Epic Rap Battles Of History - Batman vs Sherlock Holmes Lyrics

Epic rap battles of history!
Sherlock Holmes!

Nice hat, dork, you look like a duck
I had Alfred read your books, he told me they suck
I'll crush your British nuts until they're bangers and mash
I've seen better detective work in Tango & Cash
You chump, I kick punks like you off the streets
While you and Velma here are solving Scooby Doo mysteries
Nothing makes me laugh, but I bet your raps can
So bring it on, bitch, I'm Batman!

[Sherlock Holmes (Dr. Watson):]
I once met a rich fellow who smelled of guano and pain (Holmes explain)
I deduce this deuce stain as Bruce Wayne (The billionaire?)
Yes, his wealth would allow this adversary of ours
To afford the toys he needs (Since he has no superpowers!)
You want a battle, bat? Bring it then (I heard he has a British butler)
Good! Then he'll be used to getting served by Englishmen!
You're a wack vigilante black pantied spud with no skill
My sidekick's a doctor (Because his flows are so I'll!)

[Batman and Robin:]
Shut up, nerds, I serve justice, so eat it
My sidekick only comes around...
When he's needed!
Boy Wonder make you wonder how your ass got killed
Bite harder than those hounds down in Baskerville
I'll blast you with that bat-whack-rap repellant
Rappel a building, snatch a villain, then by dinner be chilling
Gotta secret about your homegirl Irene Adler
Took her back to my nest, to bam pow kersplat her
I'll shatter that fiddle with a chop of the hand!
Holy Conan Doyle, let's get 'em! Aw God damn!
You're not smart, you're selfish, you endanger everyone's life
Why don't you let your boyfriend here go home to his wife?
Nobody likes you, not your brother, not your partner, not Scotland Yard!
You'll die alone with no friends except that needle in your arm!

[Sherlock Holmes (Dr. Watson):]
This mustn't register on an emotional level...
First, exploit childhood tragedy... then gesture with pipe...
Watson finishes punchline... next, acknowledge compliment
Conclude with killer catchphrase...
I believe your parent's homicide is why you mask your face
You're shamed and traumatized and haunted by the vast disgrace
Of watching like a passive waste as momma died and daddy was dispatched with haste! (Holmes, you've cracked the case!)
You're a bat shit crazy basket case!
(Bloody good rhymes!) I've got tonnes!
Dissing these dynamic douchebags was elementary, my dear Watson (Ohhhhhhh!)

Who won?
Who's next?
You decide!
Epic! (nananananananana) rap battles of history!

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Epic Rap Battles Of History Batman vs Sherlock Holmes Comments
  1. DooDoobutter

    I still have yet to understand why they made batman rap like this 😂😂😂

  2. Dante Barnett

    I’m on the weird side of YouTube again.

  3. Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal

    Imagine if they did a Round 2 with Animated Batman vs Will Ferrell Sherlock Holmes.

  4. judas michael

    Robin won the whole thing lol

  5. ChapTigerWarrior

    *Robin entered the chat*

    *95% of people has left the chat*

  6. The Lewis

    #1 Sherlock Holmes
    #2 Robin
    #3 My dear Watson
    #4 Batman

  7. Lagg

    Definitely the most one sided ERB rap battle, but there aware so no more asking salt to wound

  8. Ramekbal Singh

    I love how they portrayed Holmes in this battle. The way he calculates his last line fits his character so well.

  9. Lord Demonoss

    Hmmm Holmes on this one 😥

  10. Breimer John

    Sherlock all the way

  11. The villian Supporter

    Holmes I am glad that I had your villains make sure you died just so batman could have his glory for this.

  12. Ben Stuart

    Son of a gun, it's Kyle Mooney.

  13. Lallushe

    Nice hat.....dork

  14. ultra gamer20

    Batman wins.

    *Because he’s Batman*

  15. Nicholas Challenger

    Sherlock was a beast in this!

  16. TROUV. E

    benedict cumberbatch as sherlock would destroy batman

  17. Aaron

    Can we... can we address the fact that Kyle fucking Mooney is in this?

  18. coletonbelcher

    its sad how robin alone killed holmes

  19. Grand Champ

    Classic battle

  20. dark razor

    Batman won mainly cause of robin

  21. Jon Snow


  22. Joe Schembrie

    I'd like to see a DC Universe show with the crime-fighting team of Robin and Watson.

  23. Theo Keith Jones

    Batman always...

  24. Luke Gene

    No body one

  25. The Smell of Napalm in the Morning

    Lloyd was right. That wasn't a cool way to play Batman.

  26. DIon John

    "nice hat... dork! you look like a duck" that for me ended the battle. I was already laughing hard.

  27. Joe Doe

    Every time I watch this I want Batman to win but homes killed it at the end


    Does Joker drop bars?

  29. abeiscool40

    Carmen Sandiego vs. Catwoman

  30. Ric Sanches

    “nice hat dork, you look like a duck “

    You are a BAT!

  31. Rev.W. Germaine Edwards

    Sherlock killed it with the elementary mention

  32. Ismael

    Sherlock was so out of beat,didnt even fit the music what an idiot

  33. Ocelotl Yoatl

    Robin killed his verse, wish batman would have actually teamed up with him instead of pushing him away

  34. Perry Spiller

    MVP Robin

  35. Nolan

    “Nice hat dork you look like a duck”

    Geez bro that’s too far

  36. Pharaoh

    John Wick vs Neo


    okay but robins verse is the only reason Batman's verse was good

  38. Alieya Liya


  39. Clayton Wolfe

    Robin had bars

  40. Jree C.books

    It hurts my feelings to say this but Sherlock won.
    Batman's lyrics sound like they were written by a 5 year old bully 😔

  41. Well I Exist

    They made Batman seem so much dumber than he is. Batman is legitimately a genius, and they made him seem like a fucking thug.

  42. Adamantium 1001

    Joker: "Don't you lay a finger on my Bat you little creep!"
    Me: Oh dear Holmes you are in BIG trouble 😂

  43. Adamantium 1001

    After this, I didn't think a battle could be this one-sided. Then there came Vlad the Impaler vs Dracula...

  44. ESN 64

    Let’s be honest, Robin is the true winner

  45. The Dude

    Robin got some bars

  46. rapdean

    good then he's used to be being served by englishmen 😭🔥🔥🔥🔥

  47. Kroko Unseen Forces

    I can't belive how good Joker was but he messed up Batman so much

  48. Psychotic Coconut

    Holmes: *uses smart words to make a plan* As momma died and daddy was dispatched with haste!!!


  49. Owen C.

    Robin is the best part of this song

  50. Cultureghost

    Was it just me or did batman seem uncharastically... stupid... In this battle.


    Kyle is now on snl

  52. Bob

    He played Joker better than Batman

  53. Josh Teague

    Yeeeeeaaaaa! sherlock's rhymes were I'll af!

  54. Artist Definition

    Dayam sherlock ruined him haha

  55. Inferning Shooter

    Batman won because of Robin, if Robin wasn't in it Sherlock would've won

  56. Ольга Звянцева

    Batman's line about Scooby Doo is hypocritical for someone who crossed over with the gang.

  57. Ольга Звянцева

    And then, Phoenix Wright destroys both.

  58. AP-YI

    It's evident now why Nice Peter was such a poor Batman. He was really the Joker all along!

  59. SamPro


  60. Ark

    1:43 beautiful.

  61. Chase Kampfer

    Batman won

  62. Robert-Costin Margineanu

    The Guy Who played sherlock also played Alexander the Great

    Hairy Octopus

    Hes Zack

  63. Jesus Figueroa

    Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman Batman

  64. disneyfanjsg

    If I want to see Batman rap battles I’d watch
    1. The Joker Vs The Riddler
    2. Mr. Freeze Vs Poison Ivy
    3. The Penguin Vs Mad Hatter
    4. Two Face Vs The Ventriloquist
    5. Harley Quinn Vs Catwoman
    6. Bane Vs Killer Croc

  65. Lalboi Manlun

    Batman: I'M BATMAN.

  66. James Myers

    Sherlock killed bats . No doubt

  67. Sherlock Holmes

    We all know who won.

  68. Esteban Maysonet

    "You endanger everyone's life."

    This is rich coming from the guy who made children (one of said children being his son) fight criminals, got one of those children killed, and a young woman paralyzed.


    They chose to fight crime along Batman, though. It’s not like they were FORCED into doing this.

    Adamantium 1001

    Batman never wanted them to join, they chose to fight. He tried his best to keep them away, but they wouldn't listen.

  69. sherrell brown

    Watson and Robin killed me XD

  70. jarrod hill

    Sherlock shattered bruce waynes universe in his final verse.. fatality

  71. Mia Raimondi

    No one talks about the robin bit and that is a crime

  72. aws7971

    can someone explain the elementary line like what does that even mean

    elexus S.

    Sherlock Holmes always said that on the show when solving a case, basically saying "solving this case was easy simple"

    G H

    It means it was easy for him to solve the case.
    In fact the line doesn't appear in the Conan Doyle books, only later in Sherlock Holmes' films. Holmes did use the word "Elementary" when speaking with Watson :
    Excellent!” I cried.
    “Elementary,” said he.
    And he often called Watson "my dear fellow" "my dear Watson" but he never put the two together.

  73. Geckoguy YT



  74. elexus S.

    The best part of batman's rap was Robin's part


    Sherlock won

  76. Indika Aleanry

    messi vs ronaldo

  77. Julian Rodriguez

    So Robin, does Joker drop bars?

  78. Nordballe

    yOu LoOk LiKe a dUCk

  79. Majora de Mayhem

    Sherlock takes the victory, easily. Weak showing from the Bat.
    Where is Dr Robotnik versus Dr Wily?
    Actually we could have a whole series on mad doctors...

  80. Floral Fragment

    Batman sounds like he belongs in one of those commercials about those people who burnt a hole in their lung by smoking too much

  81. Krystal Faine


  82. Andrew Gary Walters

    Robin nocked Sherlock out of the park, but it was a good fight.

  83. powderrider700

    no competition..sherlock..no doubt,,

  84. Hunter Mrnak

    now one

  85. sdbw1990

    Sherlock Holmes is Irish......

  86. Poland Man

    Sorry but Sherlock and John were better even than Joker

  87. Reilly Evans

    I still think it’s absolutely wild that Kyle Mooney played Watson in this

  88. Jackie Pan

    He reminds me of Adam Scott in a batman costume in Parks and Rec.


    It's 2019, and I just noticed the British spelling of the word "tonnes". Elementary indeed.

  90. Joshua O'Neill

    Watsons reactions are my favorite part of this video.

  91. Aidan Culver

    Omg it’s Kyle Mooney