Enya - La Sonadora Lyrics

Yo; el otono
Yo; el vespero
He sido un eco.

Sere una ola
Sere la luna
He sido todo, soy yo.

Yo; el verano
Yo; el ebano
Soy la sonadora.


I; the autumn
I; the evening star
I have been an echo

I shall be a wave
I shall be the moon
I have been everything, I am myself

I; the summer
I; the ebony
I am the dreamer

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Enya La Sonadora Comments
  1. HailPriest

    If they don't play this song at my funeral I ain't going 🤞

  2. reneedooma


  3. Amedeo Dental

    there is only one song that compares to this...Vide Cor Meum, by Patrick Cassidy

  4. Amedeo Dental

    it is like when our soul depart from this world and meets the angels who all sing to God songs unheard...

  5. Lightographer

    This album, my favourite Enya ever I use for serious meditation and the whole point of most of the album reflects the ongoing death of our planet and a hopeful resurrection. This song is in mourning but the last, "Going Home" represents hope for the future and you can feel it just like most of her music, so spiritual in the deepest sense of the word.

  6. MrAdvance2go

    If you want to see God, creator of all things seen and unseen, play this during a beautiful sunset....he'll show up.

  7. Rachel


  8. Rainop DeWilde

    Enya? More like Enyaas

  9. Theresa Griffiths

    Enya its Theresa here from new Zealand your music is absolutely fantastic and it reminds of you it relaxes me so much im enjoying the music

  10. John-Clay Knight

    I will find the people who down voted this and there will be blood

  11. HailPriest

    La Soñadora👼

  12. TruthSeeker

    Another Enya treasure.

  13. TruthSeeker

    Enya i listen to you to conquer evil

  14. Everaldo Oliveira


  15. Paco rro


  16. Carolina Indiann

    One of those songs which makes you sad when it ends!!!!

  17. José Miguel García

    Magic worldwide with a beautiful rainbow

  18. Ray Orthodontics

    It is currently 12:55 pm on this beautiful Saturday afternoon. Today is March 24, 2018 and the sun is out, the country is in turmoil in the US but people are out marching and standing up. Right now there is nothing more soothing than Enya and this beautifully crafted work of art.

  19. Ed Moss

    This song makes me think of angels takin people out of pergatory an leading then into heaven! Beautiful

  20. Lucía Asensio

    Otro mundo. No quiero volver.

  21. Paga

    1:51 yas

  22. Neko

    This reminds me of serene sand dunes... it reminds me of Mexico. It reminds me of a church in mexico, in sand dunes

    Foe Dickson

    I wish I could’ve seen what you saw. It sounds amazing...

  23. Evan T

    I wonder how many people know that she has Spanish roots from her Mother's side.

    John-Clay Knight

    @Logical Phallusy No they aren't...no one is genetically identical

    Logical Phallusy

    The genetic differences between Basques and Irish collectively is lesser than the genetic variations between individual members of either group.

    John-Clay Knight

    @Logical Phallusy There are no genetically differences in any human. We all have the same 23 chromosomes.....it's only in races....

    Logical Phallusy

    I'm not going to argue it with you. This is what the scientists said. If you disagree, take it up with them.


    @John-Clay Knight I was under the understanding their is only one race. The human race. Maybe you have an issue with colour ?

  24. maria rosenda calderon equihua

    recordando a mamá que la estraño mucho

  25. Santiago Sabogal

    De verdad se siente como te transformas en cada cosa que existe en el universo.

  26. itstonymacaroni

    Thank you Terence McKenna Radio on Pandora. Thank you.

  27. Casual Observer

    The voice of an angel

  28. Walter Uribe

    Obra maestra

  29. Grace Silvers


  30. Elana Vital

    The moon is singing...All hail the Lady of the Moon. Goddess of the Silver Path...

  31. Killer clown Art

    Love it :-)

  32. Tom Van Wuytswinkel

    This song was played in church by the dead of my mom ...

    ahmed Nour

    maybe she is in better place ..God bless her soul amin

    Tom Van Wuytswinkel

    @ahmed Nour Thank You i do, Thank You ...

  33. Amy Acuna


  34. Amy Acuna


  35. La Bizarra Romina

    This songs makes me dream...

    Rob S

    me too. it's incredible

    Foe Dickson

    While still awake....(exhale)😌

  36. andyt1313

    Reminds me the elvish city in Lord Of The Rings.

    Midgardian _

    And the language which she's singing is Spanish

    Ryan Ashe

    She did some music for lord of the rings so that’s probably why

    Dee Tsukimura

    Enya is irish, the elven culure and language are inspired in the celtic culture, in the Ireland they still use gaelic an old language, Enya use to sing in this language, i believe the elvish idioma is inspired in the gaelic.


    Soy La Soñadora

    Reminds me the music in prologue of lotr, in war scene

  37. Chris

    I; the autumn
    I; the evening star
    I have been an echo

    I shall be a wave
    I shall be the moon
    I have been everything, I am myself

    I; the summer
    I; the ebony
    I am the dreamer

    Xeki Fevirg Fuentes

    Chris S.
    Yo; el otoño
    Yo; el vespero
    He sido un eco.
    Seré una ola
    Seré la luna
    He sido todo, soy yo.
    Yo; el verano
    Yo; el ébano
    Soy la soñadora.

  38. Cesar Yañez Diaz

    Esta todo en español

  39. Luna DeApril

    Im waiting for Enya to come out with a Club hit! Oh Yeah

    Desmond Kerk

    +lunadeapril Her music's much too deep for that.

    lonely leaf

    Check out some remixes of Caribbean Blue, they are very club friendly

    Foe Dickson

    Hahaha, stupid-ass (sarcasm)
    That would be awesome 💯

  40. ExposingZionistEvil

    It is a spiritual-level crime that this most beautiful song has not garnered more "Views" and "Likes". 

    Juan Juánez

    The number of views and likes on youtube is inversely proportional to the spiritual level of the video or song :)

    drew davis

    Some people are just so dumb,they doesn't know what real music is like.they would rather listen to bieber or minaj.

    Soy La Soñadora

    @drew davis in fact minaj listens to enya

  41. Jack Bowlson

    Speak Celtic!

    Tristan Groch

    you mean Gaelic?

  42. Guigley

    Her voice just gives me chills.

  43. Sjcjaj

    @bookkeeper57 latin. she sings O Come O come, Emmanuel in latin for the second half

  44. guisauco93


  45. Sicnarf Kram Tnecniv

    I can feel it into my skin

  46. Egor Ananev

    beautiful song; the melody is sad at times, and uplifting at others; but always beautiful
    Enya's skill for enchanting music never abides

  47. roxypopsy9

    You are reading the comment number six!!

    Mudenge Mukundwa

    roxypopsy9 wow...
    You wrote this 8 years ago!