Enya - Na Laetha Geal M'Oige Lyrics

Ag amharc tri m'oige
Se me bhi samh
Gan eolas marbh
Bhi me og gan am

Anois taim buartha
'S fad ar shiul an la
Ochon is ochon o

Na laetha geal m'oige
Bhi siad lan de dhochas
An bealach mo a bhi romhan ansin
Bhi se i ndan dom go mbeadh me slan


Looking back at my youth
I was content
Without dead knowledge
I was young, without time

Now I'm sorrowful
Those days are long past
Sadness and loss

The great days of my youth
They were full of expectation
The great journey that was before me then
Happiness was in store for me

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