Epica - Crimson Bow And Arrow Lyrics

Pecora sumus vel venatores?

On to battle, here we are the hunters
Red as fire, Crimson Bow and Arrow

Waiting for the storm won't help you
Just the will to fight can change you
Clean your weapons blow the dust off
Fear and prayers will never save us
We can't hide our pride behind fear
We will not let them be this near
In the end our strength unites us
Just the will to fight will save us

No, we will never ever fail
We stand up and we fight for the moment of the truth
Stand up and fight for their demise
We won't surrender

Day and night dividing the legions
Ignorance will show its weakness
Lasting peace an abandoned illusion
Blinded by trust in a twilight zone
Day and night disguising their secrets
Ignorance will kill the fearless
Offerings of reckless courage
Freedom for us all

On to battle, here we are the hunters
Red as fire, fear the bow

The humility of imprisonment
Fight with Crimson Bow and Arrow
Far away from the solemn castle walls
Jäger hunts his prey to death now
Diving into the instincts of the night
Red is piercing through the twilight
Soldiers with their wings of freedom will attack
Free the unrelenting slaves
Right now!

Not knowing the names of our
Broken trees and the trampled flowers
The fallen bird awaits the breeze
No one will guide you

Everlasting calm of the herds
It is but a vast illusion
Failing freedom of our dying wolves
Marks the era of confusion

Praying won't help
Fight for your land

Freedom and our way of life
These are but a vast illusion
When the darkness hits our crying wolves
It marks the era of conclusion

Those who only complain about their helplessness will not change a thing
The boy will pick up the black sword
Hate and anger are a two-edged blade
And soon it will show its teeth

All that ends this brutal game is not the weapon nor the skill
Reach out for the desire and awake your will to kill
Go and free your mind
Immerse yourself in unstoppable killer instinct
Bring back the hope, illuminate the darkness

Stand up and fight for their demise
We won't surrender
Now enthrone the devil in disguise
You can't defend her

Day and night dividing the legions
Ignorance will show its weakness
Lasting peace an abandoned illusion
Blinded by trust in a twilight zone
Day and night disguising their secrets
Ignorance will kill the fearless
Offerings of reckless courage
Freedom for us all!

On to battle, here we are the hunters
Red as fire, Crimson Bow and Arrow
On to battle, here we die as heroes
Red as fire, hearts will bleed to death

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Epica Crimson Bow And Arrow Comments
  1. HulkVahkiin

    Damn, amazing production. Well done on the song! This is beyond amazing.

  2. Logan Swaisgood

    Did... Did they do the "Sie sind das Essen" part in Latin!?!

  3. Endarknes

    Epica wibuuuuu cok

  4. Angger Prayogo

    ABNORMAL TITANS Dislike This

  5. Dayanahl

    I clean my house while I'm listening this xd

  6. May Nard Acal

    I know that this is a cover, but when I hear this, it feels like you own this song \m/

  7. David Edwards

    *dies, goes to hell, becomes saved and worships and idol*. Great job!

  8. haphazardninja


  9. As'ad Muhammad

    What?? this is amazing O.O

  10. ilvars Janbergs

    Omg first time heard this wow!!!! Nice

  11. Banri Ferdinand

    Epica es una banda de シンフォニックメタル Metal sinfônico y bueno, me tomó de sorpresa el cover.. suena maravilloso ya que puedo sentir todo el potencial de la banda en este EP especial.. Felicidades a todo el grupo por todas las melodías que generan para nuestros oídos. Mis saludos desde Latinoamérica.

  12. javier soave

    me cago en las recomendaciones de youtube.. como puede ser que yo encuentre esto por cuenta propia una año después de que salga

  13. Karen Rojas

    Merece ser escuchada mil veces, me encanta

  14. Allen Richards


  15. Antonio Amador Pérez

    Alguien me podría decir si existe algún vídeo donde simone se vea como canta estas canciones

  16. Nikki Dequito

    I've just put my left hand on my back! and my right hand hammer fist my Heart!

  17. Logan20 ELG

    Don't like it

  18. kurt Knispel

    So anyway, I started blasting...

  19. Jane P.

    ¡Cómo me gustaría que EPICA hiciera una de las canciones de la última temporada de Shingeki no Kyojin!
    El mundo se iría al carajo épicamente.

  20. Pendragon

    Since EPICA decided to follow leftist bullshit, it became garbage. These morons know nothing about Brazil but are easily attracted to the lies that they hear, just as all other numb and obtuse artist, 0 knowledge about politics.


    How tf this song has anything to do with Brazil?


    Bitch, it matters not, what matters is the stupidity from the band members itself, you illiterate fuck

  21. Lucio Lopez

    ..Would've been even more awesome if they kept the German parts.


    The lyrics were re-written so the German parts would not be fit with the new lyrics

  22. Eternal Autarchy

    This is so ironic because Epica is a pro-imperialist white supremacist band who supported the massacre in Libia (they even made a song to applaud it when NATO bombed innocents over there!) and now they pretend to make a cover from an anime that is basically the fight between a small nation (Eldia) against the expanding empire of Marley. Lol.


    You meant Device and Conquer song?

    Eternal Autarchy

    @D92708102 In "Deter the tyrant" they supported the CNN/Foxnews narrative that "gadafi was evil" and thus the massacre of thousands of innocents at the hands of the NATO was "justified".

    Gromph Baenre

    ​@Eternal Autarchy well gadafi was pretty bad and to dethrone a tyrant is a good thing but the problem is that the garant for stability is often the said tyrant and once gone all hell will break out in a struggle for power

    there is a saying in german "wer die grabes stille bricht..."= who disturbes the silence of the grave...
    there might be death but if you go there you could cause superdeath

    Eternal Autarchy

    @Gromph Baenre He wasn't bad at all. Under his regime, Lybia reached the highest human development index in Africa. But in the united nations he always condemned the terrorism conducted by the United States in the middle east, and he didn't want to do what the big oil american companies told him to, thereupon the western press made him look like a dictator in order to make people believe it was justified to drop bombs on children and reduce the country to ashes. And Epica was part of the propaganda.

    Gromph Baenre

    @Eternal Autarchy well yes and no
    he orchesterd the lybiy tschad border conflict,
    crownd the king of kings of africa,faught against sufism,threw the jews out of lybia also the italians,supresst christians for example he made the cathedral of tripolis into a mosque,foundet "the world islamic call society" supported islamization thru salafistic means,implemented the sharia,cleansend the land from all politically ill,and many many more things

    he wasnt the worst tyrant but a tyrant non less,are there worse individuals? yes,of corse but was he good?no,he wasnt.
    was it right to declare war?.....well...no an war of agression is an illigal war

  23. Tima -Elf- Monbebe Army - ExoL

    I was listening to the song swear to God not even checking the vid and saying to myself damn this would be a great soundtrack on anime then boom it's already is!!!

  24. Paola Barreto

    I was like, the intro is so EPIC, and sounds like Attack On Titan and the I realize it was actually Attack On Titan, then I checked the video and yes I was right, I’ve listened to this band but I wanted to get really into them now and I found THIS MASTERPIECE ❤️❤️❤️

  25. Awesome Metal Bands Official


  26. Zöe Perpetua

    And then my life became complete...

  27. からす


  28. そら村長



    KUNしゃんのツイートから来た人です( •̀ᴗ•́ )/


    @こうへい 同士!

  29. Danii

    This is the best thing my ears have ever heard.

  30. QuizmasterJack

    I kinda miss the german part in this.

    Stefan Matic

    I don't think there is a german part in this song.


    @Stefan Matic The original one? Yes there is, there is whole minute segment where there is spoken German. Also "Sie sind das Essen, wir sind die Jäger" ist definitely German.

  31. José Vicente Veiga

    my favorite symphonic band and my favorite anime

  32. kai von glanzreich



    [Poseidon vs Old Man...]

  34. Fran Rod

    Really hope Epica embarks in similar territory with their new album cause this Ep is some of the best they have produced.

  35. mnanorn

    Случайно услышал при онлайн прослушивании музыки.
    - Что-то мне это напоминает... (спустя несколько минут) Да ладно!
    Повторно прослушал интро. Это - первый кавер на моей памяти именитой группы на аниме.


    2:54 i love this guitar riff

  37. JetForceGemKnight

    "stoooop, my penis can only get so hard." Archer voice

  38. Pleytez Erazo

    El mejor cover de la vida!

  39. joshe yosyurun

    f for marco

  40. momentos felices Karen y hanna

    Cómo cagar un excelente opening en un paso: Dejar que épica haga cover... La burla.

    camus de la casa de acuario

    Esta mejor que la original que termino siendo cagado en la versión full

  41. Fox246milhoes 841mil e oitenta e sete

    Que? Que tipo de animal desalmado dá deslike nessa maravilhosa versão?

  42. copie geek por plagyra a criativa

    É um máster piece

  43. Vale Lucilfer

    More anime song please. I ❤ epica. 😘

  44. Jonnells24

    You ever listen to something so epic, your heart rate increases?

    Yeah, that just happened to me.

  45. kkk kkk

    Should've played this at wacken 2018 !

  46. TigerTony 77

    The legend !

  47. Tony882

    No he visto este anime, pero gran cover



  49. Ben Jr

    When your favourite band cover your favourite anime 😱😍😘
    So much love 💗💝💕💋

  50. Claudio Gomez

    Simplemente maravilloso cover no pudo haber quedado mejor gracias por esta jolla

  51. Afellay 7x

    At first, reading the title i was like, i saw this title somewhere. Never thought it would be a cover of Guren no Yumiya 😂


    2:55 best part

  53. R. Sandwich

    wait... ATTACK on titan? OH man this is epic

  54. ArgieGrit01


    no but this is awesome

  55. Iremar Knight

    This made my soul roarrrrr omggg!!!!!

  56. J Posada

    Poema de canción waoooo lo mejor de épica

  57. Alejo G

    Holy shit!! I discovered this one year later. ONE YEAR LATER!!

  58. Negiku

    This video deserve so much more views. Many people probably don't know the English title and maybe that's why it doesn't have as much views.

  59. Ryokosha4

    Охренеть можно!
    Respect 🇰🇿

  60. Horacio Gonzalez hernandez

    Vocalista es tan bella

  61. drbakterja

    They should do a cover of "Dancing Mad" from Final Fantasy VI.

  62. Scott Vurich

    That season 3 finale

  63. Nodrasta

    Quite the inriquing idea to use latin for the parts originally in german.
    Almost no cover version really feels like it flows with the soul of the original, this seens to be one of the exeptions.

  64. Mily Prod

    Epica should be hired by Wit studio to include their version. I don't know if Isayama had listened this version but if i was him i would approve for sure.


    The composer for shingeki no kojin is a huge epica fan he asked them for this album😁🤟

  65. Said Pichardo Castro

    Me gusta su musica

  66. Abdul Azim

    Next anime x epica, gundam please

  67. Felp BR


  68. みぃや・


  69. Shanika Freeman

    Listening to this again to prepare me for season 4 because shit is about to get real.

  70. Heartbeat Choi

    R E A L M U S I C

  71. Rodolfo López Rdz

    simplemente genial y majestuoso

  72. Metal Attacker

    Me as an otaku and a metalhead VERY LOVE THIS !!!

  73. BlueLightningSky

    All that's left is for Dragonforce to cover Ultimate Battle and everyone can die in peace

  74. Dominus Eleison


  75. Dominus Eleison

    Não poderia ser melhor! É simplesmente bom demais!

  76. norizin cardoso

    eu amei manooo

  77. Juan Miguel Rosales

    Con esta música da gusto entregar tu corazón por la humanidad.

  78. Bad Trigger

    What is this a crossover ?

  79. ECDabbeljuh

    OMG! Thats amazing!

  80. Rhys Kyser

    I honestly got goose jumpsuits from listening! Dude somehow this cover perfectly fits Attack on Titan!

  81. Luis Ernesto Arredondo Ramirez

    Es tan buena que al escucharla dan ganas de enfrentar a los Titanes aunque sea para servir de señuelo xD

  82. Aeldrynn

    Now I want to ear Epica's version of the new op so badly

  83. Sheev Palpatine


  84. Dylano Revs

    Tomorrow, This song will be a year old

  85. Kelly Seastar

    A Dutch band doing an English cover of an opening to a Japanese show. Alright cool. :)

  86. yami gud

    Simone Freetz 😆
    YouseeBiGGirl , please

  87. Ari Bargolani

    Epic Epica!

  88. Vanessa Moreno


  89. dorian palacios


  90. 芥散


  91. Jimena Jimenez

    To Listen to this an to imagine yourself defeating titans. The energy that transmits this song is powerful.

  92. Vitória Braga


  93. Mrpolazky Polazky


  94. Salty Subaru

    This is fcking fire GOD DAYUM

  95. Dream

    Damn I wish Attack on Titan wasn't so fascist.