Enya - Once You Had Gold Lyrics

Once you had gold,
Once you had silver,
Then came the rains
Out of the blue.
Ever and always.
Always and ever.
Time gave both darkness and
dreams to you.

Now you can see
Spring becomes autumn,
Leaves become gold
Falling from view.
Ever and always.
Always and ever.
No-one can promise a dream come true,
Time gave both darkness and
dreams to you.

What is the dark;
Shadows around you,
Why not take heart
In the new day?
Ever and always.
Always and ever.
No-one can promise a dream for you,
Time gave both darkness and
dreams to you.

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Enya Once You Had Gold Comments
  1. Mundo Eurus

    Assistam a tradução de Once You Had Gold: https://youtu.be/M0TpYpXV1w8

  2. Paradox Veil

    This is like an Angel singing softly into my ear....her voice is like a breeze. “Time gives both darkness and dreams to you.”....heartache and hope.

  3. Dee Nagara

    Strangely enough, I listen to this when I was in Sichuan last year with my mom's gym buddy friends, especially when we toured the mountains!

  4. ae3qe27u3

    Whenever I have trouble falling asleep, I turn to this song

  5. Slim Barentse

    Enya and I are close to the same age ... I wonder if this song means more to her now, than when this was written in 1995... It sure means more to me... " Now you can see, Spring becomes Autumn... Leaves turn to gold, falling from View "... Time gave Darkness to Dream for You... My words...
    " There'll be new Dreams, maybe better dreams, and plenty... before the last revolving circle's through... "
    -- Joni Mitchell's words...
    And I wish all y'all, A Good Life... Peace~

  6. Whocares

    Heavenly music!!!

  7. Rusty Dagon

    This is the only song that has ever made me cry

    Slim Barentse

    Almost... I'm feelin ya... getta lump in my throat just about everytime I hear her sang This... Che Hermosa... So Fine...

  8. Theresa Griffiths

    Call me please enya its Theresa here in new Zealand

  9. Calmminded94

    The beautifully put together lyrics and melody combined with Enya's angelic voice makes this song and "China roses" some of the most wonderful songs ever created <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  10. ruhcel banzon

    love this song so relaxing

  11. Nathaly Saturn

    Esto es hermoso

    Slim Barentse

    Claro que si, Mija...

  12. Leandro de bastos alves

    Simplismente maravilhosa essa música com a voz incomparável de Enya.

  13. Holy shit, it's a talking muffin

    I miss you Abigail 😥😭😞

  14. Tiffany Williams

    This song reminds me of a heart breaking break up between me & the first man I have ever loved😢😢😢😢💔

  15. Janette Norval

    Beautiful x

  16. JuLiA King

    Her voice completes the equation of heart + emotion. Top class.

  17. USF Aura

    Once you had gold,my twinsister...then something dark came and took you away from me..still love you always and ever

  18. Monica MacKeachan

    "Once you had gold" #LIKEAGIRL "Time gave both darkness and dreams to you."

  19. Firouze Khalili

    Love Enya, always talk to instead of me.

  20. Jay Birdy

    This song got me hooked on the beauty of the Romanov Grand Duchesses.  Such fragile beauty.  So haunting........

  21. superlapin rose

    magnifique, sa meilleure

  22. VespertineDeepwood


  23. sumbdumbkid

    Hilariously, I used to listen to this song while playing Shadow Warrior (a very bloody, violent video game). To this day, I associate the two with each other.

    I wish I had such a pure, soothing voice as Enya! She makes such beautiful music.

  24. edannat

    When I first got a CD player back in '95 I joined the BMI music CD club. This was one of my 10 free CD choices and I played this song to death!

  25. LittleDudeNT5

    I third that thought.

  26. DreamLordGarsha

    I think this is the most beautiful song I have ever heard.