Epic Rap Battles Of History - Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison Lyrics

Epic rap battles of history!
Thomas Edison!
Nikola Tesla!

[Thomas Edison:]
Step up, you'll be shocked when I spit and start static
I'll rip your style and add it to my long list of patents
While you were busy digging ditches and burning bridges
I'm pumping out inventions, stacking riches, so go back to your pigeons
You're a geek, plagued by OCD
You never had sex, but you sure got screwed by me
I'll crush you Tesla, there's just no putting it gently
I don't alternate my flow, I diss you directly

[Nikola Tesla:]
I see a universe of infinite energy
But no potential for threat from this enemy
So you can call me Tesla, Nikola, impeccably dressed
Giving lessons in electrical nemesis, this will be on the test
So confess to your thefts and let the whole world know
What the Serbian did for the Wizard of Menlo
History is getting rewritten and I have reddit
Your best invention was a way to steal credit

[Thomas Edison:]
The truth hertz, you're broke and washed up
Don't give a smidgen 'bout your visions if they can't make a buck
I conduct business, understood things you never could
So dope that I even make New Jersey look good
I'm on the record I invented, you got duped, there, I said it
And I'll bet you fifty thousand dollars that you'll never forget it
Without me, here's a taste of what this battle would be
No lights, no camera, no sound. See?

[Nikola Tesla:]
You fool, you think that you can touch me with this?
You couldn't handle my gifts with your greedy little mind
What's inside mine was ahead of its own time
You did not steal from me, you stole me from mankind!
It's the wireless transmission of truth
And it's a shocking real story of a banker and you
And if the people knew you stopped me from making power free
They would curse the con Edison with every utility

Who won?
Who's next?
You decide!
E-e-e-e-eeeepic rap battles of history!

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Epic Rap Battles Of History Nikola Tesla vs Thomas Edison Comments
  1. chirag varshney

    Tesla completely reckt Edison

  2. topple

    It’s insane how retarded people are regarding this. Edison got the bad rep and Tesla is hailed as a genius for publicity. They were both great men, but nuh uh, we can’t have that, can we? We don’t give a shit about the facts.... Fuck you ERB for taking advantage of the uneducated.

  3. Mario Hernandez

    Tesla slaughtered him

  4. TsukiAvocado

    I'm in my period right now and when I heard the line "My mind was ahead of its own time, you did not steal from me you stole me from mankind" I had some sort of religious experience and started crying

  5. Obi Nobi

    Oh don’t mind me fellas I’m just here to curse the con Edison with every utility.

  6. VonKellcsiis Hayaki

    I just watched The Current War and man, I could stop thinking about this song haha

  7. Darko J Conte

    Awesome guys! Really awesome!!!!

  8. Paco Coyote

    Nikola Tesla impeccably dressed!!!

  9. David Marcucci Jr.

    He fucked him out of 50000 dollars equal to a million today if he solved a certain problem and he did

  10. おのでらこさき

    Tesla murdered Edison.

  11. John Doe

    Cr7. Vs the rock

  12. noofalata

    fuck edison, the pure example of america - pretend like you were first!

  13. Yyuhgu Guihy

    Edison won

  14. vijion2020

    Yall need to revisit this one. This should be a 5 min battle

  15. Comic Book Nerd Out

    Edison had more hits but Tesla's were more meaningful and harsher.

  16. Duke Phinéas Barton

    was there two people to do Tesla's voice so it can... alternate? :D

  17. Napoleon Bonaparte

    Tesla won, my Serbian brother

  18. Eddward

    When the kid who cheats off the smart kid and the smart kid get into an argument.

  19. Raff Blitz

    edison is the best

  20. sailtheplains

    Nikola moving so good!

  21. ReaperGoliath27

    That Reddit line made me take a double take, to be honest.

  22. Dragisha Zu.

    T e s l a a a a a a!

  23. Duke Phinéas Barton

    Why is nobody talking about the fact that the beat was made with Tesla coils sounds???

  24. Dezan Acung Mocharam

    From time to time, Tesla still win

  25. Meme Boi

    When two smart kids has different answers on the science class.


    In this case edison lol

  26. Emma Rose

    I read a Magic Tree House book (#35, Night of the New Magicians) which was about Jack and Annie going to the 1889 Exposition Universelle in Paris. Jack and Annie got to meet Thomas Edison (and Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Pasteur, and Gustave Eiffel) but not Nikola Tesla, who did, in fact, go to the Exposition Universelle. 🤦‍♀️

    (I’m still angry that they never got to use the “Stand on Water” rhyme - mentioned in the first edition of book #33, Carnival at Candlelight - but that’s a whole other can of worms.)

  27. Agradeep Deb

    Nikol Tesla

  28. ChiliPepper

    I hate you Edison.

  29. Camoens DE CERVANTES

    Edison: 'Genius is made up of 99% effort and 1% inspiration.' He knew very well what he was saying because most of his inventions were actually created by his dedicated, unknown, underpaid and enslaved contributors. No doubt Edison is one of the greatest motherfuckers in science history of all time. Save Tesla!

  30. Mr. ENGlishJELLo

    "The present is theirs. The future for which I have really worked is mine" - Nikola Tesla

    "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work" - Thomas Edison

    Adenosine TP

    Edison's a thief, you know, he stole the credit for every invention that Nikola has made..

    Katelynne Hansen

    Adenosine TP and that his workers made. Dude didn’t invent shit

  31. Geryn McCollum

    My science teacher showed us this today in class today.

    Darth Knightwing Phoenix

    Geryn McCollum then your science teacher is awesome.

    Geryn McCollum

    Darth Knightwing Phoenix, Yeah he really is!

    Joshua Ford

    Good man

  32. Diana Rose Espadilla

    This was the first ERB that I watched, and I was hooked ever since <3

  33. lol lmao

    people belived that Tesla could talk with the thunder on his mother language

  34. GianCarlo Feliciano Castaneda

    I like how Tesla is voiced by 3 people.

  35. abc64pan

    The announcer has a severe speech impediment.

  36. Relja Margetic

    i didnt see anyone said this so if anyone said this im sorry
    did you see hurts is replaced with hertz in LYRICS

  37. digizilla164

    Why does Edison look like John McCain.

  38. drake hughes

    If you ever talk about Edison then you have to talk about the elephant in the room...

    R.I.P. Topsy

    Tristan Rodriguez

    drake hughes you mean the guy who volunteered to be experimented on?

    drake hughes

    @Tristan Rodriguez no i mean the elephant that edison killed

    Tristan Rodriguez

    drake hughes my bad fam

  39. Rielly Callinan

    Not to nitpick but is it just me who thinks the backdrop would be better if the Tesla Tower wasn't active until the second verse

  40. Chato

    🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸 Nikola Tesla

  41. Spencer Prescher

    I cant believe they made a movie based on this battle!

  42. Vukašin Stan

    🇷🇸What the Serbian did🇷🇸

  43. Trent Rubenacker

    "You didn't steal from me. You stole me from mankind."

  44. EstariaValens

    Tesla just curb-stomped Edison

  45. Charles Renzi Murphy

    Tesla always wins!

  46. Janet Aila

    Edison just ed himself out :D

  47. Gitana Maldita

    This is epic, but remember we have Music recorded thanks to Edison.

    In no way Edison was like Tesla but, nobody figured out how to capture sounds, but Edison.

    Also Tesla wasn't the pure best human on Earth, he was mysoginistic (christian orthodox religion), a true genius one of the best scientists of all times, just not perfect, as many claim.

    Smiling Jackal

    You say mysogonistic, i say we didnt do inqusition n witch trials. And we are bouth happy

  48. Binary Ryuga

    Should have been emperor palpatine vs Nikola Tesla

  49. MetalFreezer3000

    Then, some Russian Occultist came to stop these two from Fighting

  50. Wolf Hound

    The background music is lit.

  51. Generic name

    I tried looking it up but maybe I'm not looking in right areas

    Can anyone explain how Nikola could have made power free?

  52. SaladTurtle

    @ERB nikola tesla is a croatian so this offends all Croatians. Please study a bit and look about crostian civil war and from where is tesla. This is a dope rap but calling him a serbian is very insulting...

  53. Battle Wolves

    1:03 to 1:09 is actually a good reference to how Edison had an issue with publishing the light bulb so he asked Tesla (When Tesla was basically Edison's goon) to fix it for $50,000. Being the rebel he was Tesla accepted the challenge and within a week the rebel did the deed and asked Edison for the $50,000 and Edison replied with something among these lines "Oh I guess you never heard the American joke, I'm not actually giving $50,000 away to you, just a joke." (Remember Edison didn't say that exactly). So being pissed, Tesla left to be the legend he bacame today despite Edison's pettiness, and the fact Edison tried to sabatoge Tesla.

  54. Battle Wolves

    Thomas Edison was just an old greedy Sociopath (Here's the difference between Psychopaths and Sociopaths;
    "Psychopaths tend to be more manipulative, can be seen by others as more charming, lead a semblance of a normal life, and minimize risk in criminal activities. Sociopaths tend to be more erratic, rage-prone, and unable to lead as much of a normal life." -Google) who was obsessed with being right all the time, and didn't like the fact how a creative mind of the rebel to science was beating him a few months To a few years after landing in America. There is so much to be said about Edison and how he fucked over Nikola Tesla, but I can't fit that all in one comment or readers would take 6 hours to read it if they can read 1 line in 0.000000000000001 second.

  55. Charlie Vincent

    Tesla won by a landslide

  56. Bill lupin

    Edison gets a bad rap these days.
    Sure, he took credit for Tesla's ideas- but he was paying Tesla to come up for them. He basically invented the engineering firm. If you run an engineering company, you're not going to just give people money for free to come up with ideas to sell for themselves. You're paying them FOR their ideas.
    And yeah, when Tesla tried going on his own, Edison drove him out of business. Maybe he should've stuck to being an idea guy and tried finding a lower bidder to run the business side, neh?

    Scorpio Carnage

    Or maybe, and this is business 101, don't treat your employees like crap. Edison is being remembered exactly for what he is: a man who was willing to sell out as much as possible to make himaelf look good.

    Bill lupin

    Hiring engineers to come up with machines for you to sell isn't treating your employees like crap.Hiring a college dropout AS AN ENGINEER, and offering him a 50% salary hike when he delivers, isn't treating your employees like crap. He was a businessman; he hired a worker, the worker thought he could do better and tried starting his own business, but he couldn't. Turns out running a business ain't the same as building a transformer.
    He probably would've won their AC/DC war too, if he'd granted Westinghouse a reprieve from paying royalties, instead of relinquishing all rights to them. If there's anyone to blame for Tesla going under, it was Tesla for making bad decisions, and Westinghouse, for not giving Tesla back his royalties after DC transmission was beaten down.

    Scorpio Carnage

    @Bill lupin Taking credit for their work and making it difficult for them to progress within that work is treating them like crap. As long as Edison was credited for the patents, his workers could only advance with their work as long as they followed his dictation. Meaning if their work is given a million dollars, they would never get even close to a fair percentage for that work. As for Tesla, Edison did not pay him for the work he did which is what led to their breakup in the first place. To add insult to injury, he committed himself to a systematic campaign to smear Tesla. In saying that Tesla is a flawed human being, you are missing the point of the lack of principles, honor, and dignity Edison acted upon others. He was definitely a capitalistic businessman in the worst way.

    Scorpio Carnage

    @Bill lupin Actually, let me explain it this way. Publishing houses for authors are like what Edison's company was: a place where employees could come up with ideas that would mostly be owned by the company that the employees are working for. The difference? Authors are credited with their work and have opportunities to work with other publishing houses as well as continuing to advance for the publishing house they have a contract with. Edison did not do that. It was HIS name on those products and it was either continuing to work under him in whatever conditions he deemed fit or let go of that work, trying to find other opportunities. Now tell me how this wasn't treating his employees like crap.

    Bill lupin

    Dude, how do you think engineering firms work? Engineers are paid salaries, not royalties, and the patent is the intellectual property of the company they were paid to design it for.

    Edison didn't try to smear Tesla, he ran an advertisement campaign against a competing product. Nobody bitches when Taco bell does it.

    Again, it doesn't even matter. Tesla already had a fantastic deal where he'd get paid royalties per watt, and his dumb ass sold it to Westinghouse for $200k. It wasn't Edison that ruined him, it was his own incompetence.

  57. AlcoholicSmurf

    As a scientist ofc tesla is superior. However entrepeneurship is also a skill, one that actually serves the service or product to people. Apples and oranges.

  58. PlayNegiša Play

    Nikola Tesla won.

  59. GizmoThePieFaceMan

    Alexander Anderson VS Alexander Hamilton

  60. Kaiser Email

    I always love coming back to this video where I check the comments and see that everyone and their mom is kissing Tesla’s ass, and “fuck you, Eidson!”. I mean its not like Edison was making small lightbulbs that used DC currents, and Tesla was making giant lightbulbs that you use outside because of all the UV rays it puts out that also uses AC currents. Its not like Edison hired him for other things that weren’t the lightbulb, and fired him because they had conflicting ideas. Its not like everyone thinks its so cool to go against whatever their school history textbook said in the 2nd grade. Oh wait everything I just said perfectly describes every single comparison of Edison and Tesla.

  61. Mad Scientists

    Love it

  62. TomasPabon

    Everyone talks about how Che was super hot but y'all sleeping on Tesla.

  63. Ashley Worden

    Anyone else think Telsa is a hottie?

    Konstantinos Rope-Maker

    Got a liking for Dante eh?

  64. The Firedrake

    If I had a time machine, I would use it to make sure Tesla got the backing, protection, and support that he deserved. Fuck Edison.

  65. Tiger Gamers

    Song is good but Nikola Tesla is born in Smiljan which is in Croatia (Hrvatska) not in Serbia


    1st thing, Tesla was born in Austrian Empire, not in Croatia (in a part where todays Croatia lays). That doesnt make him Austrian nor Croatian. 2nd thing, Teslas ascendants were from Serbia, and so he is Serbian as well that was born in Austrian Empire. If ur parents went to US and ur mother gave birth to u, would you have been an American or whatever u actually are rn? I think u know the answer to it.

    The Comfy Chair

    @FeederEater Tesla him self said that he is proud of his Croatian Homeland, and of his Serbian origins. He grew up in Croatian village Smiljan wich he loved very much, while he never was in Serbia


    @The Comfy Chair as i said, he said the same thing. Living in a place doesn't make ur ethnicity change. If what u said is legit, "He is proud of his Croatian Homeland" still doesn't change the fact that he was born in Austrian Empire and that his parents and himself were Serbs... If a Chinese person moved to the Croatia, had a few generations there, its descendants would still be Chinese, not Croats. ^^

  66. Missa Kone

    This is so biased lmao

    Xavier Stanton

    For good reason too

    Missa Kone

    @Xavier Stanton yes I know, but in the rap battles they should come with people that aren't beaten even before the start. They knew if they gave good bars to Edison fans would complain about it, so they downgraded him, but that's not the point of rap battles though. It was the same with Joan of Arc vs Miley Cyrus

  67. Irmarinen

    1:15 - 1:25 still, after all those years, give me chills. Such a powerfull line.

  68. James Little

    Can we bring back the Epic Dance Battles of History?

  69. Nikola Lozina

    Tesla is from Croatia not serbia

  70. xamzax

    lyrics are awesome, genius jokes for those who were buffs of tesla versus Edison irl

  71. Blueblood1270

    Tesla ... innovative genius!!

    Ed ... Literal thief!!

  72. puppet master

    Thomas Edison raps like he's about to have a stroke.

    Peggy Franzen

    Too many ' seegars', and whiskey.


    The more I watch this video the angrier I get knowing what Edison did to Tesla.

  74. David Raley

    What about George Westinghouse?

    Justin Ratcliffe

    David Raley He and Tesla were both great prophets of science and innovation.

  75. iexist

    "So dope that I even make New Jersey look good"
    The Jersey Shore (the show), Chris Christie, and both the Giants and the Jets would like to have a word with you.

  76. The Peacy

    Me to my friend “you know the line “you did not steal from me YOU STOLE ME FROM MANKIND” is...”
    My friend “don’t you dare”
    My friend “NNNNNNOOOOOO”

  77. Edward Woodward

    Tesla, vs Tesla. Must happen.

  78. Squary circleboi

    It looks like Steve Martin and Borat at first

  79. Pokemc0831

    Tesla has been my hero ever since I learned about him

  80. Dal Cecil Runo

    This inspired me to drop a reference to this ERB from one of my fictional characters, 'cause he's really the Tesla to an antagonist's Edison. Now he's gonna say it somewhere.
    You guys rock. So good!

  81. kapil markuna

    What??? Tesla never got Nobel prize. Poor Nobel prize.

  82. Brian W

    Still one of my favourite ERBs ever. SO GOOD.

  83. Vagina Crusher

    Probably one of the best ones they ever dropped. Tesla destroyed !!!

  84. Rielly Callinan

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Tesla: you did not steal from me you stole me from mankind

  85. Dazzletoad

    Bilateral beast mode from start to finish 😱💡

  86. anime senpai

    "You did not steal from me YOU STOLE ME FROM MANKIND" *bOiii the reference tho*

  87. Big Brother

    Edison stole the show like bob kane stole from Bill finger

  88. Siddhartha Khare


  89. that cool guy everyone likes

    Allmost 7 years later im using this for looking at there Battle.

  90. Pretty Bueno

    FrEe eNeRGy WaS PlaUSIble

  91. Stefan Bogicevic

    Nikola Tesla invented the lightbulb.If he didn't invented it we wouldn't have all electricity
    Thomas Edison just steals the ideas.Happy 163rd Birthday to Nikola Tesla <3.

  92. Psychotic Coconut

    Tesla left me... Wait for it.... Shocked.

  93. Studio Rotoscat

    Edison steals the win