Enya - Caribbean Blue Lyrics

Afer Ventus

So the world goes round and round
With all you ever knew
They say the sky high above
Is Caribbean blue...

If every man says all he can
If every man is true
Do I believe the sky above
Is Caribbean blue...

... Boreas...
... Zephyrus...

If all they told was turned to gold
If all you dreamed was new
Imagine the sky high above
In Caribbean blue...

... Eurus...
Afer Ventus...
... Boreas
... Africus...

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Enya Caribbean Blue Comments
  1. Leandro Gomes

    Não sei se alguém já sentiu o que senti!, parece que já tinha ouvido essa música em outra vida.. ,

  2. ᠰᠣᠳᠣ ᠪᠡᠳᠣ

    02:26 reminds me Disney-Lava

  3. jonas15 Jonas

    These music remember me the years when i was studied for beauty estetic..

  4. sparky7679

    This song brings you to a moment in time where you feel unlimited happiness and it flows through your body to a degree so high that you feel the most nostalgic on the scale and where your age is limitless... You are infinite, Only a spiritual being having the human experience, and which of course is listening to real music.

  5. Kyle Sill

    My dad always played 80s music or other decades of music now I like 80s so much more than music now I’m 13

  6. Ravin Florenso

    december end in 2k19

  7. GV atom

    Listening 2019 stoned to the gills

  8. 宮坂咲花


  9. Lorenzo Moore

    Who is still listening to this in 2019??

  10. Utkucan Uyanık

    Merve bu şarkıda hep sen geliceksin aklıma kızılaya gelip sana plak vermiştim ya gelmeden önce bunu dinlemiştim

  11. Maddie Hall

    valium for the ears

  12. Seeker

    bardzo relaksująca muzyka :)

  13. Shahinaz Ismail

    More than wonderful

  14. Beeps La

    December 2019 ❤️❤️❤️

  15. jax9494

    2020 Up 👍🏻

  16. Marisol Reynoso

    Es como una droga, necesaria, la escucho a diario y varias veces, me relaja, y el video espectacular

  17. Patriot Rob

    Instant tear in my eye's. Brought me back to when this first came out..

  18. Pedro Porras muñoz

    Qué talento de Enya, mágica, esperitual, única, especial.

    Recuerdos de mi juventud.....

  19. Anandi Islam

    Blue blue I love u 💙💙💙💙💙

  20. Marlena Pat

    I am listening in December 2019, amazing song...

  21. Derek La Szpunc

    Champion 💕

  22. Norma Ortega

    Hermoso Tema divino recuerdo viejos tiempos Sobre todo desde k era niña hasta hoy bendito dios x que existe esta maravillosa música gracias x compartir Saludos y bendiciones 🙏💞😘

  23. Céline Chicha

    هل من عربي هنا

  24. Simpson fan

    Such a soothing song🎶😴

  25. dsa dsa

    anyone listening to this?

  26. Lisa Marie

    I ❤️ this song
    Carribbean is heaven on Earth 🌏

  27. Drita Sinaj

    Praise the Lord Jezus

  28. Drita Sinaj

    Perfect song

  29. astrid stell

    Sei fantastica enya

  30. Carlos Alberto Colmenares Chacon

    This song makes me remind beautiful memories I have with my twin and my mom 😁😊

  31. Denise D'Anna

    13 Dicembre 2019

  32. Nally 08

    We dance this song in my Ballett.I LOVE it!!

    Yéléna Nobert

    Me too😮

  33. Sergio abel Rodriguez barajas

    Excelente musica Saludos cordiales desde Guadalajara México

  34. Carol Verde

    This song reminds me of all the beautiful things God has created how magnificent they all are Romans 1:20 For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even His eternal power and Godhead, so that they are without excuse,
    bless Yahweh Elohim he is alpha and omega the beginning and the end and his son Jesus Christ who sits at his right hand in heaven interceding on our behalf.

  35. neko 10


  36. brian erpelding

    Quiro que escuchaeamos por las siglos pero no se si Eña se va a venir con nosotros.

  37. www.DrumsTheWord.com

    Gah! This song. It takes me right back. I love it so much.

  38. Jorge Lopez

    This would be the perfect song and video for a climate change campaign

  39. International νideos

    2020? (Im from the future)



  41. Emily Andrew

    so pretty

  42. Long Gray Line

    There is something timeless and good about this song. My soul soars when I listen to it.

  43. Débora Andrea


  44. Specialforyou ******

    Hey! Lo más f lo🤩😏🙏 más hermoso! Hace 20 años meditaba con este temazo! Bendición!

  45. Eren Juan Udaeta

    this lyric is the what song to want to hear before I pass away....

  46. sheena1721

    I can go to sleep and never wake up with this kind of music and peace

  47. lil Mousten

    Close your eyes and listen to this, i am traveling.

  48. Phaedra

    I AM A DERRY GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Lorikris Croft

    ✨The music of the universe ✨

  50. Jutafrocant

    Now december 2019 ? (10 years after :o)

  51. Lysa Parker


  52. charli Torres

    my favorit music in the year 2000 when I study medicine in the I.P.N.

  53. louise owusu

    This reminds me of The Stranglers Golden Brown. Its that waltzy beat and the harpsichord/strings. But very different meanings....

  54. s agu

    Me hace recordar a kigo ese sonido electrónico de fondo pasan años y el tema sigue ahi

  55. mike maurer

    this is wonderfullll!

  56. That Noob

    Who came here after watching Derry Girls?

  57. Sandra Stuart

    I love this song because it’s calming down me

  58. Jose Furtado Meirelles

    Show, nota 1000

  59. nicolle almeida sousa

    Gosto dessa música

  60. Nicolas Lacrampe

    Is somebody will listen this in 1000 years ??? Realy hope so ....

  61. Zaki Zakou

    J'adore 💕

  62. Erika Nagy


  63. jay w

    i thought i will listen echoes in rain all the time but im here all the time

  64. Adam Villa

    I wasn’t feeling the best this morning, but then I listened to this song and it made me happy :).

  65. Nastya Krestina

    Me desculpem,mas essa mulher é a verdadeira ópera em pessoa,que voz!

  66. Marie_ange Rigaud

    A sounds feeling of what could be paradise...! The first time I heard it, made me astonished and overflowed of hapiness !

  67. m & m's

    Deadpool vs. Yakuza 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  68. UnclePeepo

    Am I the only one who's here from Deadpool?

    m & m's

    Me too bro 🤣🤣🤣

  69. Davi Davi


  70. L Fer

    Musica televendas #Jequiti#Brasil

  71. JOANIE Adeshina

    This song was in a Instagram edit of my favorite childhood movie and I just had to listen to it ❤️

  72. denden laragan

    your songs are the kind like though i haven't listened to it for long, i would still have chills listening to it again.

  73. Débora D

    So Beautiful💖😢

  74. Jean Ribeiro

    Voz dos anjos.
    Linda linda linda música

  75. Arthur Irishyouth

    2019 🇮🇪🍀🍻


    Super climate film

  77. Golf Enthusiast

    I used to get high alot and listen to this song with my best friend. Sadly he committed suicide in 2016 and this is the song that always brings me back to him. It's a feeling of euphoria and pain at the same time. Just wish he could be here for one more day. RIP Tom

  78. Lauradean Gavin

    I play this too my 5 guinea pigs... They love it 😍

    Kovaso Bix

    hmmmm taste great roasted, bon appetite.

  79. Charles Reynolds


  80. Tim Sears

    The music doesn't help . ok it does. It would still b beautiful without the beautiful music lol 🔥🤘🐯

  81. piero lo groi

    Enya is magic...

  82. Emmagarcecal Calapay

    Hermosa canción 🥺🥰

  83. KillerBeers

    The 90's said hello to my innocence... that's been beat down by life.
    A tear has been shed.

  84. lory991959 guzman carrasco

    Enya - Caribbean Blue
    27.206.240 visualizaciones•20 jul. 2009 MARAVILLAS JUNTAS VOCES E IMAGENES

  85. Jacob

    thanks to deadpool 2

  86. CrazyClara101

    I get emotional when I see this music video and listen to the music, I don’t know why. Maybe cus humans screwed up the ocean and wildlife and I get choked up over it

  87. Team USA

    Who is listening in March 2023? (I have a time machine)

  88. Angela Raynor

    Free Free!!!!!!

  89. Mark Ireland

    I'm that someone.

  90. Rosalinda Rodríguez Valdés

    Lo mas bello de este mundo es la naturaleza. A.g.r.v.

  91. Алинёнок Шифр

    I from Russia! 😎

  92. Vonny Stenzel

    Das ist cool 😎. Die Bilder sind sehr schön. Die Stimme ist einfach der Hammer

  93. envoy3

    This music video is essential "massage clinic" viewing.