. These people denouncing a way of life, if they are only spouting words with no action, will be as described by the song "Alone to atone for their social blunders," but the very second they commit a hate crime, "gun down the messanger," then they have guaranteed this victim will be martyrized and represent freedom whether right or wrong. This goes for the perpetrator of hate-speech too. As noted, they will be left alone to spout hate-speech with their small followers if simply detested and ignored, but the second you censor, repress, or call for violence on them, in their eyes they have became a martyr to their words and will fight for their freedom to express themselves through violent means.

    The song is against either side to repress eachother; it wants a dialogue between the two guaranteeing eachother's freedoms because violence, censorship, and absolute intolerance from one side will guarantee violence and militarism from the other side. If one party, whether it be the hate speaker or the SJW, doesn't matter, simply denounces the other side without argument and simply resort to ad hominem, then they have lost because now they will be left alone. The only option is a dialogue, is mutual respect, is freedom of discourse without any self-created opression as prejudice or discrimination OR an externally-proscribed censorship or political correctness. If a person cannot learn polity for themself, then they shall be left alone to atone for their social blunders.

    TL;DR, this song is for freedom of speech and dialogue because it encourages equality and understanding, but censoring any party will lead to just more jealousy, distrust, and reactionism.


    great song i love your voice Simone Simons :* <3

  21. Ulisses Rosa

    2:19 = orgasm ! :p

  22. FradOnTune

    If you do not headbang here...

    Vicky Allard

    FradOnTune impossible ahhahahaahaha


    That's still a thing


    Expensive headphones will stop you.

  23. Telomere_

    Ef Sii
    This song in osu is just amazing



    Sebo Epican

    urgh ..

    God Is The Way

    iamVill osu you cant escape

  24. Jacob Barnett

    those heavy riffs with Simone's beautiful voice, fantastic!

  25. sassuke bi


  26. marco jhoel

    te amo Simone Simons

  27. It's fun to rediscover bands like these that you used to listen to when you were 13 and didn't understand their songs yet. When you finally do, it's epic.


    @D³ maybe they are called Epica for a reason :D


    Epic a f

  28. RoyalGuard503

    That's probably because this album is less goth metal, and more progressive metal. I mean, it deals with duality, physics, politics, nihilism, and the sliding scale of idealism vs cynicism.

    Plus, the guitar movements and composition of the songs in general are more geared towards prog metal, with no single structure.

  29. Luis González

    la voz de esta mujer es un orgasmo para los oidos

  30. Kafurry

    the judgement from the court in my country brings me here again.

  31. adalvarthepeaceful

    Top notch music...in every sense of the word. Question to the person who uploaded the video: are you from Portugal or Spain? I'm asking cuz of your user name has a distinct Portuguese ring to it.

  32. diego salazar

    where are my lyrics ? ._.

    Hezekiah Rodriguez

    It's in the description. XD

  33. anna martinez

    y yo estaba apunto de cantar a todo pulmon siguiendo los lyrics ..¬¬ .......JODER....

  34. anna martinez

    my favorite song :)

  35. Winterheart358

    No, she says "Listen, respect each other and you'll discover it mustn´t always end in hate, it´s not too late for mercy. "

  36. Griefshire16

    Well yes I understand..they might be a little gothic on The Phantom Agony. but yes they are great!

  37. Griefshire16

    Well I agree with you in that The Divine Conspiracy was greater than this..so far i think this is not as good as TDC but Epica isnt and has never been goth metal,they are Symphonic Metal..both genres are different!!

  38. Alan4Rayne

    Nah I think as amazing as The Divine Conspiracy was it has been topped by Design Your Universe :-) But TDC made them big which is great :-)

  39. firestarter66677

    Thanks very much for uploading these Epica - Design Your Universe videos!!!
    Please check out my own Metal-Playlist on my channel...I think we share taste of Gothic/Melodic Black Metal:
    Epica,After Forever, Sirenia, Therion, Haggard,Dimmu Borgir,In Flames etc etc.

  40. Tatiana Pereira

    Thank You! ;)

  41. DarkImaginaion

    I think she says "and you'll discover, it wasn't always empty and it's not too late for mercy"

  42. Adjanian

    I think I just got it

    It says "and you'll discover it mustn't always end in hate"

  43. Adjanian

    You're right, it is, and I can't figure what it says after "always" either. If these are the official lyrics maybe they just failed to put that part in the booklet ^^

  44. Tatiana Pereira

    sorry but it's all there, i saw the lyrics again and it's correct!