Enrique Iglesias - Break Me, Shake Me Lyrics

Ha haha ha ah... [x2]
Anything you want,
But never find the heart to leave me,
Cause i need you too much
So play your game but don't desert me,
Maybe you heard i'm tough
To love but baby please believe me
Don't be afraid to trust me,
I wouldn't trade you for the world,
And if you feel you gotta test me,
Before you be my girl

You can shake me, you can break me,
But you can't make me,
Cause that the only this i won't,
Do for you

Sometimes i say too much
I am right now so please forgive me
But i can't help but touch
The place i keep inside you in me
I threw away my crutch,
I'm man enough for you, can't you see me?

Don't be afraid to try me,
Come on and give a guy a whirl,
And if you feel you gotta test me,
Before you be my girl

You can shake me,
You can break me,
But you can' t make me
Cause thats the only thing i won't,
Do for you

Well i was making love inside my mind,
Somebody take me to the other side,
I wanna kiss so deep inside your world,
So don't run away girl

[Guitar solo]

You can shake me,
You can break me,
But you can' t make me,
Cause thats the only thing i won't,
Do for you

You can shake me,
You can break me,
But you can' t make me,
Cause thats the only thing i won't,
Do for you

I'm gonna make you mine

I'd sail a thousand ships to finally kiss your lips

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Enrique Iglesias Break Me, Shake Me Comments
  1. 781183308 Małek

    Extra kawałek ♡

  2. Ayush Gour

    Awesome pop vibes, when pop was so cool, this track feels like you wake up from a really great nap at around 5pm in downtown los angeles and you know there is a really great night ahead..

  3. Savage Garden Forever

    I came here cause i thought it was from savage garden cover


    Same lol

  4. Markus Haunt O'eagles

    September 2018, anyone?...

  5. Majid 12345

    I love his sad songs

  6. Mydroid Market

    nostalgic, remembering my school days ;)

  7. Nichole Tate

    He has passion for the music he performs which makes a difference he believes in it.

    Allison Osullivan

    Youporn u

  8. Game Fanatic Abdou

    <3 BEAUTIFUL OLD DAYS <3 2008 <3

  9. Indrajit

    I think what separates Enrique from other singers is the emotional passion in his voice.

    natalia castaño marulanda

    Indie most of the passion you hear in this one is not his, it comes from the man behind him, Gregg Alexander

  10. alejandro font

    wow it wasnt a hit in latin america whu??? it was a single?

  11. rachael owens

    i wish he came to the ukxxxx

  12. Tom Ato

    I heard the Hollies version first but love this.

  13. roxcyn

    This was written by Gregg Alexander (from the New Radicals), The Hollies have a version of this song.

  14. Waabo Molapisi Anwar

    why was the album called 7 was it the seventh?

  15. Danielle Stewart

    This honestly was one of this best albums. Too bad it was considered a failure for him in his career. Because his last album sold 8 or 9 million I think and this album only sold 2-3 million. Luckily, he came out with Insomniac and now Euphoria (: His voice, music, and incredible good looks will never get old (;

    Keerthana Saraff

    Danielle Stewart I agree, this album is actually (good) different and I think it's one of the best till date to be honest . But yeah, like you mentioned this album wasn't well received. I was in high school when this album came out, knew every song lyric by heart 😂 this album is very Nostalgic and special to me. ❤

  16. Crazycute Lacy

    Death to the 5 people who dislikes this song!!!

  17. Tamanna Bhardwaj

    @cattycookielover donno abt u bt m 16........20years younger than him......bt still have a huge crush on him for more than 4years ;) ..... jst luuuuvvv enrique....muuaaahhhhhh <3<3<3<3 :* :*

  18. Catherine Z

    @mrsenriquenumber1 Im pretty sure im WAAAAAAY younger. im not kidding. i just cant believe he's 35!!!

  19. Catherine Z

    why cant he come to BC?

  20. Catherine Z

    @EnchantedLily28 , u may be young, but im younger (you dont wanna know)... :( my parents dont approve of me listening to his songs all the time. practically all my songs on my fave playlists are his. <3

  21. Jaypee Dee


  22. sarahx87

    He should be with Cheryl Cole

  23. Danielle Stewart

    Gosh I love this song! And I love Enrique, of course! ;)

  24. jjuliana19900

    love him


    m...good to be latin!

  26. whstsi

    i remember before "i like it" was released and he beacame popular again, no one would comment on his vids,,,,,now that hes mainstream again everyone watches...shows who the true fans are and arent

  27. Linda Jablonski

    GOOD Song Enrique Iglesias is awsome

  28. Daniela Kopčanová

    amazing song

  29. aris juarez


  30. BRAWN7624

    This song is being featured in the new 2011 release of the new remake of the 1985 vampire classic FRIGHT NIGHT.

  31. xmoniquex95

    ha ha! 1 person doesn't like this = you loose! lol =]

  32. ranablogs

    versatile singer. I always follow his style.I like the things he weared in the neck.

  33. JelenaTurizam

    I love this song....I love Enriqueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. celine081203



    beautifull song

  36. japanesesen


  37. Aimunira Zainal

    Enrique I love your voice nearly all your song I like it

  38. bob rica


  39. Mikilos2008

    very good;)!!!i love this music

  40. Screaming Demon

    this song is just the best............it just says everything to the guy i love....Enriqeis ust the best fo all the sinder out there.....his song just take me away....