Enya - Oíche Chiúin (Silent Night) Lyrics

Oiche chiuin, oiche Mhic De
Cach 'na suan dis araon
Dis is dilse 'faire le speis
Naion beag, leanbh ceansa 'gus caomh

Criost, 'na chodladh go samh
Criost, 'na chodladh go samh

Oiche chiuin, oiche Mhic De
Aoiri are dtus chuala 'n sceal
Alleluia aingeal ag glaoch
Cantain suairc I ngar is I gcein

Criost an Slanaitheoir Fein
Criost an Slanaitheoir Fein

Oiche chiuin, oiche Mhic De
Cach 'na suan dis araon
Dis is dilse 'faire le speis
Naion beag, leanbh ceansa 'gus caomh

Criost, 'na chodladh go samh
Criost, 'na chodladh go samh

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Enya Oíche Chiúin (Silent Night) Comments
  1. Michael

    Always thought she was a heathen. Glad to see this from her

  2. Jan van den heuvel

    Voor Nederland gezongen in het Iers

  3. Sergio David Buitron

    Oigo esta canción cantada por Enya y me transmite paz y un viaje a mis recuerdos

  4. glenn2145

    My favourite version of my favourite carol.

  5. Robert Arnold

    I dont speak the language but I still love this version of the song the best.

    Brian Runyon

    Agreed. Also like it in German as well as in Irish and English. Same goes for O Come All Ye Faithful in either English or Latin.

  6. Thomas O'Reilly

    Love this breaks my heart when Enya sings lost my two litttle boys in the space of 4 years , both at Christmas time .

    Chris Cox

    So,so very sorry for your tragic loss.

  7. D van de Weerd

    Very Beatiful !!!

  8. Michael James

    Prefer her lovely big sister but she’s very good 😁

  9. Antony Hamer


  10. Martin Cross

    This is Gail I can't stop crying. I cry at this song every time and this time is no different. I miss my love so very much. 4 years and it still hurts so very much.

    Robert Dee

    Hold on! I did. One has to, really. For the other, if nobody else. The burden is to make invisible people proud of us. Best wishes from me.

    Roger Newcomb

    Keep your heart open and the blessings will heal both of you...

  11. Taiscéalaí

    Go hálainn agus go raibh maith agat as seo. Ní féidir linn ligean don teanga bás a fháil. Tá sé mar chuid de cé muid féin

  12. Adrozarn Mischievik

    Been looking for this song for so long

  13. melodies2013

    A real treat, today is 1 October 2019.
    Am starting to learn (a little) Gaelic from this very video.
    Hopefully it will add up to something by Christmas ... :)

    yuri tarded

    Cé bhuil tú

  14. Ricardo Batista

    I'm speechless. Simply incredible. 🙏👏👏👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  15. Spondivits Lancaster

    It's good that she sings in"Irish Gaelic"the language faces possible extinction in the future due to the fact that only 3% of Ireland's population actually speaks it as their first language!!!Ireland is technically a bilingual country but english is hands down the dominant language of most daily affairs in the country itself etc.

  16. Thomas Hernandez

    What 19 people voted this down?

  17. Monika Bylicka-Sumara

    What is this language???


    Irish Gaelic

  18. Ian McGreevy

    First heard two hundred years ago today on 24/12/1818

    John Barnes

    I was there

  19. Michael Kuecker

    Isn't the Irish language beautiful?

  20. Linnaeus

    God bless you, Enya. This touches all of our souls. This is Christmas to me and it opens my heart.

  21. Trisha Urvan

    Damn this is pretty, so very ethereal. Gaelic is a BEAUTIFUL language!

    Auntie Carol

    It is not quite so lovely when you have it (the language) beaten into you.
    30 years since I set my feet on Irish soil, and I'll never go back.

  22. David parkin

    "Silent Night" (German: "Stille Nacht, heilige Nacht") was composed in 1818 by Franz Xaver Gruber to lyrics by Joseph Mohr.....sung here to perfection by enya.

  23. Trevor Voisey

    Simple and beautiful, a lot more pleasant than modern over the top renditions

  24. The Forgotten Nationalist


  25. Linnaeus

    Enya's first language is Gaelic. She was born in a Gaelic speaking part of Donegal. There is a great interview on youtube with her family in Gaelic. Awesome musical family. I adore Enya.

  26. andyguy0610

    utterly wonderful :-)

  27. Michael

    Fantastic. This is my favorite carol and hearing it in Gaelic makes it all the more sentimental.

  28. annie

    SOMEBODY RESPOND!!! I’m doing a school project for Christmas in Scotland...is this in Scottish?

    Helena Eriksson

    It's Irish


    Nope it’s Irish :)

    Dawn E

    It's Irish Gaelic, similar but not the same as Scots Gaelic.

  29. Josep santer perez

    La paz en esta noche es más auténtica oyendo a esta mujer.

  30. mc b

    Appreciation from year 2018

  31. aron contreras

    emosionante cancion , en la hermosa voz de esta gran interprete......

  32. d57z12

    Enya cuts straight to the soul.

  33. Franco Tosi

    Perché hanno tagliato gli auguri? andate su https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7ThedzFKdM

  34. Franco Tosi

    Una voce angelica e gentile. Una cosa mi ha colpito: la sua dolce somiglianza a volti italiani o francesi o balcanici mostra quanto sia assurda questa divisione e separazione. Buon natale a tutti :-)

  35. ricardo ernesto mendoza quintero

    Beautiful voice!

  36. Nicoletta Parrino


  37. CaitlinK nee Welch

    + God bless & Merry Christmas 2017!+

  38. Christopher Smallbone

    I am sure one line she sings Jeesus Jeesus fart in his face at 0.32 seconds in

    Evelyn Mullane

    Christopher Smallbone she says dís is daoilse which is pronounced like deesh is deelsha so it sounds like Jesus

  39. Lucy Rinehart

    Maravilhosa! Deusa!!! Anjo dos Anjos!!!!

  40. William Maloney

    I could listen to Enya all day long, such a beautiful singer, and when she sing in Gaeilge, it really great

  41. carlos zanoni peña londoño

    La Voz Más Tierna y Agradable Que Llrva Un Mensaje En Cada Tema que Uno Escucha Felicitaciones Enya y Lindisimo "Noche De Paz"

  42. 1London Witness

    Wonderful to listen to, truly wonderful.

  43. Dylaan McEwen

    So stunning😸

  44. Ana Lucia Lopes Cardoso

    Voz e interpretação belíssimas; muito emocionante!

  45. nana pianissimo


  46. Roxie RoseHeart

    the most perfect person to sing this song

    Lia Nitu

    You are recht.


    her and Boys II Men

  47. Anoushka Harnandan

    It's like you are singing to my soul

    Blue Skies

    music is like a pipeline of the soul. She brings that out. Ethereal and soulful.

  48. josé de melo júnior júnior

    Enya is Very Beautiful..

  49. Rosa Fanizza

    voce angelica, meravigliosa

  50. GAME ERIC torres

    hernosa Miguel TORRES JIL

  51. Luiz Benitez


  52. maricarmen arriaga

    Magnificainterpretación por una de las voces mas bellas del mundo

  53. 岩崎正人


  54. Everyman8

    'S math cluintinn canan Ceilteach ann an nos seo - Calum

  55. Christine Cuthbert

    such a wonderful singer

  56. Gautland Creations

    I'm not very a very religious person, but her voice could make me believe in anything. She's truly the one and only voice that makes music more than music.

  57. jana Ščepková

    prekrasny hlas jej piesne potešia každe vnimave ucho a otvorene srdce

  58. Todd Trimble

    Piercingly beautiful. Thank you both for uploading, and for including the lyrics (and translation).

  59. Joanna Bielak

    Niech wprowadzi nas choć trochę w Świąteczny nastrój :) Coś cudownego........ <3

  60. DANIEL


  61. Renwick Duesbury

    take a listen to this version of We Three Kings 


  62. Johnny Lebrón

    Wooahh! Posee una voz privilegiada su voz es como oír la música de las esferas una voz celestial que solamente aquellos que tienen el oído mágico desarrollado pueden oír la celestial, Beethoven, Morzart , Chapín y otros grandes maestro tenían ese oído desarrollado , pero Enya posee una voz angelical su música es un extasis que deleita los sentidos es sublime y relajante. Dios bendiga esas cuerdas vocales magicas.

  63. José Mota

    Fantástico! A Enya canta como só ela o sabe fazer!




    Been to Porto and loved it. Love Portugal. Greetings and Merry Christmas.

  64. Ruben Darío Perdomo

    Es la voz más sublime que he escuchado. Anya eres espectacular.

  65. hetzer223

    God sawe Enya !

  66. Max manni

    bello il brano degli Enya

  67. marinero1

    Perfect everything-voice and music.

  68. Alexander Silva

    Enya is absolutely unique...
    God Bless everyone...

  69. Richard McCauley


  70. El Super Javi

    feliz navidad hermanos !!!  :3

  71. Richard Vejvoda

    Opravdu hezké. Bohužel trochu scifi.

  72. Anne-Mette Solheim

    SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. Sebastian Setiawan

    best version ever

  74. Robert Dtmaster

    stunning...  a refreshing alternative to the horrible c"rap" out there..

    Steve Brynan

    Robert Dtmaster A big, hearty amen to that. I can't stand today's music. I'm amazed it doesn't make my ears bleed.

  75. Botea Alina

    Enya is sublime, I love listening to her songs anytime, anywhere!!!

  76. urbistrawberry


    Carlos Martinez

    yo tambien la amo

  77. Juan Carlos Bonilla Costa

    en que idioma se interpreta esta canción ????

    Carlos Martinez

    creo que es en gaelico

  78. Carlos Martinez

    gracias de todo corazon

  79. Arnsten Ariansen

    Another one of her BEST singing . SHE's simply THE BEST. Her voice can MOVE mouintains

    John Barnes

    Yep, i always butterflies listening to her music

  80. romeogiulietta14

    Sempre splendida questa interpretazione in gaelico! Anche fuor
    i stagione.......

  81. elena calaprice

    meravigliosa creatura creata per cantare per gli angeli. del paradiso.

  82. Kalle Hasenbank

    This is a classic german christmas song.

    Mario Guerra

    Wasn't the composer Austrian?.


    This version is gaeilge though.


    Does not look like anything I know, is unique, very special ...

  84. englishmade

    Peace on earth to all men.

  85. Mike White

    Angelic to hear in any language!

  86. The Baseball Guy

    I'm also separated from my family. I have an old tree that I wrapped a string of lights around. I am so blessed to have it. I hope for you a blessed Christmas. May the memories of Christmas past be a gift to keep you warm. Peace.

  87. Bianca Tino

    God works in mysterious ways!

  88. Aparajita_G

    how nice!!!!! but what language is this?? always always loved Enya's music :)

    Christopher McCarthy

    It is Enya's native language of Gaelic.

  89. douglas taripar tobing


  90. Adam Thomas

    Is it weird that I'm an atheist and I'm listening to this, in October?

    Roger Newcomb

    Not weird at all, for one who has an open heart...

  91. d57z12

    Tingles up the spine and a tear in the eye. What a beautiful rendition. Definitely good for the soul. Thank you Enya, may you live long and prosper. You bring so much joy to we mere mortals.

  92. metinkssumtin

    @scarab1518 It's the same lyrics as the English version, just translated into Irish :)

  93. scarab1518

    Even though i can't understand the language her voice is like magic and talks to the heart.....

  94. Seraph

    Even though you are far away from home and all alone, and there are no lights on a non-existent Christmas tree, someone is thinking of you...may next year be brighter, fairer, better in every way for you Carmarthan415....and I'm glad that YouTube and lovely Enya are here as a small light of joy to you..

  95. Zaro Yamato

    Enya's voice has no boundaries. She can sing in any language and still makes you feel in heaven.

  96. Carmarthan415

    This Christmas season, im away from my family, all by myself, no tree, no festivity...
    at least theres christmas music on youtube :)

  97. MegaORPHEAS


  98. Jacques Lecleire

    Great voice !!!!!!!

  99. Love German Shepherds