Entombed - Stranger Aeons Lyrics

One more dead soul there's a hole in the sky
Illuminating dreamquest the prophet's eye
By virtue of madness a sign of faith
Lurking at the threshold you're lost between the gates

Death's a solution to life's dead illusions

Stranger aeons - stained by re-creation
Stranger aeons - of hallucination

Stranger things that eternal lie
Awaiting beyond the time to die
In the city of gods in the temple of lies
Initiation progression Zarathustra cries

You were wrong from the start
We will never part

Stranger aeons - stained by re-creation
Stranger aeons - of hallucination
Take strange drugs - swallow your pride
It's all but a game - nuclear stock piles

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Entombed Stranger Aeons Comments
  1. Daniele Dentico

    Best Death Metal song of all [email protected]@@

  2. Hugo Coutinho

    Big Ass Riffs

  3. deathstar 77

    Black Swan.

  4. Alex Ramirez-Padilla

    did they use the boss heavy metal hm-2 pedal in this one

  5. [email protected] четвергов

    Петров дает гари )))

  6. mgkpraesi

    Camilla was realy a Bomb. Yummy.


    Excellent band... 🤘🤘

  8. thebioticmessage

    Fun fact: This was M.I.A's first appearance in a music video. There was a falling out between Entombed and the "Paper Planes" singer when she converted to Islam.

  9. RamManNo1

    How does he get his bass drum to sound like this? I believe this is before triggers?

  10. Kevin Thomas

    Jonny vocals was awesome

  11. Daniel Slaytanic

    Mon laferte jaja

  12. Shannan p

    Reminds me 'Side Show Bob. LOL

  13. Anna De Piano

    The very metal


    By dark lord Oprah's cloven hooves...this pulled me away from my tacos🎚👹🎚🌮🤘

  15. Житель Земли


  16. Joe Blow

    Listening to this on a quality sound system is the heaviest song i've ever heard.... OMG

    Joe Blow

    This and Fear Factory - Martyr are on a par.


    Loud as fuck on a good sound system, and high as fuck on some dank nugs. Perfect combo for an amazing time.


    Joe Blow That’s the heaviest bass drum ever heard.

  17. Jason S

    Backing screams by Carmen Miranda

  18. MrTeleiomenos

    Army of lovers were pretty extreme back then

  19. Pat Voyeaurs

    Stockholm, Sweden 1991 year of the "Lord".

  20. mysteriousDSF

    I didn't know Nicki Minaj appeared in an Entombed clip

  21. Вечеслав Николов

    Army of ( Death )Lovers

  22. Jose Arguello

    Geniial, buen video y musica👊💀🔥

  23. Kvaser

    This is Entombed. The Original Band. No Nicke Andersson, no Entombed.

  24. Сергей Владимирович

    Classica i lave

  25. Nicolas du hainaut

    2018 ? Truth death metal ?

  26. Miss Azul Music

    ❤ ✌

  27. Endless Nameless

    They wish they were "unleashed"

  28. Satan is Watching

    2018 still fuckin rules

  29. mmancilla

    Vocals Nicke Andersson!!!

  30. william dechant

    you gotta love the odd time signature. \m/

    William Stoioff

    I read an interview with Nicke recently and he said he was listening to a lot of Atheist when he wrote this album that's why the whole record kinda has that vibe

  31. Alessandro Ferreira do Val


  32. Mike Washburn

    Old school FUCKN METAL!!!!

  33. Sushovan Shakya

    To be honest, this is way better than any of Morbid Angel's songs combined.

  34. Mario Olave

    qué wea mon la ferte?

    roberto oliverio

    Mario Olave jajaj estaba buscando ese comentario.

    Daniel Slaytanic

    Jaja ctm ella era metalera



    Saturnino Zapata

    GABRIEL BEHD true metal:


    Triple Thrash Threat on Headbanger's Ball is when I first saw this video in the early 90s

  36. D G

    My mate had satellite TV, recorded Headbangers Ball to VHS and after I copied them. Teenage period))))

  37. Jeff w

    love this album

  38. Eric Syre

    Decadent visuals, tormented vocals and fierce riffs. You can't get any better these days, sadly.

  39. Wasko Maleducado

    hellow man!

  40. Семён Семёнов


  41. Jacob

    oh man i love hatebreed

    Vegan Crue

    Jacob “smash your enemies”

  42. Atle kross Iversen

    What is la Camilla doin in this sonamed creation??

  43. Daz Lilley

    Sexy as fuck xx

  44. Zack Weedin

    00:30 - 00:55 Sounds like Dying Fetus got some influence from Entombed.

  45. javier muñoz

    no creo que se vuelva a repetir un disco como este nunca más 10 sobre 10

    Cristian Valenzuela

    javier muñoz nunca sucedera una obra de arte "clandestine"

  46. Tonči Ercegović

    music of my young days :)

  47. Erika


  48. Orlando Masise

    Hey! That Camilla "army of lovers" thing is not a joke! She is in this video! Oh wow, she is very very hot... Repeat very...

  49. Efeito Dunning-Kruger

    0:06 best footage that I have seen...

  50. Lucas Rosa Santos

    The beginning sounds like Children of the Grave.

  51. Dmn Hrn

    Nicke Anderson Now change music to rock n roll band. LOL

  52. birolha

    1:03 :0 very scary

  53. Henrik Petersson

    The singer used to live in my neighbourhood when I was younger. I have to admit that I was a bit fanstruck whenever I saw him. :) Cool guy.

    Linus Wärn

    Which one? Nicke Andersson, LG Petrov or Johnny Dordevic?

  54. Rodrigo Cezar

    Death metal never got any better than this



  56. Whyte Groovin


  57. David Smith

    cool song

  58. tatonghudas

    Niki Minaj? D8<


    Was she even born here? LOL

    Daniel Slaytanic

    Mon laferte ja

  59. Rob Ecuyer

    Funny that Johnny Dordevic is listed as the lead singer, but he did not sing one word on this album. The drummer Nicke Andersson recorded all the vocals. Now he leads the rock band Hellacopters, playing guitar and singing. Talented guy.

    mario troncoso

    @jane k. Yes, all álbum

    Tomi A

    @jane k. its not nickes vocals if otherwhise proofed.


    "Despite the fact that he appears in the album credits, Johnny Đorđević didn't sing on Clandestine or Stranger Aeons. The vocals were actually recorded by Nicke Andersson and Ulf "Uffe" Cederlund, just as he didn't record bass on Carnage's Dark Recollections. He only performed with them live."





    dude this is the oldest secret not being a secret of history.

  60. mark kevorkian

    who sang on this?

    Nylon Nerves

    Nicke Anderson thought that LG was hitting on his girlfriend at the time. That's what I've read but I don't know if it's true.

    mark kevorkian

    i wouldnt doubt it knowing that guy. thanks

    Ikki Genzakeme

    mark kevorkian


    Who sang at live shows during this periods? I assume Nicke didn't sing and play drums at the same time. I mean I know he's a hard worker, but come on...


    @varškėsapkepas Yer mum

  61. Régis Blanc

    much before the time, they had to call themselves A.D !!!


    No one in Entombed A.D. is in this video, it's a completely different band now.

  62. yolanda pedro

    not Lars Goran Petrov . somebody DorDevic

  63. Bflatest

    That brunette is a siren

  64. Gilberto Oliveira

    The best song

  65. qwerrewq qwerrewq

    Excellent.Clip sometimes reminiscent of King Diamond-Sleepless nights

  66. Krrrimmi



    @Sean Souders Yeah. This is where it all began. \m/


    Yeah, I remember I saw it there too! :)


    @DanishNecrofilth Yeah. Along w/ OBITUARY & grindcore NAPALM DEATH. D show that gave me an identity(Metalhead). As a growing teen. :-D

    Steve Sullivan

    YES!!  For the 1st three seconds though, I was hearing "Children Of The Grave" and thought... holy shit!!


    Bought it the day it came out, on tape!

  67. National Acrobat

    Ironically, this is the only forgettable song on Clandestine. Strange choice for a video if you ask me.


    It's strange song indeed but that's why it's so special. It's half-death half-hardcore song.

  68. Wilson Martinez

    awesome song, great vocals

  69. alejandro rodriguez

    even if the sound is death metal some riffing and beats are very crossover hardcore ,


    @Pragnant_weggy_board Nope, never heard Morbider, but I gotta take a look. My home is Spotify. Thank goodness for it!


    @Vinnie Money directly to the band or scumbag pirate spree for me ;) Spotify just ain't my bag.

    You'll like it. Check out Cruciamentium's last album.


    @Pragnant_weggy_board Yeah, I enjoy ocasionally sending money to the bands, specially in a time when music has almost no monetary value. Bandcamp has tons of good stuff too. Take a look on the "Dark Blasphemies Records". A spanish label that supports lots of old school style death metal bands. I'm taking notes on your suggestions!


    @Vinnie I know DB, but i don't remember any of the roster.

    Ha well would you look at that, Morbider are on there.

    Ja i Muzyka

    More Grind

  70. Oscar Vidal

    where is Lars-Göran Petrov ...the lord of entombed...this guy is unknown for me


    Nicke andersson was the vocalist aswell drums... Now the question is who is the guy acting like vocalist? o.O

    Rhys Lex

    Johnny Dordevic who's on the album's credits, i dunno his contribution to the album though.

  71. Adragon Daray

    one of best song in my 20 y. old metal video

  72. Kyle Boswell

    Camilla from Army of Lovers!! What!!?? I guess even pop singers love some good metal XDD

    Lionel Ulloa Jr.

    Yes, hahaha 1992 Entombed - Strangers Aeons - guest and she was credited for this.... Camilla Henemark

    Lord Apo

    She is huge metal fan and loves Testament

    deathstar 77

    Wow! I didn't know that!

  73. Simonzzz

    Headbangers United !!

  74. Martin Garza

    What's Nikki Manaj doing in this video, lol!!!

    Konstantin Starodumov

    she's having fun i guess

    t3l3 fr4gg3d

    Sweden is small ;)


    At that time,Minaj was in her mother's cunt!

    Battling Nelson

    @Konstantin Starodumov wasn't she a porno star?

    Kevin Thomas

    How dare you say some shit like that. Crawl back into your mom and uncreate

  75. Arnulfo Romo

    makes me wanna headbang like a motherfucker!!!! \mm/

  76. nroks

    funny bass drum sound

  77. Paolo Bianchi

    fucking death metal band GREAT BAND

  78. Ernaldo Rivas

    Masterpiece. Great band

  79. txmetalhead82xk

    Perfect, nuff said!

  80. Larry Welman

    didn't this guy do vocals for benediction too?

    Linus Wärn

    It's Nicke Andersson singing on this.

    Daniel Slaytanic

    Nicke Anderson from Lucifer

  81. Larry Welman

    didn't this guy do vocals for benediction too?

  82. Marius Kiefer

    de la balle

  83. Ghetto Gothics

    One more dead soul, there's a hole in the sky
    Illuminating dream quest, the prophet's eye
    By virtue of madness a sign of faith
    Lurking at the threshold you're lost between the gates

    Death's a solution to life's dead illusions

    Stranger aeon's, stained by re-creation
    Stranger aeon's of hallucination

    Stranger things, that eternal lie
    Awaiting beyond the time to die
    City of gods in the temple of lies
    Initiation progression, Zarathustra cries

    You were wrong from the start
    We'll never part

    Stranger aeon's, stained by re-creation
    Stranger aeon's of hallucination
    Take strange drugs, swallow your pride
    It's all but a game, nuclear stock piles

  84. davidalptmetal

    0:33 it looks like hatebreed´s smash your enemies is very alike to this riff

  85. Kris Brown

    Clandestine <3 Awesome Album

  86. Heliophobos

    1:12 Nicki Minaj

    Cracotte Azo

    KOLOSSOS the song was made in the 90´s, she was a baby at that time

  87. Luispain

    La mejor pieza jamás creada, una obra maestra.
    Bueno, todo el álbum.

  88. Ghetto Gothics

    One of the coolest fucking things I've ever seen.

    t3l3 fr4gg3d

    you didn´t see me ;=)

  89. Magnus

    Så jävla BÄST!!!

  90. Knäcke Dingens

    Göttersong und Götteralbum...!!! \m/

  91. poncho s

    Shit, everytime I hear that godamn guitar sound, hell yeah, blows my fucking head off!

  92. bichuborgir2



    I have now started thinking Evlyn is Lilith  reborn 

  94. Alpha Delta

    This is by far the least good song on Clandestine, I don't understand why they picked this for a video.

    He YouTube Me

    I didn't know yours was the only opinion around. And here I thought that this was a good song, in my opinion. Thanks for clearing it up.

    Tool shed.

    necro puto

    This song is badass wtf do u mean its least good

    necro puto

    He YouTube Me can u believe people actually do this shit

  95. Gorgor Gor

    MTV used to play this and music

    Endless Nameless


    Trevie McTrev

    MTV use to be kool..

    Trevie McTrev

    And lol..bernie bro. Smh

    Metal Maniac

    R.I.P MTV


    Masonic Television used to be good.

  96. Biff4q

    lovin that