Epica - If Inside These Walls Was A House Lyrics

Come and rest your head here peacefully
All of us are safe until the sun starts rising
The walls are strong
Time to rejoin our strength to defeat them leading to our victory

Raindrops dancing over heavy hearts
The fire in the eyes of death hides in the corner
Glowing lights brush off all the fright
Our dreams navigate us in our search of liberty

Restless memories keep hunting us
It is time to cast the storm that lives within you
The great divide, fortune's on our side
Designing a plan to raise the monsters' atrophy

Avenge the soul that's watching over us
Listen to the voice that guides us on our way
I see the light in your eyes shining brighter tonight
Unbroken chains sustained with agony shall be the triumph of a world
That's living in the flames

Slaughter glorified
Bleeding hands are tied
Rivalry untold
Battles to behold
Standing up to murdering machines
We pave the way to our victory

Oceans' plenty flames
Voyagers untamed
Beating hearts of fear
Warfare drawing near
Endless source of our misery
Deliver us from the madness

Dive into the waves be free
Defeating our tragedy
The future's bright and you will see
We'll still be here in the morning
We won't bow down won't abide
The law they live by won't destroy our lives

We are wandering on the lonely road ahead
Leaving fear behind as long as you're on my side
Turn the key and come with me
The sentience within us liberates our frame of mind

Dreams navigate us in our search of liberty

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Epica If Inside These Walls Was A House Comments
  1. Delta Light TSFH

    2 songs left!

  2. Xen Glaris

    Is there Crimson Coordinate cover of "Guren no Zahyou by Linked Horizon"

  3. Mily Prod

    For people asking for any other anime covers, PLEASE NO, 1. They aren't any amateur band or singer (with the respect they deserve of course). 2. Not any anime or series fits the symphonic metal style, for example some shoujo or comedy series. 3. Not any metal songs fits well in any anime. This worked bc AoT has a epic history, not your average shonen centered in 1 character. And the genre of Epica fits very well with a series of that kind. AoT's central narrative is humanity's fight, both against titans and other humans, as it has shown in last seasons.

    Rons Dad

    Bullshit. Haven't you heard Galneryus' song Hunting for your Dream, or Ryu 5150? Symphonic metal works well in many places, including, in my opinion, anime. It's epic and action-packed like many anime parts.

  4. M. Morgan Way

    this is so beautiful, something inside me is crying


    Pensé que era cover de Frozen , cantada por Epica .

  6. Matthew Mutchman

    I just love 2:33-3:00 so much!

  7. kurosame

    never knew this album exist!

  8. Totally Fem Metal Channel

    Ok this band has told me recently that they have like 6-7 albums worth of their OWN material laying around and this at the moment EPICA is THE PREMIERE fem metal band in the world so it looks pretty freakin amateurish to be doing an entire cover album or even one single cover song for that matter. This a a band so good people do covers of them.

    I dont know if its just laziness, or pushing to get albums out on marked deadlines regardless, or whatever. Personally I expect more. This whole side trip was worthless and a musical mistake. Leave the disneyland theme material to tuomas halopanian. He already lives in his own fantasy land so that works for him. For EPICA I expect excellence of their own making.


    They did not do this out of blue. The composers of these songs asked them to and they have many benefits to do so.
    - The music for AoT songs are interesting enough for them so it's quite an experience
    - They always want to do some soundtrack and this is as closest as it get
    - These songs are very popular in manga/anime community so the EP is a good advertisement to gain new fans
    - Epica always want to do concert in Japan and this may open a greater door there

    Totally Fem Metal Channel

    @D92708102 Ok that makes sense to me and I can live with it. Actually its just one more domain taken away from halopainen and that makes me laugh and laugh. I called him Icarus several years ago and has he proved that to be true.

  9. pé pette

    Simone has the most beautiful voice in the world ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Marvin Utria

    su voz me llena de calma es tan lindo escucharla cantar

  11. Marvin Utria

    amo a esa mujer

  12. Hermann Fegelein

    I hope 2:09 is the new opening

  13. vincent salinas

    This songs helps calm down when I'm having anxiety or when my anxiety makes me feel too scared

  14. kwstas vlaxogiannis


  15. Jan Claus Di Blasio

    2:07 onwards is simply divine. I love this track

  16. Elder Cruz

    Frozen part 2: Anna & Elsa meet Simone Simons

    John Holmes

    Anna is a readhead, it's more like Frozen part 2: Anna and the metal journey

  17. fnglert

    Much voice. So guitar. Wow. Very chugga.

  18. Eliannie Gonzalez

    Puerto Rico loves you!!! This is amazing💙🎵

  19. orfeas8

    She should cooperate with Pagan's Mind.

  20. Elmo Román

    epic as EPICA is lml❤❤❤

  21. striss369

    this song make me want to hear you sing the neverending story theme <3

  22. Feby Dias


  23. Susan Waddle

    Beautiful voice! I love this- This is her attack on Titan! "If Inside These Walls Was A House" is from Epica's new album which released today 20 July 2018. Epica Rocks! 🎸😎🤘🏻-Moderator-🤘🏻😎🎸

  24. mjkilb

    The intro reminded me of music from The Phantom of the Opera.

  25. lonely wolf

    MEXICO TE AMA!!!!!!

  26. Lu CT

    Waw Epica you are the best band ever, thank you for all your music and for this new cover EP.

  27. JC Rafael

    Wow this is my fav in the linked horizon attack on titan song

  28. zado zebo

    Oh man if only they did a cover of Call your Name I'd be crying right now..

  29. Captain Harlock

    You should make a video clip and promote an upcoming season of anime.

  30. Loan Ricardo

    Brasil s2

  31. Ιανουάριος Φεβρουάριος

    You guys need to visit Greece again ;)

  32. Cinthia Moore

    Esa voz de Simone me estremece, me encanta.
    Orgasmo total ♡

  33. Rafael Lacerda de Caldas

    Epica's Dinsey Song

    John Holmes

    try Twin Flames too

  34. Eterna L Evi L


  35. Victoria

    I'm in heaven and Epica brought a smile to my lips and warmth to my heart, thank you ladies and gentlemen, you're the best.

  36. LunaBianca1805

    Wow, ain't that a gorgeous song *-*? And soooo EPIC <3 Can't wait to get my hands on the physical copy \m/^_^\m/!

  37. Marianna Meirelles

    Algo que eu gostei nesse cover das musicas do Shingeki foi a identidade musical preservada. Eu fiz a comparação entre a cação original, em JP e a versão em Inglês e, cara, ficou simplesmente fantástico. A letra continua a mesma, a identidade da melodia. Eles tomaram cuidado para que não destoasse do original e, ficou muito perfeito. Me arrepio só de ouvir as músicas já liberadas. A voz da Simone, como sempre, encantando e arrepiando. Parabéns pelo trabalho maravilhoso e é uma pena que os fãs do Anime estejam dando um certo "rage" pelo cover (não todos mas, nos grupos que participo, uma parcela bem grande ficou com "nojinho" antes mesmo da banda gravar o cover).

  38. Thaiane Oliveira

    Amo demais #Brazil ❤

  39. MazterZorG

    Wings of freedom video music please!!! :'D

  40. denise ant


  41. Joice Paz


  42. Darkice Metal Film

    remind me "never-ending story" song !!!!!!

  43. Christian Hinton

    Love you Simone!

  44. Der Nerd

    Simone you are ... i've got no words

  45. Gerald Briceño

    The "Disney" is strong with this one.

  46. Toninho Ferrareto

    Perfeito !!!

  47. Kei Seyer

    epica you are such a legendary band!! love from PH!

  48. Erika Lima

    Só eu que achei a música muito curta, queria que nem squad,com quase 8 minutos seria maravilhoso 😁😍

  49. Ayrton Slemak

    ARG 🇦🇷🇦🇷

  50. Ana Hidalgo


  51. Israel Alves De Souza

    Bem Disney haha

  52. Metal Maven

    As always, Simone blows me away with her incredible voice.

  53. Gstv

    The future's bright and you will see
    We'll still be here in the morning

  54. Joenison Gomes

    Mais um Hino😍😍💚💚 Epica BR 💜💜


    Remember the waldisney´s girls, princess, kkkkkkk.Very good. I like of waldisney `s movies and cartoons too, kkkkkkkk i am a eternal child of GOD CREATIVE JEHOVAH.

  56. Eder Filho

    The most beautiful woman that ever existed❤

  57. Ger Duyndam

    beautiful! intro sounds like Frozen....

  58. Vedran Bileta

    Sasageyo! This is simply great!

  59. fallendarkangel121

    Beautiful as always !

  60. G. K

    Lindo!!! 👏💜

  61. De Ma'arif

    what a voice
    hi from indonesia

  62. theoortcloud x3

    Sounds like a disney song 😍😍 but i love it

    Semantic Samuel

    That's kind of the idea ;).

    A. Staff

    Damn imagine Rapunzel singing this

    Jacek Rużyczka

    Yes, absolutely! Should some studio here in Old Europe make a really nice anime, better than all the U.S. productions, with a soundtrack produced by Epica.

    Victor Ribeiro

    I agree, Simone sounds like a Disney Princess in this song

    irving kyrie

    Don't care about it ! Epica is great!!

  63. Realm


  64. NORRO

    скатываются потихоньку...

  65. Aisu

    4House just get one

  66. sportsmenonline

    Awesome song!

  67. Mírian Kelly

    Amei ❤❤❤ Simone maravilhosa

  68. Bárbara Mello

    Não tô aguentando esse EP de tão bom 😍


    7 únicos y detergentes

  70. Albert MR69

    Cada vez que escucho a simone simons Me vuelvo a enamorar de epica...linda voz😚

  71. Naiara Evan

    Da série #olímpianosdamusica eis o Épica.

  72. jorge godinez

    This is the most amazing voice That i never heard!!

  73. Park Hyun

    Por mais álbuns assim ❤❤❤❤

  74. Γιώργος BJ

    Can't wait for the EP and also can't wait for a concert in Greece!!!


    La voz más linda del mundo simone simons cada día me enamoro más de ti 🤗😙😚❤💋✌👍👍

    Lucas Barrionuevo

    Yo también jaja

  76. War Location

    Türkiye den selamlar come to TÜRKİYE TURKEY

  77. Emilio Moises Medina Rojas

    Epica...Yeahhhhh!!!! Simone Simons preciosa♥

  78. carlos maximiliano prezas perez

    Simone looks absolutely gorgeous in that photo. Gosh do I love her.

  79. Andrezza Lopes

    Divino 💜💜

  80. Denis Gómez

    Guatemala presente 🇬🇹

  81. Mimi Chan

    Beautiful and epic

  82. Artur Kucher

    Wow!!! La sua voce è semplicemente magnifica... la adoro!!

  83. Igor Lucena

    GO épica Brazil here

  84. Bang Bokir


  85. John Holmes

    Let not forget that their last album has a song name Tear Down Your Walls

  86. raw8860


  87. Alex Iwannou

    Until 2:00, it almost sounds like a Barbie Princess song, but on steroids. I like it that shit.

  88. iKézio Henrique

    linda d+ <3

  89. rebeka mako

    Muito bom 💚

  90. Canal JV


  91. Сергей Крылов

    музыка как из сказки

  92. AleBM

    Her voice is like an angel 😍

  93. çağdaş kılıç

    MÜ KEM MEEL!!!!!

  94. Carolina Melisa Gonzalez

    L O V E D I T .

  95. Herbert Gnampf

    Wieder ein perfektes Lied wie wir es von Epica gewohnt sind. Das ist eines der besten Geburtstagsgeschenke. Danke dafür

  96. mkdlevil mkdlevil

    Epica Wall > Donald Trump wall

    Lawrence Martinez

    mkdlevil mkdlevil Have you watched the anime? Those walls are far worse than Trump's one could ever be

    eu eu

    Oh my God, are you dumb?Tthe existing wall that exist in USA was constructued when Bill Clinton was presidente, just look in the internet and stop to be a shame on it!


    hmm, filling the wall with mexicans could cut costs...

  97. BlackAlissa

    This is just amazing 💜💜😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  98. palapao gamer

    Muitos comentários BR aqui hehe, legal isso que mostra que mesmo depois de muito tempo ainda as pessoas não esqueceram da banda, aliás essa música parece muito música de filme

    Joenison Gomes

    palapao gamer , Significa que nem todos os brasileiros estão perdidos !!!