Enya - Storms In Africa (II) Lyrics

Though I walk through
Warm sands in Africa
Winds will grow soon
To storms in Africa.

How far to go
I cannot say.
How many more
Will journey this way?

Dark skies fall on
Black earth and ivory.
Far from your sun
Clouds now close over me

How far to go
I cannot say.
How many more
Will journey this way?

Storms have come!
Rains wash the earth away
Dark skies fall down
Into another day.
Rains have now come
From storms in Africa
Time will go on
Through Storms in Africa

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Enya Storms In Africa (II) Comments
  1. almarie rosario

    salute to enya

  2. Ruairi Conlon

    00:04 the thunderclap, you're welcome 🙂

  3. 50srefugee

    Best taken as a diptych:
    Instrumental version: morning shower.
    Vocal version: evening storm. Although "storm" must be taken as a single thunderhead passing over an endless plain at sunset. At scale, it is not much less gentle than the shower.

    David Donohoe

    The original isn't instrumental. It's sung in Irish.

  4. Marty Whatley

    One of the most beautiful songs ever made.

  5. John Fairweather

    This came out just as I was finishing my five years in east Africa. I left in March during the start of the long rains. There is no description possible for how I loved the place and it had been the perfect time to live there. As the plane rose from Kenyatta airport, the rain was glimmering on the umbrella trees below. This particular song is one of my favorites, but I only listen to it on rare occasions. It is too evocative for me, reminding me of my own personal lost paradise of Shangri La.

  6. Craig Markowski

    @joey and mone! Not sure if you'll get this notification just buy me typing in your name on this page?

  7. Maria Aparecida Neta

    Ouço num loop infinito e cada vez acho essa música mais bela!!

  8. Lucky Mwinzani

    this is my favourite version

  9. Vanda Carneiro

    OH UH-oh Storms in Africa ii - Enya.

  10. La Bizarra Romina

    Happy birthday, Enya!


    Today is her Birthday?

  11. The Jovial Brit

    I prefer the original. It's more emotional and presents a torrent (a strong and fast-moving stream of water) of feelings. Lyrics, for me, kinda restrict ones imagination. They tell us what to think, how to feel. As a musician and singer myself, I prefer to create instrumental music.

    David Donohoe

    The original isn't instrumental. It's sung in Irish.

  12. Tomasz Wójcik

    When real storm have came nothing is more beauty like this heaven theatre. Maybe the very frosty, sunny day.

    Vanda Carneiro


  13. Luiz Luiz

    Nostalgic good vibes

    Vanda Carneiro


  14. NS Steampunk

    The second version, in English!

  15. theyuha

    Best version of this song.



  17. PrincessHoney Lisadymion

    Spongebob was here

    Vanda Carneiro

    oh yes.

  18. Lucia Lima

    A docilidade da voz da Enya toca em todas as notas do meu ser !♥

    Focused and fabulous

    eh lindo demais

  19. pnknlvr96

    Love the section at 2:03 and the notes she hits at 2:09 and 2:19. Gives me chills.

    Ferry Groothedde

    Some background vocals (which she also does herself) go even higher than that.

    The Jovial Brit

    I think she goes higher at the end with the instrumental outro.

  20. GooglFascists

    Where's the excellent video of this song with Enya, the kids & the wind?

    Soy La Soñadora